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Military Pre-1946

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Combat History of Sturmpanzer-Abteilung 217

Product code:  32201MIL
Combat History of Sturmpanzer-Abteilung 217 tells the story of the only Sturmpanzer IV equipped unit to see action on the western front. Formed in May 1944, Stu.Pz.Abt.217 fought in Normandy, Belgium, Aachen and the Ardennes Offensive before finally perishing in Ruhr pocket in April 1945. Researched over more than twenty years using hundreds of German and American records; authors Timm Haasler and Simon Vosters have meticulously retraced the steps of the battalion to offer the reader the most co...

Legends of Warfare: B-29 Superfortress Vol.1 Boeing's XB-29/B-29B in World War II

Product code:  59378AVI
The story of the B-29 Superfortress developed by the US. This book chronicles its design, development and combat history.

Legends of Warfare: Harley-Davidson WLA: The Main US Military Motorcycle of World War II

Product code:  59248MIL
The story of an iconic model in the long history of Harley Davidson. Developed for the US Army's mechanical cavalry, it was used by the US and Alied forces in WWII. Known as the Liberator this is the story of this iconic motorcycle.

Supplying the British Army in the Second World War

Product code:  25332MIL
During the Second World War, how were the multitude of items required by the soldiers in the front line selected, ordered and delivered, and how were they produced? In this the second volume in her detailed, scholarly study of the army's logistical system, Janet Macdonald describes the necessity for central advanced planning for each expeditionary force as well as those engaged in home defence, and the complex organization of personnel who performed these tasks, from the government and military ...

Legends of Warfare: Hummel and Nashorn/Hornisse German Self-Propelled Artillery in World War II

Product code:  59408MIL
The Hummel ("bumblebee") and Nashorn ("rhinoceros") are two of Nazi Germany's most widely recognized self-propelled artillery pieces. The Hummel, with its heavy field howitzer, was indispensable as heavy field artillery despite its open-top fighting compartment. The Nashorn, also known as the Hornisse ("hornet"), utilized the same chassis but mounted the formidable 88 mm antitank gun, becoming one of the most feared pieces of antitank artillery, or Panzerjäger ("tank hunter"). This book chronicl...

Images of War: Hitler's Heavy Tiger Tank Battalions 1942-1945 Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives

Product code:  47877MIL
With rare, often unpublished photographs and full captions Hitler's Heavy Tank Battalions provides a superb record of the Wehrmacht's Schwere Panzerableilung on operations between 1942 and 1945. In addition to the Tiger I and successor Tiger II heavy tanks, these battalions were equipped with Pz.Kpfw III's, Flakpanzer IV, Sd. Kfz 7/1 self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, Sd.Kfz 9 and 10 halftracks, Sd.Kfz 2 and Kettenkrad gun tractors.

Achtung Tiger! Le Char Tigre au Combat Vol.1

Product code:  03250MIL
The parent of a legendary armored family, the Panzer VI Tiger was associated with all of the Wehrmacht’s military campaigns during the second half of the war. No less than ten Abteilungen from the Heer and three from the Waffen-SS will be fitted with it, whether in the Tiger I or Tiger II version. We must add to this the three battalions of heavy tank destroyers equipped with Jagdpanzer Elefant and Jagdtiger, machines resulting respectively from the unsuccessful competitor of Tiger I for the fir...

Le Guide Du Landser

Product code:  03243MIL
The Landser of 1939 is the direct heir to that of 1918 and the Heer (army) plunges its roots, its traditions and its uniformological specificities into those of the imperial armies of past centuries: the Gebirgsjäger are the descendants of the Austrian mountain troops , the tankers those of the Prussian hussars; we find the Litzen of Frederick II's troops on the collar tabs of Heer soldiers, etc. Even the Waffen-SS, whose chiefs disapprove of the conservatism of the army, will appropriate their ...

Audacious Missions of World War II : Daring Acts of Bravery Revealed Through Letters and Documents from the Time

Product code:  29955MIL
Winning World War II was about more than military force. It required guile, and tremendous acts of bravery by Special Forces and intelligence operatives who had the odds stacked against them. Using hundreds of documents and images from The National Archives, including some that have never been seen in print before, this book reveals some of World War II's most audacious missions.


Product code:  48260MIL
A new volume dedicated to the close range antitank fight by German tank hunters during the Second World War, with the treatment in particular of the actions carried out by the Waffen SS fighters and with the relative detailed list of the decorated with the Badge for destroyers of tank, with a brief biography for each of them. A detailed review of the weapons used and fighting techniques, with the publication of official documents published by the command of the German Army for troop training. A ...

Hitler's Tanks: German Panzers of World War II

Product code:  39763MIL
The Panzers that rolled over Europe were Germany's most famous fighting force, and are some of the most enduring symbols of World War II. However, at the start of the war, Germany's tanks were nothing extraordinary and it was operational encounters such as facing the Soviet T-34 during Operation Barbarossa which prompted their intensive development. Tactical innovation gave them an edge where technological development had not, making Hitler's tanks a formidable enemy. Hitler's Tanks details the ...

WM474 Carden-Loyd MkVI TK-3 TKF TKS 1929-38

Product code:  94749MIL
This polish monograph contains an English summary and photo captions and covers the history of this subject.