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Naval Pre-1946

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New Vanguard 293: US Navy Gunboats 1885-1945

Product code:  44705NAV
For more than half a century, American gunboats were the ships often responsible for policing small crises and provided deterrence and fast-response capabilities around the world - showing the flag, landing armed parties, patrolling river and littoral areas, and protecting ex-pats. They were often the United States most-visible and constant military presence in far-flung foreign lands, and were most closely associated with the Far East, particularly the Philippines and China. Most famous, of cou...

New Vanguard 292 Italian Destroyers of World War II

Product code:  40554NAV2
The Italian Royal Navy began the Second World War with one of the largest fleets in the world. Included in this was a total of 59 fleet destroyers, and others were added during the war. These were a diverse collection of ships dating back to the First World War, large destroyers built to counter ships of similar size being introduced in the French Navy, the enemy, and medium-sized ships which constituted the bulk of the destroyer force. Italian destroyers were built for high speed, not enduranc...

Narvik: The Struggle of Battle Group Dietl in the Spring of 1940

Product code:  09179NAV
Published for the first time in English, this is a German account of the German invasion of Norway in the spring of 1940. It focuses on the efforts of Group 1 led by Eduard Dietl. This group of gebirgstruppen was landed at Narvik in early April by tendestroyers. These ships were then all sunk by the Allies. Dietl's troops wereoutnumbered by Allied troops but his defence utilized ammunition, food and sailors from the sunken ships and his men retook Narvik once the Allies abandoned their efforts t...

Yamato: Flagship of the Japanese Imperial Navy

Product code:  58140NAV
The Yamato and her sister ship the Musashi represented the ultimate development in the battleship. Together, the two ships were the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever constructed. Named after the Yamato Province, Yamato was designed to counter the numerically superior fleet of the US Navy. Built amongst a shroud of secrecy and deception and commissioned shortly after the outbreak of the war in the Pacific she was present at a number of engagements including the Battle of Midway ...

Liberty Factory: The Untold Story of Henry Kaiser's Oregon Shipyards

Product code:  83059NAV
Churchill famously claimed that the only thing that had really frightened him during the war was the Battle of the Atlantic. Keeping open the lifeline between the US arsenal of democracy and the UK was essential. In preparations for the invasion of Europe this came down to building merchant ships faster than German U-boats could sink them. Crucial to this achievement was the British-designed Liberty Ship, a simple cargo ship that could be built rapidly, combined with the untapped industrial pote...

Anatomy of the Battleship - The Battleship Scharnhorst

Product code:  40233NAV
The Kriegsmarine Scharnhorst was a German capital ship, described either as a battleship or battlecruiser, and the lead ship of her class, which included one other ship, Gneisenau. She was launched on 3 October 1936 and completed in January 1939, armed with nine 28cm C/34 guns in three triple turrets. She operated with Gneisenau for much of the early portion of World War II, including sorties into the Atlantic to raid British merchant shipping. They took part in Operation Weserubung April-June 1...

Plan Z le Fantasme Naval Allemand

Product code:  03311NAV
French Language Book. A detailed look at this subject with photo and lavishly illustrated profile drawings.

Duel 107: British Battleship vs German Battleship 1941-43

Product code:  41193NAV
At the outbreak of World War II, the four key Capital German ships comprised the Bismarck, Tirpitz, Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Their primary threats where the Royal Navy's King George V class battleships, the most modern British battleships in commission during World War II and some of the Navy's most powerful vessels. Five ships of this class were built: HMS King George V, Prince of Wales, Duke of York, Howe and Anson, both late 1942.

Super Drawings in 3D 16080 SMS Torpedoboot A-111

Product code:  73120NAV
Brief history covering the technical design work followed by a plethora of graphical illustrations including captioned walk-around 3d graphic illustrations

U-Boot TYP IX Toutes les Versions du Submersible Oceanique

Product code:  03304NAV
FRENCH Language book. In depth look at this subject with detailed illustrations and photos.

Schlachtschiff Tirpitz Volume V - The Lonely Queen in the North

Product code:  35840NAV
German & English Language Book. This fifth volume describes the transformation of the Tirpitz from mighty offensive weapon into a steel giant that had become difficult to protect. Containing hitherto unpublished photos illustrates the life of the ship until its capsizing off Tromso.

New Vanguard 289 US Navy Destroyer Escorts of World War II

Product code:  39749NAV
The Destroyer Escort was the smallest ocean- going escort built for the United States Navy - a downsized destroyer with less speed, fewer guns, and fewer torpedoes than its big brother, the fleet destroyer. Destroyer escorts first went into production because the Royal Navy needed an escort warship which was larger than a corvette, but which could be built faster than a destroyer. Lacking the shipyards to build these types of ships in Britain, they ordered them in the US.