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Aviation Modelling

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F-104G - Visual Modellers Guide Wing Series Vol.1

Product code:  60048MOD
Fun and easily referenced sourcebook where you can visually analyze and distinguish the characteristic details of the variants F-104G Starfighter. The introduction includes historical notes about the design and development process of the different variants of the vehicle. All of this with high-quality photographs that clearly show both internal and external details.

Airliner Models - Marketing Air Travel and Tracing Airliner Evolution Through Vintage Miniatures

Product code:  06333MOD
Containing over 800 photographs, this book chronicles the use of professionally made airliner models in the marketing of air travel since 1919. For model collectors, the airliner type, makers name, scale, approximate age and the materials used are detailed for each model illustrated. A short history of significant model-making companies is covered. With the onset of online bookings and the closure of airline offices and travel agents, the use of models is fast vanishing forever. The focus of th...

Model Art Profile 14 Ki-15 'Babs' C5M Kamikaze

Product code:  00798AVI
Second part of this Lavishly illustrated monograph covering this aircraft. The book contains an overview, scale drawings, detailed walkaround colour photos, illustrations of the airframe structure and camouflage schemes, modelling section. Japanese language only.

MDF Scaled Down 9 The Fairchild Republic A-10 Warthog

Product code:  61649AVI
The A-10 ‘Warthog’ owed its birth to two influences - the inadequacies of the Close Air Support aircraft used in Vietnam, and the need to counter Soviet armoured might in Europe. During the Vietnam War the Air Force regarded CAS as their domain but was hard pressed to find an aircraft with both the range and loiter capacity to fulfil this need. They did obtain quantities of the old but excellent piston-powered Douglas A-1 Skyraider originally developed for the Navy, which soon earned the appreci...

Real Colors of WWII-Aircraft

Product code:  00385AVI2
The Real Colours for aircraft models could not be introduced without releasing a special book devoted to this subject. Renowned researchers Maciej Góralczyk, Gerald T. Högl, Jürgen Kiroff, Nicholas Millman and Mikhail V. Orlov teamed up in order to produce the most up-to-date reference book on the aircraft colours of the main WWII adversaries: Germany, United States, Great Britain and Soviet Union. The resulting study is a comprehensive guide to the colours and camouflage schemes, presented on 2...

How to Build Tamiya's 1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.1

Product code:  00311AVI
A detailed analysis of this kit. Includes step by step tips and techniques for building the ultimate model, cockpit and engine detail, painting and finishing, after market accessories etc.

MDF Scaled Down 8 Mirage 2000B/C/D/N International Versions

Product code:  61625AVI
History and development of the Mirage covering the types backgrounds, operators, colour schemes and roles. Includes Colour profiles, modelling in various scales plus walkarounds, list of kits, decals and accessories.

The Eagle Has Landed - Armour & Aircraft Dioramas

Product code:  76871AVI
Colour photo album containing 10 step by step dioramas from the base to the finishing touches. Contains tricks of the trade with detailed guide to completing the perfect project. Includes Germany 1945, Tempelhoff 1945; Fallen of the Eagles; Tirstrup 1945; Horten 229; Hamburg 1945 plus much more.

Sixty Years of Airfix Models

Product code:  79759AVI
The best-known and most important manufacturer of plastic model kits in the UK, Airfix has been at the forefront of the industry since 1955 when the first Airfix aircraft kit appeared in UK branches of Woolworth's. This book tells the full story, year by year, of the company and its products

F.A.Q. Aircraft Scale Modelling

Product code:  72767AVI
The complete guide for aircraft scale modellers - Building, Weathering, Techniques. A thorough guide through the numerous stages involved in aircraft modelling. Chapters include assembly, preparation and materials, Painting Guide, Techniques, Interior seats, instrument panels, cockpits, pilots, structures. Exterior details propellers, wheels and landing gear, landing gear doors, weapons and fuel tanks, exhausts, walkways, engines. Camouflage, Painting and Weathering WWI, WWII, Jet Age, Special F...

1967-2000 The Story of ESCI kits

Product code:  03101AVI
The story of the famous Italian plastic scale model manufacturer ESCI. The book covers the period 1967 - 2000 although the origins of ESCI can be traced back to before WWII. Lavishly illustrated with box art, vehicles and various appendices covering products announced but never issued, promotional products, products from outside toolings, specials, a list of ESCI decals and kits

Airframe & Miniature 1 Messerschmitt Me 262 (2nd Edition - Revised & Updated)

Product code:  32153AVI
Valiant Wings Publishing returns to where it all started ten years ago with a much expanded Second Edition of our very first title. The Me 262 is a very popular aircraft modelling subject and our much expanded Second Edition goes some way towards unpicking the bewildering choices of variants and schemes that apply to the type. The modelling map of the Me 262 has changed considerably over the past ten years so this title is a new book - rewritten completely redesigned and expanded from the First ...