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Military Pre-1946

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Selling the Arsenal of Democracy: America's Weapons of World War II as seen in Homefront Magazines

Product code:  58638MIL
This work tells the full story of the weapons, including fighter-planes, tanks, ships, and guns, that America produced during the war to defeat the Axis powers, and how they were "sold" to those at home through the countless advertisements that appeared in popular magazines. Though well-known companies such as General Motors, Ford, Kelvinator, and B.F. Goodrich, and a whole host of others, could no longer sell their products to consumers, they instead turned their factories towards supplying the...

Panzers in Normandy Then and Now

Product code:  13297MIL2
Re-Issue of Panzers in Normandy Then and Now is a detailed study of the German panzer regiments in Normandy in 1944 as seen from the German side. The book is basically divided into two parts: the theoretical composition of the 1944 model of the panzer regiment, its equipment and personnel, and secondly, individual chapters on the seventeen panzer units which saw service in Normandy. In addition the book contrasts the scenes of the fighting that raged in the countryside and villages of this part ...

The Soviet Baltic Offensive 1944-45 - German Defense of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Product code:  41067MIL
This is a compelling account of the German defense of the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Against overwhelming Soviet forces the book shows how the German Army Group North was driven across the Baltics from Leningrad and fought a number isolated battles including the defense of Narva, Memel and the Kurland pocket. The book outlines in dramatic detail how Hitler forbade his troops to withdraw, ordering them to follow his Halt Order Decree and fight to the death.

12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend - From Formation to the Battle of Caen

Product code:  41685MIL
Created in 1943 from members of the Hitler Youth born in 1926, the division was attached to I SS Panzer Corps in March 1944 and transferred to Normandy. Based around Caen, it was intended to repel a possible and expected invasion from the sea. When the invasion came in June, it was one of the two closest panzer divisions to the landing beaches.

Images of War: Operation Hoss - The Deportation of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz-Birkkenau May-July 1944

Product code:  62909MIL
Operation Hoss or Aktion Hoss was the codename for the mass deportation of Hungarian Jews and their murder in the gas chambers of Birkenau extermination camp. Between 14 May and 9 July 1944, 420,000 Jews were sent to Auschwitz from Hungary, or about 12,000 per day. On arrival some twenty-five percent were selected for forced labour while the remainder were immediately gassed. The name of this atrocity came from Rudolf Hoss, who returned as the commandant of Auschwitz to increase the killing capa...

World War II Trucks and Tanks

Product code:  90620MIL
Many thousands of different types of vehicles were used by the armies during the Second World War for various roles, including the fighting vehicles such as armoured cars and tanks. Today these are very popular with enthusiasts who restore these historic vehicles to their pristine state and attend specialist gatherings around the UK, Europe and the USA. This book explores original and reconstructed military vehicles from British, US, Russian, Italian and German forces using stunning colour photo...

LandCraft (11) Pakwagen SDKFZ 234/3 and 234/4 German Army Waffen-SS and Luftwaffe Units - Western & Eastern Fronts 1944-45

Product code:  65047MIL
Experience in the Polish and French campaigns had convinced the German high command of the value of fast-moving, armed reconnaissance vehicles. But it was realised that many of the early designs were too lightly-armed and development of a heavy eight-wheeled prototype resulted in the Sdkfz 234 series of armoured cars, the first of which entered service in late 1943. Built by the firm of Bussing-NAG, these sturdy and reliable vehicles were gradually up-armed and served in the infantry support rol...

Military Jeep: Enthusiasts Manual 1940 Onwards - Ford Willys and Hotchkiss

Product code:  52551MIL
During WW2, the Jeep could be found wherever the Allies were fighting and soldiers soon learned that here was a dependable, go-anywhere machine. Waterproofed Jeeps took part in the D-Day landings, before fighting their way across France and the Low Countries and into Germany. In the appalling conditions of the Eastern Front, Jeeps struggled against the odds to win the admiration of the Red Army and in the Far East where roads were non-existent, Jeeps were even adapted to travel on rails. By the ...

Hold the Westwall: The History of Panzer Brigade 105 - September 1944

Product code:  39368MIL
Hold the Westwall is the dramatic story of Panzer Brigade 105, one of Germany's experimental independent armoured brigades, and its formation, deployment (including its defence of the Siegfried Line), and ultimate destruction. Relying heavily on primary documents and interviews, it also presents American accounts of what it was like to fight the brigade. It is the first book in English on Germany's failed experiment with independent armoured brigades in World War II.

The Indian Army in the First World War

Product code:  10490MIL
The book addresses the important global role of the Indian Army during the First World War. It is an academic reassessment of the army by both established and early career scholars of the Indian Army, as well as naval historians. It looks at the historiography of the army - taking into account the recent work on the army (particularly on the Western Front in 1914-1915). The edited volume covers the traditional areas of the Indian Army on the Western Front, in Palestine, Mesopotamia and the defen...

New Vanguard 312: Tanks in the Battle of Germany 1945 - Eastern Front

Product code:  48710MIL
This book is a history and analysis of the state of these two mighty armoured forces, as their battles decided the fate of Germany. It covers their initial encounters on the German frontier in 1944 (East Prussia), the fighting of the Oder-Vistula offensive in January 1945 and describes the condition of the German tank forces and their Hungarian allies as they were beaten back. It also considers the huge impact of The Red Army and other significant Allied forces such as those from Poland, Czechos...

New Vanguard 313 Foreign Panthers - The Panzer V in British, Soviet, French and Other Service 1943-58

Product code:  31811MIL
A study of the little-known career of Germany's Panther, perhaps the greatest tank of World War II, in foreign hands both during and after the war. The Panther was arguably the most successful medium tank design of World War II, demonstrated by the number of Germany's enemies that used them after, and even during the war. While some were used by the Western Allies, the Russians used the greatest number of captured Panthers against Nazi Germany, though they did not find much favour thanks to thei...