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Naval 1946 to Present Day

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New Vanguard 260 Soviet Cruise Missile Submarines of the Cold War

Product code:  24998NAV
The Soviet Union's cruise missile submarines from the modified Whiskey, to the Oscar II classes were among the most formidable vessels of the Cold War. They were initially designed to carry land attack nuclear-tipped cruise missiles designed to strike targets on the eastern coast of the United States. By the late 1960s, however, submarine-launched ballistic missiles made the nuclear land-attack mission unnecessary, so existing classes were converted to the `carrier killer' role, armed with anti-...

Warship 2018

Product code:  29993NAV
Contains the usual diverse range of articles devoted to the design, development and service history of the world's combat ships. Combines original research, new book reviews, warship notes, an image gallery and features articles

The Age of Invincible The Ship that Defined the Modern Royal Navy

Product code:  43824NAV
From concept to design, through her various deployments (including the Falklands) and her evolving role and technical adaptation to meet changing strategic requirements, this book looks at the story of HMS Invincible

The Lifeboat Service in England: The North East Coast : Station by Station

Product code:  68321NAV
The Royal National Lifeboat Institution was established in 1824 and has a long and proud tradition of saving life at sea and it currently runs 16 lifeboat stations along the north-east coast of England. This comprehensive book has details of every one, and covers their histories and the current operations and it also looks at old stations that have been closed

The Titanic Expeditions Diving to the Queen of the Deep 1985-2010

Product code:  85482NAV
This book presents a thorough analysis of the sophisticated technical equipment used by the , cinematographers and other specialists who have visited the legendary wreck 21/2 miles below the surface of the North Atlantic

Legends of Warfare USS Iowa BB-61 The Story of the Big Stick from 1940 to the Present

Product code:  54175NAV
This volume explores Iowa's design, construction, launching, and commissioning, as well as its extensive wartime activities in both World War II and Korea. Also covered are its post-Korea years in the reserve mothball fleet, re-commissioning in 1984, and coverage of the tragic 1989 turret explosion that killed forty-seven sailors

Seaforth World Naval Review 2018

Product code:  20092NAV
A summary of all that has happened in the naval world in the past twelve months. Besides the latest warship projects, it also looks at wider issues of importance to navies, such as aviation and electronics, and calls on expertise from around the globe to give a balanced picture of what is going on and to interpret its significance. This edition includes an analysis of the Republic of Korea Navy and the response to its aggressive northern neighbour; the USN’s revamped Arleigh Burke class destroy...

Legends of Warfare USS Yorktown (CV-5) From Design & Construction to the Battles of Coral Sea & Midway

Product code:  52881NAV
This book explores Yorktown’s construction, pre-war and wartime activities through carefully researched photographs, many previously unpublished.

U.S. Battleships An Illustrated Design History Ship Plans by Alan Raven and A.D. Baker III

Product code:  42478NAV
This book covers the development of U.S. battleships, from the Maine and Texas of 1886, through the Montana class of WWII, up to the recommissioned Iowas. It examines the original designs as well as the many modifications and reconstructions these ships underwent during their long and active careers. Appendixes include a full description of the first modern armoured ship, the civil War monitor, and an account of the damage to U.S. battleships at Pearl Harbour.

Post-War on the Liners

Product code:  53596NAV
From the magnificent-Cunarders Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, Italian Line's Augustus, Union-Castle's Bloemfontein Castle, P&O's Oronsay, and Shaw Savill's Southern Cross-to the lesser known-Fyffes Line's Golfito, Royal Mail's Amazon, Sitmar Line's Fairsea, and NYK Line's Hikawa Maru-this book reveals the unique qualities of individual ships and why they were so often regarded with affection by the men and women who travelled and served on them.

Liners No.1 Willem Ruys

Product code:  62512NAV
Contains a brief introduction to the Rotterdamsche Lloyd steam shipping company and focuses on the lilner Willem Ruys who departed on her maiden voyage on 2nd December 1947. Looks at the impact of War; construction at the De Schelde shipyard, technical data, her maiden voyage and much more.

Warship No.4 Frigate USS Clark

Product code:  61942NAV
The ships Oliver Hazard Perry class were designed in the US in the mid 1970s as general purpose escort vessels, intended to protect amphibious landing forces they were later part of battelship-centric surface action groups and aircraft carrier battle groups/strike groups