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Naval 1946 to Present Day

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Warship 2022

Product code:  47812NAV
Warship is a celebrated annual publication featuring the latest research on history, development, and service of the world's warships. For 45 years, Warship has been the leading annual resource on the design, development, and deployment of the world's combat ships. Featuring a broad range of articles from a select panel of distinguished international contributors, this latest volume combines original research, new book reviews, warship notes, an image gallery, and much more, maintaining the impr...

What Happened to the Battleship: 1945 to the Present

Product code:  70089NAV
In the hundreds of books written about battleships, the authors tend to draw down the curtain on the careers of these great vessels in September 1945, with the surrender of Japan. Yet, on that day some ninety-eight battleships or ex-battleships might be spotted around the world, and eleven of them were in or around Tokyo Bay for the surrender itself. What happened to all those ships. This new book takes a fresh look at the slow demise of the battleship.

British Warship Losses in the Modern Era 1920-1982

Product code:  97666NAV
This important new reference work details all those ships and vessels of the Royal Navy, large and small, which were lost by accident or enemy action, during the twentieth century, from the end of the First World War, to the last years of the century. In all, the fates of over 2,000 ships and small craft are covered, from aircraft carriers and battleships to motor launches, harbour tenders and tugs. Those vessels hired or purchased for wartime service, such as trawlers, paddle steamers and yacht...

Top Drawings 7123 The British Battleship HMS Vanguard

Product code:  73779NAV
Begins with a brief introduction and continues with a plethora of line drawings in various scales as well as colour profiles.

New Vanguard 301 Tanks at the Iron Curtain 1946-60

Product code:  43296MIL
A study of the Soviet and NATO armoured forces that faced each other off in Central Europe in the early Cold War, and how their technology, tactics, and doctrine were all rapidly developed. For 45 years, the most disputed point in the World was the dividing line between East and West in Europe. Here the use and development of tanks was key. In this fully illustrated study, describes how Soviet and NATO tanks were deployed in the early years of the Cold War, and how a generation of tanks such as ...

Seaforth World Naval Review 2022

Product code:  18951NAV
For more than a decade this annual volume has provided an authoritative summary of all that has happened to the world's navies and their ships in the previous twelve months. It combines regional surveys with major articles on important new warships, and looks at wider issues of significance to navies such as aviation and weaponry. The contributors come from around the globe and as well as providing a balanced picture of naval developments, they interpret their significance and explain their cont...

New Vanguard 297: US Navy Frigates of the Cold War

Product code:  40516NAV
Though they were never the most glamorous of warships, found US Navy frigates were frequently found on the frontlines of the Cold War at sea. These warships were the descendants of World War II's destroyer escorts, designed primarily to escort convoys. They specialized in anti-submarine warfare, but were intended to be numerous, tough, versatile, and well-armed enough to show US naval power around the world, performing roles that varied from intercepting drug-smugglers to defending aircraft carr...

Ships of the Royal Navy: The Complete Record of all Fighting Ships of the Royal Navy from the 15th Century to the Present

Product code:  93270NAV
FULLY UPDATED AND EXPANDED. This is the fifth fully revised edition of a book first published in 1970. This longevity is testimony to its enduring value as a reference work, still the first stop for anyone wanting more information on any British warship from the fifteenth century to the present day when only the name is known. Each entry gives concise details of dimensions, armament and service dates, and its alphabetical and chronological arrangement makes it easy to track down the right ship.

Royal Naval Submarines 1901 to 2008

Product code:  91900NAV
This is a must-buy for the Royal Navy and Submarine enthusiast, being a complete directory of RN submarines from the outset to the present day. There is a wealth of detail on each class. Every entry contains the specification, launch dates of individual boats, details of evolving construction and armament and other salient information in a compact form.

WWP B023 Carrier Deck in Detail service on US Navy Nimitz Class Carrier Deck

Product code:  09784NAV
Contains a plethora of colour photos. Content covers history, walkaround, interior-detail, engine detail and chassis detail.

Super Drawings in 3D 16078 USS Stevens (DD-479) The Fletcher Class Destroyer

Product code:  48994NAV
Brief history covering the technical design work followed by a plethora of graphical illustrations including captioned walk-around 3d graphic illustrations

Fighting Ships of the U.S. Navy 1883-2019 Vol.1-Part.1 Aircraft Carriers, Fleet Carriers

Product code:  49005NAV
The first in a four-part series which provides details of all USN warships from 1893 to the present day. Every class and individual ship has an entry providing details of the procurement, dimensions and characteristics, and a summary of each ship's history and development. Volume One covers Fleet Carriers, Battle Carriers and Light Carriers.