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Naval 1946 to Present Day

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Warship No.3 Frigate HNLMS Jacob Van Heemskerck

Product code:  61935NAV
The two ships of the Jacob van Heemskerck class of the Royal Netherlands Navy were built as specialised air defence frigates. This book begins with the development of the L Frigate, Technical data, missiles, weapons. modifications, plus much more

Project Azorian The CIA and the Raising of the K-129

Product code:  46681NAV
Tells the story of Project Azorian, the most ambitious ocean engineering endeavour ever attempted. Despite incredible political, military, and intelligence risks, and after six years of secret preparations, the CIA attempted to salvage the sunken Soviet ballistic missile submarine K-129 from the depths of the North Pacific Ocean in early August 1974. This audacious effort was carried out under the cover of an undersea mining operation sponsored by eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes.

The 14-hour War Valor on Koh Tang and teh Recapture of the SS Mayaguez

Product code:  49743NAV
The story of unprepared marines and Khmer Rouge combat veterans in a 14–hour battle that won medals and cost lives The 1975 American operation to recapture the US container ship SS Mayaguez The book contains over 30 first-person accounts by Koh Tang veterans and unpublished photographs taken by veterans while engaged with the enemy

Naval Accidents Since 1945

Product code:  59323NAV
Examines and explains how the many hundreds of naval vessels have been lost or stricken from active service over the past sixty years and categorises them by the primary cause

The Berlin Wall Monument of the Cold War

Product code:  34631MIL
Lavishly illustrated book which answers many questions about the Berlin Wall. Where did the Wall actually stand, Why was it built, how did people manage to escape through it and, how many died in the attempt. Why did it come down in the end and what is there to remind us of this icon today. The book contains many previously unpublished photos which document the construciton of the wall, the barbed wire, signal fences and concrete.