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Naval Pre-1946

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Somerville's Force H. The Royal Navy's Gibralter-based Fleet, June 1940-March 1942

Product code:  30200NAV
The first book devoted to the history of Force H offering a detailed and vivid account of the numerous actions which played an essential and dramatic part in maintaining the Royal Navy's command of the Mediterranean and Atlantic theatres at a critical time during WWII.

Changing Course. The Wartime Experiences of a Member of Women's Royal Naval Service 1939-45

Product code:  43101AVI
The author revisits the momentous days from June 1939 which tested her and her contemporaries to the full. This autobiography is a highly personal account of her time as a Wren which gives a fascinating insight into service life.

Encyclopedia of U-Boats. From 1904 to the present

Product code:  76233NAV
This book traces the history of the German U-Boat through the major conflicts of the 20th century. A comprehensive reference work which lists all the different submarine classes and types developed from the U-1, launched in 1906, to the 30's series, to the Wolf pack of WWII and beyond. Information covers development, service record, range, crew strength and location for each entry.

History of the British U Class Submarine

Product code:  5131XNAV
This book covers the development of the U-Class submarine conceived initially as a small training vessel. In fact, for the Mediterranean in particular, it proved ideal for offensive patrols. Losses during WW2 were heavy and 17 were lost to enemy action from 72 commissioned. The U-Class service history is examined here.

HMS Glory 1945-1961

Product code:  71939NAV
This book details the career of HMS Glory from the builders yard to the shipbreakers, and draws upn first hand accounts and many previously unpublished photographs.

Hunt and Kill U-505 and the U-Boat war in the Atlantic

Product code:  72638NAV
The capture of the U-505 in 1944 was one of WWII's pivotal and most top secret events providing the Allies with priceless information on German technology and innovation. This is the first definitive study of this remarkable U-boat and contributes greatly to understanding the role of Type IX boats in general and the combat history, capture and preservation of the U-505 in particular.

The Hunter Hunted. Submarine versus Submarine Encounters from World War I to the Present

Product code:  62658NAV
This book chronicles the most significant clashes between submarines, from primitive beginnings to the dangerous high-tech games of the Cold War. The author devotes entire chapters to particular incidents and the book offers a complete history of the submarine. Incidents include for example U-34 and C-3; HMS/M Triad and R.SMG Enrico Toti; U-254 and U-221 plus many others.