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Military 1946 to Present Day

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Sod That for a Game of Soldiers

Product code:  22329MIL
The story of Mark Eyles Thomas who was just 17 when he was sent to war 8,000 miles away from home to win back the desolate Falkland Islands. The author paints a graphic account of the grim reality of battle and reveals why no person of 17 should ever be allowed to go to war again.

Desert Eagle 4 Magach 6B GAL and GAL Batash. M60A1 in IDF Service Part 2

Product code:  DEP04MIL
Colour photo album containing an extensive collection of previously unpublished photographs of the Magach. Content includes Magach - the sequel, 6b Gal in action, 6b Gal Batash in action/in detail; Tactical signs; Tagash ALVB in IDF service; Tachlaz M88 in IDF service. Modelling the Magach 6b Gal Batash

Tankograd 9003 BAOR Vehicles of the British Army of the Rhine 1945-1979

Product code:  09003MIL
This A4 format magazine covers the history of the British Army of the Rhine from 1945 to 1979, including organisation and structure.

The Armed Forces of the United Kingdom 2014-2015

Product code:  63510MIL
Pocket reference guide providing up to date details of all British Military organisations and structures following the latest Strategic Defence and Security Review.

A Diplomats Story. Apartheid and Beyond 1969-1998

Product code:  54150MIL
The author served 29 years as a diplomat in the South African Department of Foreign Affairs. This is a book of his recollection which covers the dilemna of working around morally questionnable government policies during the apartheid era. Begins with his first posting to Brazil in 1969 through to his posting in Central America, Cuba and dealings with Nelson Mandela.

Military Briefs 2 Israeli Tank Based Carriers

Product code:  5860XMIL
New Reprint of this book which covers Israeli Tank Based Carriers. Covers Kangaroos, Pumas and other 'exotic' beasts, Nakmashot, Nagmachon, Nakpadon, from Project Samovar to the Achzarit, plus configuration, survivability, firepower, mobility and Achzarit crew.

Tankograd 9001 British Infantry Brigade Berlin - Armoured Vehicles

Product code:  09001MIL
The presence of British Forces in Berlin dates back to the end of WWII when the 7th Armoured division 'Desert Rats' was the first to enter Berlin. This book covers the Chieftain Mk10/C Main Battle Tank, Chieftain ARRV Mk7, FV434 Armoured Recovery Vehicle, FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier, FV432/30 RARDEN 30mm, the FV701 Ferret Scout Car plus more.

Tankograd 5008 Military Special Pionierpanzer der Bundeswehr 1956-Heute

Product code:  05008MIL
Covers the modern German Armies Engineer vehicles including the Pionierpanzer I, Armoured Engineer Vehicles GPM, Pionierpanzer II A1 DACHS, Armoured Mine-Clearing vehicles and others. Complete English text

Conflicting Missions

Product code:  85410MIL
An extensive account of Cuban policy in Africa and of its escalating clash with US policy and later its direct military clashes with the South African Defence force in Angola.