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Naval Pre-1946

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Italian Naval Camouflage of World War II

Product code:  35393NAV
This is a major new study of Italian naval camouflage schemes developed and used during World War Two. When Italy entered the War in June 1942, the Regia Marina (Italian navy) was a force still under development and both Italian warships and merchant ships faced the War in their peace colours; and nor had any had prewar plans been made for camouflaging ships. At that time all the principal warships were painted in a light matt grey ('grigio cenerino chiaro'), which had been adopted in the 1920s ...

The Forgotten War Of The Royal Navy

Product code:  81777NAV
This book covers the little known period of naval warfare in the Gulf of Finland, sparked by the German intervention in Finland and Estonia in early 1918 and evacuation of the Baltic Fleet through ice to Kronstadt. Through the entire year 1918 the Soviet forces were preparing their bases in Kronstadt and Petrograd. The attack of the German fleet was expected, but it was too busy in operations in the west and the forces assigned to attack on Kronstadt proved to be too weak. When the German Empire...

Battleships Of The Third Reich: Vol 1

Product code:  81814NAV
This book tells the stories of and illustrate all the German battleships that were in Kriegsmarine service during WWII. The author describes the history of the ships in the order in which they entered service, devoting much precise attention to their construction and their differences in construction from other ships. The author also reviews the history of the Kriegsmarine service, the many curiosities in its policy and people who had a direct influence on the fate of the ships. All the ships ar...

Tito's Jet Jockeys - US Jets in Yugoslav Air Force during the Cold War

Product code:  18279AVI
Tito’s Jet Jockeys, US Jets in Yugoslav Air Force During Cold War, is the monograph which describes the arguably most intensive almost Golden age of the Yugoslav Air Force. It became after the Tito’s clash with the Stalin in 1948, which expulsed Yugoslavia from Socialist lager, and renewal of the good relations with its former Second World War allies now core NATO states. After joining the Mutual Defence Aid Programme in late 1951, Yugoslavia started to receive contemporary or modern types of wa...

RAIDERS German Auxiliary Cruisers of World War Two

Product code:  18217NAV
German commerce raiders – auxiliary cruisers looking like harmless merchantmen, but carrying strong concealed armament – were operating worldwide on sea lanes during the Second World War. Even today they are an interesting and rarely described theme, being often cloaked in legends and “naval lore”. These mystery ships – similar to the Allied Q-ships from the First World War, old and almost derelict cargo vessels with concealed weapons, equipped to chase German submarines – were rebuilt in secrec...

New Vanguard 263 Dutch Navies of the 80 Years' War 1568-1648

Product code:  31651NAV
The tiny new state of the United Provinces of the Netherlands won its independence from the mighty Spanish empire by fighting and winning the Eighty Years' War, from 1568 and 1648. In this long conflict, warfare on water played a much bigger role in determining the ultimate victor. On the high seas the fleet carved out a new empire, growing national income to such levels that it could continue the costly war for independence. Yet it was in coastal and inland waters that the most decisive battles...

Duel 88 British Destroyer vs German Destroyer: Narvik 1940

Product code:  28583NAV
The opening months of World War II saw Britain's Royal Navy facing a resurgent German navy, the Kriegsmarine. Following the German invasion of Denmark and Norway in early April 1940, British and German destroyers would clash in a series of battles for control of the Norwegian coast. The operational environment was especially challenging, with destroyer crews having to contend with variable weather, narrow coastal tracts and possibility of fog and ship breakdowns. In two engagements at Narvik, th...

Der Kapitan : U-Boat Ace Hans Rose

Product code:  75602NAV
Hans Rose was one of Germany's most successful WWI U-boat aces, and her most successful ace during the convoy period when attacks by U-boats were most difficult and dangerous. Acknowledging his chivalry, Admiral Sims USN declared `Allied naval officers would be willing today to shake [his] hand.'This book is the only time the Rose family has agreed to make Hans Rose's personal papers available to any researcher or biographer. The authors present new information from the Krupp archives and naval ...

Austro Hungarian Cruisers in World War One

Product code:  92852NAV
Photos are from private collections as well as from the ships themselves. This book looks at the role of the Spaun & Saida class vessels pre-1914 and during then the period of WWI.

Schlachtschiff Tirpitz Volume IV – Against the Allied Convoys

Product code:  35833NAV
This forth volume illustrates the largest sortie of the Tirpitz against the allied convoy during the summer of 1942. Containing hitherto unpublished photos. In both German and English language.

New Vanguard 259 US Flush-Deck Destroyers 1916-45 : Caldwell, Wickes, and Clemson classes

Product code:  19970NAV
This volume reveals the operational history of these US Navy ships that fought with distinction in both World Wars.

Anatomy of the Ship. The Battleship Bismarck

Product code:  28880NAV
The Bismarck is perhaps the most famous - and notorious - warship ever built. Completed in 1941, the 45,000-ton German battleship sunk HMS Hood, the pride of the British Navy, during one of the most sensational encounters in naval history. Following the sinking, Bismarck was chased around the North Atlantic by many units of the Royal Navy. She was finally dispatched with gunfire and torpedoes on 27 May, less than five months after her completion. Her wreck still lies where she sank, 4,800m d...