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Military Pre-1946

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Atlas of the Blitzkrieg: 1939-41

Product code:  34997MIL
In September 1939, Nazi Germany launched its infamous Blitzkrieg invasion of Poland, bringing about the outbreak of World War II. Faced with highly tactical and accelerated attacks aimed at disrupting the line of defence and encircling vulnerable troops, Allied forces broke under pressure. Within the space of a year, France had been invaded and occupied, while the forces of Great Britain had retreated headlong back across the Channel.

Images of War: The Americans from Normandy to the German Border August to December 1944

Product code:  56725MIL
This classic Images of War book takes up the story of the massive American contribution to the campaign in north West Europe during the autumn and early witner of 1944. Following the dramatic breakout from the Normandy bridgehead, events moved fast with the liberation of Paris quickly following and the Allies closed in on the German border. But the apparent collapse of the Nazis was illusory.

Images of War: 7th SS Mountain Division Prinz Eugen At War 1941-45 - A History of the Division

Product code:  21426MIL
Drawing on a superb collection of rare and unpublished photographs the The 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division Prinz Eugen 1941 - 1945 is the 7th book in the Waffen-SS Images of War Series written by Ian Baxter. The book tells the story of the 7th SS Mountain Division was formed in 1941 from the Volksdeutsche (ethnic German) volunteers and conscripts from the Banat, Independent State of Croatia, Hungary and Romania. It fought a brutal counter insurgency campaign against communist-led Yugoslav Par...

Images of War: M36/M36B1 Tank Destroyer: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives

Product code:  48928MIL
Going into WWII, the prevailing strategy of the US command was that takns were not to be used to engage enemy tanks in combat. Rather, tanks were to be the armoured spearhead to breach enemy positions. Enemy tanks were to be dealt with by specialized weapons, aptly named tank destroyers.

Images of War: The Eighth Army in North Africa

Product code:  23796MIL
The British Eighth Army, which played a decisive role in defeating the Axis in North Africa, was one of the most celebrated Allied armies of the Second World War, and this photographic history is the ideal introduction to it. The carefully chosen photographs show the men, weapons and equipment of the army during campaigns in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. The battles the army fought in the Western Desert in 1941 and 1942 are the stuff of legend, as is the second Battle of El Alamein when, under Montg...

Images of War: The Battle for Arnhem 1944-45: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives

Product code:  30015MIL
Operation Market Garden, September 1944, the Netherlands. Three parachute drops and one armoured charge. The prize was the last bridge at Arnhem over the Neder Rijn. Taken intact it would provide the Allies with a back door into Germany - the famous Bridge Too Far'. This was one of the most audacious and imaginative operations of the war, and it failed, and Anthony Tucker-Jones's photographic history is a vivid introduction to it. In a sequence of almost 200 archive photographs accompanied by a...

Images of War: The Gilbert and Ellis Islands - Pacific War - Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives

Product code:  51195MIL
This classic Images of War book covers the dramatic events that befell both the Gilbert and Ellis Pacific island groups using a wealth of well-captioned photos and informed text. Soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, the Gilbert Islands were occupied by the Japanese who built a seaplane base at Butaritari. In August 1942 this base was attacked by the US 2nd Raider Battalion (Carlson's Raiders).

Images of War: Japan Triumphant - The Far East Campaign 1941-42

Product code:  34358MIL
The Japanese offensive in the Far East in 1941-2 was extraordinary in its ambition for their aim was to advance across the entire region. They clashed with an array of forces in a series of lightning campaigns that included famous episodes like the raid on Pearl Harbor and the conquest of Singapore. Among the opposing armies were those of the Americans, Dutch and Filipinos as well as the British imperial forces which included the Indians, Malays and Burmese.

Images of War: Fallschirmjager German Paratroopers 1942-45 - Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives

Product code:  40700MIL
As elite troops, the German Fallschirmjager (paratroopers) were regularly engaged in front line combat during the Second World War. Their famed actions such as the fighting in Scandinavia, the taking of the Belgian fortress Eden-Emal in May 1940, and the Battle for Crete just a year later, have given them the reputation of being determined, courageous and loyal soldiers. This book continues the pictorial history of the Fallschirmjager, focusing on the period following the bloody Battle for Crete.

Images of War: Hitler's Defeat on the Western Front 1944-45

Product code:  31579MIL
Hitler's Defeat on the Western Front 1944-1945 is a compelling account of the Nazis' ten month struggle against the overwhelming Allied military might on the Western Front. Thanks to the successful Images of War format of authoritative text supported by copious, well captioned contemporary images, the reader witnesses the intensity of the fighting from the Normandy beaches, through France and the Low Countries and finally into Germany itself. Despite demoralising withdrawals and reversals the We...

Faithful in Adversity: The Royal Army Medical Corps in the Second World War

Product code:  49550MIL
The Royal Army Medical Corps was present during all engagements in the Second World War. From the frozen wastes of Norway through to liberation from the death camps of Germany and the Far East, RAMC personnel were frequently close to the front line, risking their lives to provide medical support to a mobile army in a mechanised war. Nearly 3,000 army medics were killed during the war as a result of enemy action and exposing themselves to dangerous tropical diseases.

Arnhem 1944 An Epic Battle Revisited Vol 2: The Lost Victory-September-October 1944

Product code:  41454MIL
All previous published accounts of Operation ”Market Garden” end the main story with the evacuation of the British airborne troops from Oosterbeek – which obscures the fact that Operation Market Garden at that time was still to be regarded as essentially a great success. It was only due to the following development of events (including the battle at Overloon in October 1944) that meant that the strategic success of Operation Market Garden could not be utilized to end the war before the turn of t...