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Chatillon - A Junkyard Story

Product code:  34124MOD
This book “Chatillon” is a “must” for all oldtimer enthusiasts who have visited this legendary scrap yard in the past. Hundreds of mostly old American cars were rusting away in an area where you certainly wouldn’t expect them. Visitors certainly remember Fernand Contant, the owner of the scrapyard. Everything has now been cleaned up, but numerous photos show that it was not always the jungle of car wrecks that can be seen on the internet. This book deals with history and also the current museum....

In Combat 3: Future Wars

Product code:  60864MOD
In Combat 3: Future Wars is the third instalment of the In Combat book collection dedicated to painting and weathering Mechas. In this new addition to the In Combat series you will continue to enjoy the painting and weathering work done by the best Mecha modellers in the world. The authors will show you how to create effects and use techniques with different levels of difficulty and weathering, so you will be able to choose the difficulty level and amount of weathering that best suits your prefe...

AK Learning Series 11: Figure Sculpting and Converting Techniques

Product code:  08299MOD
The artists who have taken part in preparing this book show you all tricks and secrets involved in creation, sculpting and converting any kind of figures. Follow this essential guide composed of simple step by step processes and learn useful information that every modeler, either beginner or advanced, will find useful for his/her projects. This book is profusely illustrated with step by step photos and includes descriptive text that explains in depth the techniques of figure sculpting and transf...

Fallen Frontiers - The Art Book

Product code:  31832MOD
From Scale Editions - a detailed guide, including high resolution illustrations.

Painting with Acrylics - Fantasy Busts

Product code:  13040MOD
From Scale Editions - a detailed guide, including high resolution illustrations.

Dioramas F.A.Q 1.3 Extensions - Storytelling, Compostion and Planning

Product code:  07797MOD
This annex 1.3 complement the book series of Dioramas FAQ and explores every aspect of diorama design and planning. What makes a good story and how can you get it across with models? Where can you find a good idea and how can you develop that idea into a successful project? How can you compose a diorama so that it tells its story best and looks good at the same time? How can you use colors, figures, accessories, scenery and bases effectively in your composition? How do you turn a historical phot...

AK Doomsday Chariots - Modeling Post Apocalyptic Vehicles

Product code:  07940MOD
In the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a civil and science fiction genre, this book discovers some aspects of the assembly and decoration of scale vehicles with post apocalyptic aesthetics. Deeply inspired by movies like Mad Max and a punk trend, each of the machines you’ll find in this book is the extension of their drivers’ personality, created to sow panic at those unlucky enough to cross their path.

Modelling and Painting Fantasy Figures

Product code:  04957MOD
A wide array of fantasy miniatures is available to wargamers and modellers, manufactured from an increasing number of different materials each with their own unique modelling challenges. From the multipart hard plastic 28mm miniature to the metal and resin models common in all other scales, this book provides wargamers with a wealth of information to achieve the best results. It discusses issues of scale with fantasy miniatures; demonstrates a variety of modelling an painting techniques at diffe...

Worn Art Collection 2: Chipping

Product code:  07896MOD
Worn art thematic collection, looking at worn, weathered modelling techniques in detail. With step by step guides and photos and illustrations throughout.

How to Craftsmanship Kotobukiya Models

Product code:  61137MOD
We will show you different ideas and techniques used to paint and weather your Kotobukiya models in this amazing book. These techniques can also be applied to any style of SF model, from the simplest and fastest painting and weathering effects to more elaborate and involved processes including modulation, lighting, and all kinds of dirt and grime effects. Each step can be adjusted to be subtle or intense, allowing you to develop your own painting and weathering style. Also included is a simple m...

Extreme Reality 4: Old & Forgotten

Product code:  07766MOD
Divided into step by step articles, this book illustrates well known techniques for making a piece of art from plastic or resin.

Encyclopedia of Figures 2 Modelling Techniques - Techniques and Materials

Product code:  62226MOD
The definitive encyclopedia of modelling figures performed by the world famous modeller's.