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Military Pre-1946

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Western Front: Then and Now - From Mons to the Marne and back

Product code:  13716MIL
Re-print of Western Front, Then & Now. This work covers the main British battle areas of the Western Front between 1914 and 1918. Starting with the spark that ignited the war, the outline of events brings the operations of the British Army in France and Flanders full circle: from the BEF at Mons in August 1914 and the retreat beyond Marne to the victorious advances of the forces of the British Empire and their re-entering the town in November 1918. It is impossible not to marvel at the triumph o...

Flanders: Then and Now

Product code:  13488MIL
Re-print of Flanders, Then & Now. The author recreates, by means of contemporary photographs juxtaposed with others taken by him over a number of years plus eyewitness accounts and narrative, the atmosphere, past and present, of that once famous salient. He aims to present a moving tribute to the men who fought with great courage and tenacity in the horrendous conditions that prevailed in Flanders during what was known as the Great War. To them "Wipers" was more than just a foreign city, it was ...

Panther Ausf.D - Drawings and Color

Product code:  41697MIL
Detailed colour profiles and line drawings.

Porsche Tiger and Ferdinand Tank Destroyer: VK4501(P) Porsche Type 101 and Panzerjager Ferdinand/Elefant

Product code:  63511MIL
Ferdinand Porsche was an Austrian engineer born in 1875. In the interwar period, Ferdinand founded an automotive consultation firm, which gradually grew into todays Porsche AG automotive company. Porsche firm was responsible for the design of the Volkswagen, a simple model known today as the Beetle. During the Second World War, Porsche firm played an important role in designing military vehicles for the Wehrmacht. This work follows up on author Michael Froehlich book on Porsche massive Maus tank...

Images of War: The Three Battles of El Alamein

Product code:  72052MIL
The 80th Anniversary of the historic final Battle of El Alamein is the ideal time to study the events leading up to General Bernard Montgomery's famous victory over Field Marshal Rommel's Panzerarmee Africa in Autumn 1942. Four months earlier after the loss of Tobruk , Rommel's forces were in the ascendancy. Prime Minister Winston Churchill removed General Auchinleck from Command of Eighth Army and appointed Bernard Montgomery in his place. After the successful defence of Alam El Halfa Ridge in ...

Images of War: The Armour of Hitler's Allies in Action 1943-45

Product code:  85441MIL
While much has been written about the Nazis' panzers, comparatively little is known about the armoured vehicles in service with the other Axis armies. This book redresses the balance by covering in detail the equipment operated by these nations supporting Hitler's war machine. Using rare and often unpublished photographs with full captions and authoritative text, it provides a comprehensive coverage of Romanian, Bulgarian and Hungarian tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles. In addition, it ...

From Submariners to Tank Killers - Marine-Panzerjagd Regiment 1 (1st Naval Anti-Tank Regiment) and the Fighting near Hamburg in April-May 1945

Product code:  37531MIL
At the beginning of April 1945, it became clear that the surrender of the Wehrmacht was only a matter of days or weeks. But despite this hopeless prospect, the German troops still put up fierce resistance to the enemy. Most of the front-line soldiers had long since given up hope of an already illusory final victory. Other goals now had priority. The way to the west had to be kept open for columns of refugees, steps had to be taken to ensure that civilians and wounded comrades could be evacuated ...

Selling the Arsenal of Democracy: America's Weapons of World War II as seen in Homefront Magazines

Product code:  58638MIL
This work tells the full story of the weapons, including fighter-planes, tanks, ships, and guns, that America produced during the war to defeat the Axis powers, and how they were "sold" to those at home through the countless advertisements that appeared in popular magazines. Though well-known companies such as General Motors, Ford, Kelvinator, and B.F. Goodrich, and a whole host of others, could no longer sell their products to consumers, they instead turned their factories towards supplying the...

Panzers in Normandy Then and Now

Product code:  13297MIL2
Re-Issue of Panzers in Normandy Then and Now is a detailed study of the German panzer regiments in Normandy in 1944 as seen from the German side. The book is basically divided into two parts: the theoretical composition of the 1944 model of the panzer regiment, its equipment and personnel, and secondly, individual chapters on the seventeen panzer units which saw service in Normandy. In addition the book contrasts the scenes of the fighting that raged in the countryside and villages of this part ...

The Soviet Baltic Offensive 1944-45 - German Defense of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Product code:  41067MIL
This is a compelling account of the German defense of the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Against overwhelming Soviet forces the book shows how the German Army Group North was driven across the Baltics from Leningrad and fought a number isolated battles including the defense of Narva, Memel and the Kurland pocket. The book outlines in dramatic detail how Hitler forbade his troops to withdraw, ordering them to follow his Halt Order Decree and fight to the death.

12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend - From Formation to the Battle of Caen

Product code:  41685MIL
Created in 1943 from members of the Hitler Youth born in 1926, the division was attached to I SS Panzer Corps in March 1944 and transferred to Normandy. Based around Caen, it was intended to repel a possible and expected invasion from the sea. When the invasion came in June, it was one of the two closest panzer divisions to the landing beaches.

Images of War: Operation Hoss - The Deportation of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz-Birkkenau May-July 1944

Product code:  62909MIL
Operation Hoss or Aktion Hoss was the codename for the mass deportation of Hungarian Jews and their murder in the gas chambers of Birkenau extermination camp. Between 14 May and 9 July 1944, 420,000 Jews were sent to Auschwitz from Hungary, or about 12,000 per day. On arrival some twenty-five percent were selected for forced labour while the remainder were immediately gassed. The name of this atrocity came from Rudolf Hoss, who returned as the commandant of Auschwitz to increase the killing capa...