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Military Pre-1946

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Legends of Warfare: M3A1 Scout Car The US Cavalry's Primary Reconnaissance Vehicle in World War II

Product code:  56612MIL
The M3A1 Scout Car, produced by White Motor Company of Cleveland, Ohio, served as the US Cavalry's primary scouting and reconnaissance vehicle during the early days of the US entry into WWII. A powerful Hercules engine, four-wheel drive, and relatively light weight gave the vehicle both impressive on-road speed and reasonable off-road maneuverability. Typically armed with a trio of heavy and light machine guns, the vehicle was not intended to "slug it out" with the enemy, but rather to locate th...

Operation Totalize

Product code:  41264MIL
By early August 1944 the Germans fighting in Normandy had been worn down by the battles around Caen, while to the west, the American breakout was finally gaining momentum. Now was the time to launch II Canadian Corps south towards Falaise. With much of the German armour having been stripped away for the Mortain Counter-Attack, hopes ran high that the Corps, reinforced with British tanks, the 51st Highland and the Polish Armoured Divisions, would repeat the success of their predecessors in the Ba...

War Photographer 1.0

Product code:  83193MIL
War Photographer 1.0 is the first book in a new series from PeKo, showing rare and unseen wartime photographs on different subjects. Each volume will include pictures from battles, operations, vehicles or complete photo albums from soldiers who fought in World War 2. This book uses photos from an unidentified German Sturmartillerie man of Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 189.

Photobook Series 19: German Self-Propelled Guns on the Battlefield

Product code:  83162MIL
German Self-Propelled Guns on the Battlefield (Vol.19) is the nineteenth in PeKo’s ‘on the Battlefield’ photo-monograph series. German made self-propelled guns such as the Hummel, Wespe, Sturmtiger, Bison I and many more are covered in this landscape, hardbacked book. Both the introduction and captions are bilingual (English / Hungarian).

German Equipment in WWII

Product code:  58677MIL
A guide to painting with acrylics from beginner to advanced levels.

The Dunkirk Perimeter and Evacuation 1940: France and Flanders Campaign

Product code:  52235MIL
The book, the latest in a series of eight Battleground Europe books that deals with the BEF's campaign in France and Flanders in 1940, covers the fierce fighting around the Dunkerque Perimeter during May and June 1940 between the retreating British Expeditionary Force and its French allies and the advancing German army. It covers the area that most people in Britain associate with the fighting in France in 1940, a military disaster that could have been much worse. This grievous military setback ...

Images of War: M29 Weasel Tracked Cargo Carrier & Variants

Product code:  43565MIL
Hastily developed Studebaker Weasel went on to one of, if not THE most successful of the wartime all-terrain vehicles. Designed with light weight to facilitate both air-dropping and efficient, high-speed operation in the snow, the vehicles were soon found to have excellent performance in the mud. Always amphibious, the later models, the M29C, were equipped with flotation tanks on each end and dual rudders in the rear for even more efficient operation in the water.

Osprey Campaign 335: Mortain 1944-Hitler's Normandy Panzer Offensive

Product code:  32528MIL
Following the successful landings in Normandy on D-Day and consolidation during Operation Cobra, the Wehrmacht was ordered to begin a counter-offensive named Operation Luttich. The plan was to send a large Panzer force across the First US Army sector, cutting off its spearheads, and finally reach Avranches on the coast. Had this succeeded, it not only would have cut off the First US Army spearheads, but also Patton's newly deployed Third US Army operating in Brittany.

The Long Range Desert Group: History & Legacy

Product code:  28880MIL
The world's most respected special forces unit, the Special Air Service (SAS), was inspired by another irregular unit, the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) or simply Ghost Patrol. You may now accompany the authors in Ghost Patrol vehicles far, far behind Rommel's lines. While doing so you will acquire insights into some extreme raids and reconnaissance missions.

Haynes Panther Tank Manual: Panzerkampfwagen V Panther SdKfz 171

Product code:  12147MIL
Regarded by many as one of the greatest tanks ever built, the German Panther is probably the finest medium tank of the Second World War and certainly the most numerous German panzer in wartime service, with some 7,000 built. It combined firepower, armour protection and mobility that was unmatched by any other tank of the period. In the Panther Tank Enthusiasts' Manual, author Mark Healy looks at the development, construction and fighting qualities of the Panther, as well as including insights in...

Building the Gort Line : The Bef and its Defences in France 1939-40

Product code:  28767MIL
The main theme of this book is the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) and the defences it constructed in France during September 1939-May 1940. Although there have been many books written about the BEF, virtually all deal with the campaign in France and Flanders that cumulated in the evacuation from Dunkirk. No detailed account has ever been published on the defences the BEF built in the Secteur Defensive de Lille - the front allocated to it by the French - along the Franco-Belgium border.

Landcraft (2) M2/M3 American Half-Tracks of the Second World War

Product code:  46559MIL
Among the most successful armoured vehicles produced by American industry – known as the Arsenal of Democracy – during the Second World War were the M2 and M3 half-tracks. They served on every battlefront and were as recognizable as other famous American wartime vehicles like the Sherman and the Jeep, and around 40,000 were produced between 1941 and 1945. They were easy to assemble, operate and maintain, and their versatility allowed them to fulfil a variety of purposes. This volume in Pen & Swo...