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Military Pre-1946

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New Vanguard 312: Tanks in the Battle of Germany 1945 - Eastern Front

Product code:  48710MIL
This book is a history and analysis of the state of these two mighty armoured forces, as their battles decided the fate of Germany. It covers their initial encounters on the German frontier in 1944 (East Prussia), the fighting of the Oder-Vistula offensive in January 1945 and describes the condition of the German tank forces and their Hungarian allies as they were beaten back. It also considers the huge impact of The Red Army and other significant Allied forces such as those from Poland, Czechos...

New Vanguard 313 Foreign Panthers - The Panzer V in British, Soviet, French and Other Service 1943-58

Product code:  31811MIL
A study of the little-known career of Germany's Panther, perhaps the greatest tank of World War II, in foreign hands both during and after the war. The Panther was arguably the most successful medium tank design of World War II, demonstrated by the number of Germany's enemies that used them after, and even during the war. While some were used by the Western Allies, the Russians used the greatest number of captured Panthers against Nazi Germany, though they did not find much favour thanks to thei...

La Guerre Du Desert Heros Et Faits D'Armes

Product code:  03649MIL
FRENCH LANGUAGE MAGAZINE. This book will make you relive with force the fights of these few men swept away in the turmoil of war in the sands of North Africa, real adventures, odysseys and feats of arms, where the soldier is at the heart of the action. A living history, leaving room for all belligerents, to reclaim a theatre of operations by discovering it from a new angle.

Elephant Paths: Combat History of Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 203

Product code:  83759MIL
Elephant Paths: the title of this book refers to the unit symbol of StuGAbt 203, later redesignated StuGBrig 203, a charging elephant. The unit proudly displayed this coat of arms on their Sturmgeschütze and other vehicles during the often hard fighting on the Eastern Front. This is the combat history of the Abteilung, told by Thomas Anderson and illustrated with 291 rare and never before published photos, maps and documents.

Dodge Wc54 Ambulance

Product code:  42132MIL
In 1940, the U.S. Army began to standardize the production of vehicles it required to fight a modern war, including support and medical vehicles. The first deliveries of the 3/4-ton Dodge WC54 ambulance arrived in 1942. Built by Chrysler, and utilising the same chassis and engine as the entire Dodge WC series, the WC54 ambulance has specific features specific to use for the rescue and transport of injured soldiers. In all, more than 26,000 Dodge WC54 vehicles would be built during the war. Used ...

Sturmartillerie De La Waffen-SS Tome.3

Product code:  86022MIL
FRENCH LANGUAGE BOOK. Poursuivant sa série sur les Sturmgeschütze des Waffen-SS, dans ce 3e tome, Pierre Tiquet étudie trois grandes unités impliquées sur des théâtres d'opérations souvent secondaires : deux divisions de montagne - les 6e et 7e -, puis une de cavalerie - la 8e -. Souvent moins évoquées, elles sont cependant passionnantes et ont été confrontées à des combats opiniâtres.

La Waffen-SS Les Grenadiers 1939-45 Tome 1

Product code:  84233MIL
FRENCH LANGUAGE BOOK. A complete reference work for the Waffen-SS. Provides a rigorous examination of the history, uniforms and equipment of this million strong unit. This book traces the history, organization, uniforms and equipment between 1939 and 1945 of the Waffen SS. This elite force counted nearly a million volunteers from all European countries. Enjoying the full support of the Nazi regime, Waffen SS will fight on all fronts in Europe between 1939 and 1945. The variety of uniforms presen...

Tous les Panhard Militaires 1914-1940

Product code:  12684MIL
FRENCH LANGUAGE BOOK. Full of photos, illustrations and tables. Together with detailed descriptions.

Les Automitrailleuses Ford M8 et M20 de l'U.S. Army

Product code:  12677MIL
FRENCH LANGUAGE BOOK. Full of photos, illustrations and tables. Together with detailed descriptions.

Blitzrieg in the West - Then and Now

Product code:  13686MIL
First published in 1996 this is a re-print of Blitzkrieg in the West - Then and Now. The author presents an account of the Battle of France: the forty-five traumatic days from May 10 to June 24 1940 that resulted in one of the most remarkable military victories of modern times. During those six weeks, six nations found themselves at war, fighting across four countries. From the polders of the Netherlands in the north to the mountains of the Alps in the south, and from the Rhine Valley to the Atl...

Armoured Warfare in the British Army 1939-45

Product code:  81030MIL
The second volume in Dick Taylor's three-volume illustrated history of the evolution of armoured manoeuvre warfare in the British army covers the period of the Second World War, in which the tank came of age and developed into the principal land weapon of decision. He describes how, during the first half of the war, the British army came close to disaster from the armoured warfare perspective and how the bitter lessons of failure were learned in time to deliver success in 1944 and 1945. As well ...

Battle Craft: Battle of the Bulge - The Last Counter Offensive in the West

Product code:  07702MIL
The Battle of the Bulge was the perfect storm for the Allies in late 1944; a tired army, overstretched supply lines, and poor intelligence on what was waiting on the other side of the hill. On 16th December, with almost complete surprise, the Germans launched their last major offensive in the West. Emerging from thick fog and through the dense woodland of the Ardennes nearly 500,000 German troops slammed into American lines.