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Naval Pre-1946

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New Vanguard 258 Italian Cruisers of World War II

Product code:  25353NAV
Fully illustrated with specially commissioned artwork, this book examines the history of the Regia Marina's cruisers during World War II where they came up against the might of the British Royal Navy.

Town Class Destroyers : A Critical Assessment

Product code:  04018NAV
Early in World War II, fifty obsolete US Navy destroyers were transferred to the Royal Navy in return for a 99-year lease British bases in the Caribbean, Bahamas and Newfoundland and this is their story. Includes the background to the acquisition of the ships; their specification and design, and modifications in RN service; operations and achievements; losses and accidents.

Hitler's 'Wonder' U-Boats : The Birth of the Cold War's Hunter-Killer Submarines

Product code:  24809NAV
Launched during the last days of the Third Reich in an attempt to restart the Battle of the Atlantic, the majority of these revolutionary Electro-U-boats never saw action. Instead they became the forebears of the Cold Wars much dreaded hunter killer submarines. This book makes use of the personal accounts to tell the human story of how this new generation of submarines went to war under the incredibly harsh conditions that prevailed at the time

Adriatic Naval War 1940-1945

Product code:  92449NAV
This book offers a concise and objective account of the Adriatic naval war between 1940 and 1945.

Pearl Harbor December 7th 1941

Product code:  92999NAV
By tracking the development of the U.S. and Japanese Navies from far before 1941, the author provides the necessary context of the event, its political and military circumstances, scrupulously reconstructing the Japanese attack from its conception to its execution, including the human drama at its core

British Warship Recognition: The Perkins Identification Albums : Volume VI: Submarines, Gunboats, Sloops and Minesweepers, 1860-1939

Product code:  11168NAV
This volume covers all submarines up to 1939, the diverse types of gunboat (from masted gun vessels through coastal `flat-irons' to river patrol craft), and sloops of various descriptions-small masted cruisers, convoy and minesweeping sloops of the Great War era, and interwar escort vessels

New Vanguard 256 Soviet Destroyers of World War II

Product code:  22567NAV
From the Gnevny class of the pre-war period to the specialist destroyer leaders of the Leningrad class and the unique Tashkent, this book offers detailed guide to the often forgotten destroyers of the Soviet Navy .

New Vanguard 251 US Navy Escort Carriers 1942–45

Product code:  18102NAV
Fully illustrated with contemporary photographs and specially commissioned artwork, this book focuses on these unjustly overlooked workhorses of the US Navy - ships that helped usher in the Allied victory over the Axis powers in the Atlantic and Pacific.

Battleship Yamato Of War, Beauty and Irony

Product code:  81472NAV
The author tells the dramatic story of the magnificent ship itself - from secret wartime launch to futile sacrifice at Okinawa and expands on her interpretation of the ship as an allegorical figure of war itself, in its splendour and its squalor, its heroism and its waste

The Battleship Holiday The Naval Treaties and Capital Ship Design

Product code:  23445NAV
This book investigates the implications of the Washington Treaty of 1922 which effectively banned the construction of ever-larger and costlier capital ships. It looks at the implications of these treaties on technical developments, contrasting the post-war generation of ships that were never completed – or never even ordered – with the new designs of the 1930s, revealing just how much progress had been made in areas like fire control and armour despite the hiatus

Titanic: A Journey Through Time

Product code:  70075NAV
This lavishly illustrated book tells the captivating full story, moment by moment, from the birth of the key players to the latest expeditions, recovery and exhibition of artefacts. It includes the latest scientific information from the wreck site and a fascinating exploration of the effect this ill-fated vessel has had on popular culture and the media since its sinking. It is fully updated with recent developments in Titanic's ongoing story.