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Naval Pre-1946

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Super Drawings in 3D 16085 The Russian Cruiser Askold

Product code:  73762NAV
Brief history covering the technical design work followed by a plethora of graphical illustrations including captioned walk-around 3d graphic illustrations

British Naval Trawlers and Drifters in Two World Wars

Product code:  94864NAV
Trawlers and drifters served in both world wars in their thousands; and, in their tens of thousands, so did their fishermen crews. Indeed, these humble craft were the most numerous vessel type used by the Royal Navy in both wars, and were the answer to the strategic or tactical conundrums posed by new technology of mines and submarines. In his accompanying text, Steve Dunn examines the ships themselves, their design, construction, arming, operations and development; and he also relates how the t...

Scapa Flow: Home of the Royal Navy 1939-1945

Product code:  49036NAV
Because of its safe distance from German airfields, the sheltered Orkney Islands harbour at Scapa Flow continued as the main British naval base during the Second World War. For the war, Scapa Flow remained a very busy naval base, serving as a staging point for Arctic Convoys to northern Russia, for example. After the war, the military base at Scapa Flow remained in use until 1956.

The Battleship Cruiser HMS Hood

Product code:  22486NAV
Representing five years of research, The Battlecruiser HMS Hood is easily the most comprehensive book ever published on this great warship. From the laying of her keel on the Clyde to her destruction by the Bismarck - in words, photos, and colour artwork. The unique assortment of photos assembled in this book includes stills from a recently discovered piece of colour footage.

The United States Navy in World War II: From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa

Product code:  48048NAV
A comprehensive overview of the strategy, operations and vessels of the United States Navy from 1941 to 1945. Although slowly building its navy while neutral during the early years of World War II, the US was struck a serious blow when its battleships, the lynchpin of US naval doctrine, were the target of the dramatic attack at Pearl Harbor. In the Pacific Theatre, the US was thereafter locked into a head to head struggle with the impressive Imperial Japanese Navy, fighting a series of major bat...

Battle in the Baltic: The Royal Navy and the Fight to Save Estonia and Latvia, 1918-20

Product code:  96553NAV
Though, for most participants, the First World War ended on 11 November 1918, the Royal Navy found itself, despite four years of slaughter and war weariness, fighting a fierce and brutal battle in the Baltic Sea against Bolshevik Russia in an attempt to protect the fragile independence of the newly liberated states of Estonia and Latvia. This new book by Steve R Dunn describes the events of those two years when RN ships and men, under the command of Rear Admiral Walter Cowan, found themselves in...

New Vanguard 300 Warships in the Spanish Civil War

Product code:  48666NAV
This detailed study of the naval Spanish Civil War describes how the Spanish Navy, torn in two and comprising a Republican and Nationalist part, fought a civil war at sea involving both Hitler's and Mussolini's navies. In July 1936, a pro-fascist coup orchestrated by General Franco tore Spain apart and plunged the country into a bitter civil war. Like Spain itself, the Spanish Navy was torn in two: crews and most ships remained loyal to the Republican government but many of the Navy's officers j...

Super Drawings in 3D 16084 The Japanese Light Cruiser Oyodo

Product code:  73656NAV
Brief history covering the technical design work followed by a plethora of graphical illustrations including captioned walk-around 3d graphic illustrations

The Battlecruiser New Zealand: A Gift to Empire

Product code:  84032NAV
This book tells the story of HMS New Zealand, a battlecruiser paid for by the government of New Zealand at the height of its pro-Imperial 'jingo' era in 1909, when Britain's ally Japan was perceived as a threat in Australasia and the Pacific. Born of the collision between New Zealand's patriotic dreams and European politics, the tale of HMS New Zealand is further wrapped in the turbulent power-plays at the Admiralty in the years leading up to the First World War. The ship went on to have a disti...

Duel 113 German Heavy Cruisers vs Royal Navy Heavy Cruisers 1939-42

Product code:  43098NAV
This fascinating and beautifully illustrated book examines the design, development and technical performance of these opposing warships, and explores the clashes between them at the Battle of the River Plate in December 1939, the Christmas Day Battle 1940 and the Battle of the Denmark Strait in May 1941. The ships examined include the Deutschland-class Panzerschiffe and Admiral Hipper-class cruisers, and the Royal Navy County- and York-class heavy cruisers.

Battleship Duke of York: An Anatomy from Building to Breaking

Product code:  77294NAV
Unlike the United States, which has preserved a number of battleships as museums or memorials, not a single British dreadnought survives in the country that invented them. This book is an ambitious attempt to achieve the next best thing, a level of documentation in plans, photographs and words that portrays every aspect of the ship, albeit in two dimensions. Although the ship was chosen primarily because of the wealth of source material, Duke of York enjoyed a distinguished wartime career that i...