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Naval 1946 to Present Day

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New Vanguard 242 Soviet Cold War Guided Missile Cruisers

Product code:  17402NAV
This volume examines the design, development, and intended role of these impressive, hi-tech warships, and recounts their dramatic operational history as NATO and Soviet warships faced off against each other during the long Cold War at sea.

New Vanguard 236 US Navy Light Cruisers 1941-45

Product code:  11400NAV
This book examines every US light cruiser produced, including those of the Fargo and Worcester classes, which were actually complete after World War II had ended, tracing their design, development and evolution throughout the war and beyond.

SS14037 Landing Craft, Air Cushion In Action

Product code:  78243NAV
Begins with the evolution and need for the LCAC and includes a number of tables, line drawings and a plethora of captioned colour photos

New Vanguard 234 British Guided Missile Destroyers. County-Class, Type 82, Type 42 and Type 45

Product code:  11165MIL
This book assess the changing technology of the Royal Navy's destroyers over half a century, including an examination of the Royal Navy's newest and most capable warship, the Type 45.

U.S. Battleships An Illustrated Design History Ship Plans by Alan Raven and A.D. Baker III

Product code:  42478NAV
This book covers the development of U.S. battleships, from the Maine and Texas of 1886, through the Montana class of WWII, up to the recommissioned Iowas. It examines the original designs as well as the many modifications and reconstructions these ships underwent during their long and active careers. Appendixes include a full description of the first modern armoured ship, the civil War monitor, and an account of the damage to U.S. battleships at Pearl Harbour.

Post-War on the Liners

Product code:  53596NAV
From the magnificent-Cunarders Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, Italian Line's Augustus, Union-Castle's Bloemfontein Castle, P&O's Oronsay, and Shaw Savill's Southern Cross-to the lesser known-Fyffes Line's Golfito, Royal Mail's Amazon, Sitmar Line's Fairsea, and NYK Line's Hikawa Maru-this book reveals the unique qualities of individual ships and why they were so often regarded with affection by the men and women who travelled and served on them.

The British Carrier Strike Fleet, After 1945

Product code:  21717NAV
This book charts the post-war fortunes of the British Carrier Strike Fleet leading to its decline in the face of diminishing resources and its final fall at the hands of uncomprehending politicians. It combines narratives of operations with a clear analysis of the strategic and political background.

US Navy Warships & Auxiliaries including US Coast Guard

Product code:  59620NAV
New guide to the ships and aircraft of the fleet of the United States Navy. Covers US Navy, Military Sealift Command, USN & USMC Aircraft, US Coast Guard

Osprey New Vanguard 214 US Heavy Cruisers 1943-75

Product code:  06329NAV
This title follows on from a companion book covering the US heavy cruisers that were built prior to the war, together forming the definitive guide to the US' heavy cruiser classes. Versatile warships, the heavy cruisers of the Baltimore class, and their successors in the Oregon City and Des Moines classes, commonly acted as carrier escorts throughout World War II, but also performed bombardment duties in support of amphibious landings. Post-World War II, the heavy cruisers continued to see servi...

Liners No.1 Willem Ruys

Product code:  62512NAV
Contains a brief introduction to the Rotterdamsche Lloyd steam shipping company and focuses on the lilner Willem Ruys who departed on her maiden voyage on 2nd December 1947. Looks at the impact of War; construction at the De Schelde shipyard, technical data, her maiden voyage and much more.

Osprey New Vanguard 212 Axis Midget Submarines 1939-45

Product code:  01227NAV
Details the design, weaponry and combat history of these small stealthy craft which fought worldwide in both conventional missions and special operations.

West Country Warships Royal Navy

Product code:  91513NAV
Photo guide to Royal Navy Warships which begins with an introduction to the Royal Navy and covers the Hot and Cold Wars, 1980s the Falklands Decade, 1990s a Peace Dividend and the new millennium