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Military Pre-1946

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From Bessarabia to Belgrade: An Illustrated Study of the Soviet Conquest of South-East Europe Mar-Oct 1944

Product code:  83285MIL
The Red Army reached north eastern Rumania in the last days of March 1944. Stalin had high hopes that the 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian Fronts would be able to quickly conquer the Balkans. But those hopes were not to be fulfilled. Bulgarian researcher Kamen Nevenkin From Bessarabia to Belgrade covers the military history of the bloody fights in south eastern Europe from March to October 1944. This is a short study, illustrated with numerous never-before-published wartime photographs.

Bloody Vienna: The Soviet Offensive Operations in Western Hungary and Austria, March to May 1945

Product code:  83261MIL
The Soviet Vienna Operation began on 16 March 1945 when the assault armies of 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian Fronts succeeded in penetrating the Axis defence between Esztergom and Lake Balaton. It ended less than a month later, on 13 April 1945, when all its objectives were achieved, and Vienna was taken. The defeat at Vienna inflicted a mortal blow on the Nazi economy – the Third Reich lost its important economic regions in Hungary and Eastern Austria that were still largely untouched by the war. Finall...

The Ardennes 1944-1945 Hitler's Winter Offensive Revisited Vol.1

Product code:  41751MIL
The Ardennes 1944-1945: Hitler’s Winter Offensive in 2014, it hit the World War II community with the impact of an earthquake. Based upon tremendous research into primary sources and interviews with very many of the veterans, this book turned the previous image of the Battle of the Bulge completely upside-down. Although tearing apart many myths that surrounded this battle it has hardly received any negative criticism – with such scrutiny has the author treated the sources and source references. ...

Waffen-SS Tiger Crews at Kursk: The Men of SS Panzer Regiments 1, 2 and 3 in Operation Citadel, July 5-15, 1943

Product code:  60473MIL
Kursk is often labeled the Greatest Tank Battle in History. The Wehrmacht fielded a total of just 120 Tiger tanks during the engagement, including 35 from the 2nd SS Panzer Corps. This corps comprised the three most controversial divisions of the Second World War: Leibstandarte, Das Reich, and Totenkopf. The war crimes committed by these units (at places like Oradour, Malmedy, and Le Paradis) remain contentious topics of discussion to this day, and their fighting qualities have been analyzed for...

Panzerwrecks 23 - Italy 3

Product code:  32225MIL
It’s the usual heady mix of wreckage and captured Panzers, all with an Italian theme and in the new 128-page format. Tigers, Panthers, Panzer IVs all feature heavily, likewise Panzerjägers such as the Elefant, Nashorn and Marder. Most subjects are shown in multiple views, perfect for the model maker or those who like a complete walkaround of their vehicles. With the assistance of experts Federico Peyrani and Lorenzo Bovi, I have found the location of a significant number of photos, and QR codes ...

Britain's Railways in the Second World War

Product code:  72282MIL
The outbreak of the Second World War had an enormous effect on the railway system in Britain. Keeping the trains running through times of conflict was not such a distant memory for the railway companies and their workers but in this second major war of the twentieth century, the task was to prove a very different one. The railway system no longer consisted of the hundreds of companies of the past, but the 'Big Four' still needed to learn how to work together and forget their differences for the ...

The History of the Panzerjager: Vol.2 From Stalingrad to Berlin 1943-45

Product code:  36847MIL
The German Panzerjager, or Panzerjagertruppe, was one of the most innovative fighting arms of World War II and its story has never properly been told, until now. Many books have focused on an element of the story - the Hetzer, Jagdpanzer, and Jagdpanther - but this two-volume series represents the first time that the whole history of the development and organization of Nazi Germany's anti-tank force has been revealed. This second volume takes up the story in the mid-war years and follows the dev...

Tankograd 1009 Kraftrader German Military Motorcycles

Product code:  01009MIL
The role of the Kraftrad motorcycle in the German military at the time of World War One was primarily as a dispatch vehicle as it could go on small roads, bypass traffic jams and they were also faster than most other means of transport at that time. Motorcycles could also be used for scouting road conditions in front of truck columns, and serve as emergency transport. As with passenger cars, there were no military-type Krafträder in the German Army at the outbreak of war. All came from impresse...

Allied Armour, 1939-1945 : British and American Tanks at War

Product code:  77973MIL
During the first years of the Second World War, Allied forces endured a series of terrible defeats at the hands of the Germans, Italians and Japanese. Their tanks were outclassed, their armoured tactics were flawed. But the advent of new tank designs and variants, especially those from the United States, turned the tables. Although German armour was arguably still superior at the end of the war, the competence of Allied designs and the sheer scale of their production gave them a decisive advanta...

Photosniper 31 The 38M Toldi Light Tank

Product code:  73045MIL
A detailed photographic history of these Tank types with detailed descriptions.

Haynes Manual: British Infantryman, The British and Commonwealth Soldier 1939-45

Product code:  17203MIL
British soldiers, with their old-fashioned helmets, spring-powered PIAT anti-tank guns and veneration of heroic defeats, may have lost the propaganda war, but their record speaks for itself: they may have started badly in France in 1940 and the Far East in 1941, but they were victorious in the North African desert, in Europe and in India and Burma where the 'Forgotten Army' first held the Japanese and then inflicted at Imphal and Kohima the greatest loss to the Japanese on land. They held back t...