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Naval Pre-1946

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Top Drawings 7127 The British Aircraft Carrier HMS Furious

Product code:  73885NAV
Begins with a brief introduction and continues with a plethora of line drawings in various scales as well as colour profiles.

Secret Projects of the Kriegsmarine: Unseen Designs of Nazi Germany's Navy

Product code:  86870NAV
The Secret Projects of the German Kriegsmarine in World War II gives a comprehensive overview of advanced German naval building, and excitingly includes previously unseen, secret projects. This book is relatively short, yet densely packed with historical naval insight. It will thus appeal to the busy reader interested in boat modelling, or indeed anyone who is fascinated with naval warfare.

British Battleships 1889-1904

Product code:  96560NAV
This volume of R A Burt's magnificent bestselling three-volume history of British battleships covers the pre-dreadnought era which has, in recent years, acquired a new and fervent following. The Russian war scare of 1884 and the public's anxiety about the Royal Navy's ability to fight a modern war at sea resulted in the Naval Defence Act of 1889 and a vast programme of warship construction. Over the next twenty years a fleet of 52 battleships was built, construction finally interrupted by the re...

British Battleships 1919-1945

Product code:  97659NAV
This superb reference book achieved the status of classic soon after its first publication in 1993; it it remains one of the most sought-after naval reference books. And with good reason. Offering an unprecedented range of descriptive and illustrative detail, the author describes the evolution of the battleship classes through all their modifications and refits.

British Battleships of World War One

Product code:  96577NAV
This superb reference book achieved the status of classic soon after its first publication in 1986; it remains the most popular book on this era of battleship development. It presents, in one superb volume, the complete technical history of British capital ship design and construction during the dreadnought era. One hundred years ago at Jutland, Dogger Bank, Heligoland Bight and the first battle for the Falklands, mighty squadrons of these great armoured ships fought their German counterparts fo...

British Cruisers: Two World Wars and After

Product code:  97918NAV
For most of the twentieth century Britain possessed both the worlds largest merchant fleet and its most extensive overseas territories. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Royal Navy always showed a particular interest in the cruiser a multi-purpose warship needed in large numbers to defend trade routes and police the empire. Above all other types, the cruisers competing demands of quality and quantity placed a heavy burden on designers, and for most of the inter-war years Britain sought t...

Collection 3D Warships H-39 H-44

Product code:  03496NAV
FRENCH LANGUAGE TITLE. In 1937, the Kriegsmarine ordered the study of a new battleship, the Schlachtschiff H destined to become the flagship building of Plan Z, and the worthy heir to the two famous battleships of the Bismarck class. The design of Schlachtschiff H will know five main evolutions but the initial version H-39 is the only one which knew a beginning of realization. The other versions will culminate with the H-44 and will be the fruit of purely theoretical reflections after Plan Z was...

Torpedo LOS! Les U-Boote Dans La BatailleDe L'Atlantique Tome 2 1942-45

Product code:  03465NAV
FRENCH LANGUAGE TITLE. From December 1941, the German submarine weapon saw its field of action in the Atlantic extend to the American coasts. The war of the convoys took on a new dimension, soon to set the Arctic and the Indian Ocean ablaze as well. In the spring of 1943, American technological innovation and industrial power, combined with the decoding of the Enigma machine by the British, gradually put an end to the impunity of the Grey Wolves in the heart of the ocean. As U-boat losses catast...

Schnellboote: A Complete Operational History

Product code:  82280NAV
The Kriegsmarine's Schnellboote fast attack boats, or E-boats to the Allies, were the primary German naval attack units in coastal waters throughout the Second World War. Operating close to their various bases they became a devastatingly effective weapon in nearly all the Kriegsmarine's theatres of war, from the Baltic to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. It was in the English Channel, however, that they scored their most notable successes, destroying some forty warships and more than one hun...

The Battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau Vol.2

Product code:  73809NAV
The Kriegsmarine battleships, were only four vessels introduced during 1935-1941. The first two, Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, were ready before the war and two others, Bismarck and Tirpitz, were commissioned into the fleet after it had begun. That was the biggest achievement in the arming of the German navy conducted by Hitler. Interestingly, all these ships served within the period no longer than a fiscal quarter. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were stationed in Brest, France, Bismarck was getting rea...

French Warships in the Age of Steam 1859-1914

Product code:  45330NAV
In 1859 the French navy was at a high point, having fought alongside the British in the Crimean War and developed a formidable fleet of fast wooden-hulled steam ships of the line. But in that very year the world's navies had to start over again when French naval architect Dupuy de Lome introduced the ironclad battleship. The French navy then went through three tumultuous phases.

The Kaiser's Cruisers 1871-1918

Product code:  65765NAV
This book will fill a clear gap in the study of German cruisers of the period, from wooden-hulled corvettes, through the fusion of overseas and home vessels into the modern small cruisers that evolved and fought in the First World War. The book covers the full range of cruising vessels operated or ordered by the Imperial German Navy between 1871 and 1918, excluding the large cruisers. The Kaiser's Battlefleet. These include corvettes, avisos, sloops, torpedo cruisers, III and IV-class cruisers ...