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Military 1946 to Present Day

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Middle East@War 42: Air Power and the Arab World 1909-55 Vol.5

Product code:  77235AVI
The years immediately prior to the outbreak of the Second World War saw the earliest and the more recently established Arab Air Forces attempting to play a role on the regional if not yet on the world stage for the first time. It was a period when those Arab states which had real or merely theoretical independence were more or less allied with European countries that were gearing up to face the growing Fascist and Nazi threats. Unfortunately, these anti-Fascist and anti-Nazi countries were thems...

Middle East@War 41: Lebanese Civil War Vol.2

Product code:  77150MIL
Once known as the Switzerland of the Middle East, an island of economic stability and social progress, Lebanon was shattered by a civil war that raged from 1975 until 1990. While Volume 1 of this mini-series concentrated on the conflict pitting the central government against different factions and alliances of Christians, Sunni and Shi’a Moslems, leftists, and the Israeli and Syrian armed forces from its beginning in 1975 until the Israeli Operation Stone of Wisdom in 1978. Volume 2 continues...

Images of War: M1 Abrams - Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives

Product code:  38776MIL
The M1 Abrams has been the principle main battle tank of the US military since 1980. Conceived to counter the threat of a massive Soviet armoured incursion in Europe, the tank gained considerable fame during the Persian Gulf War of 1991, and its combat record has continued to climb. With such a long service life, the Abrams has undergone continual improvements and upgrades, which are illustrated in great detail in this volume.

America's Few - Marine Aces of the South Pacific

Product code:  47492MIL
America's Few delves into the history of US Marine Corps aviation in World War II, following the feats of the Corps' top-scoring aces in the skies over Guadalcanal. Marine Corps aviation began in 1915, functioning as a self-contained expeditionary force. During the interwar period, the support of USMC amphibious operations became a key element of Marine aviation doctrine, and the small force gradually grew.

The Vietnam War 1956-75

Product code:  51123MIL
With updates, specially commissioned maps and 50 new images, this is a concise overview of America's most divisive war. America entered the Vietnam War certain of its Cold War doctrines and convinced of its moral mission to save the world from the advance of communism. However, the war was not at all what the United States expected.

Abrams Squad Reference 9: Syrian Armor at War Vol.2

Product code:  78808MIL
This reference is clearly not intended to be a political or historical text book, as you will see soon. We have simply collected images from the world’s leading photo journalist catalogue and after a great work of research, filtered and examined the great collection of images from this tragic conflict taken by extremely brave photographers and photojournalists, to which we would like to dedicate this book.

Tanks: The World's Greatest from World War I to the Present Day

Product code:  61292MIL
Tanks features 52 of the best armoured fighting vehicles from World War I to the present day. Beginning with the prototype Mark V Male in 1917, the book ranges from World War I, World War II, through the Cold War and up to the highly sophisticated tanks that have seen recent service in wars in the Balkans, Caususus, and Middle East. From the Soviet T-34 and German Panther tanks of World War II to the M1A2 Abrams, Challenger 2 and T-90 of the present day, Tanks is an expert examination of the mos...

Surviving World War Two Tanks in the Ardennes

Product code:  21338MIL
There are over 40 surviving World War Two tanks, self-propelled guns, tank destroyers, tank hunters and tank turrets in the Belgium and Luxembourg Ardennes. Not all the tanks on display fought in the December 1944 Battle of the Bulge. Some, such as the Matilda II, were the type of tank that defended France during May 1940. Others, such as the British Comet tank, were deployed in 1945. There are also plenty of German Panzers to examine. Illustrated with over 150 images and containing detailed des...

Legends of Warfare: US Marine Corps in Vietnam - Vehicles, Weapons and Equipment

Product code:  62606MIL
The March 1965 landing of the US Marine Corps at Da Nang, South Vietnam, marked the first large-scale deployment of US forces to the region. From then on, the Marine Corps fought continuously until May 1975, when two Marines became the last US servicemen killed in that war during the Mayaguez battle. With over 200 archival photos, many never before published, the weapons, vehicles, and equipment of the Marines in theatre are documented in this volume.

Military Jeeps

Product code:  21307MIL
In 2021, as the Jeep celebrates its 80th anniversary, there is no doubt that itis one of the world’s most famous automobiles. The utility 4x4 machine was designed to help win a war and a legend was born, spawning both evolved models that remain in production to this day and numerous imitators around the globe. This book looks at the history of military Jeeps made by Willys and Ford in the US, as well as the likes of Hotchkiss and NEKAF in Europe. Illustrated with over 220 photographs, this book ...

Tanks of the Early IDF - History of the IDF Armoured Corps Vol.3

Product code:  42602MIL
Volume 3 covers a major change in Israel’s ability to obtain modern tanks, with the United Kingdom and the United States finally agreeing to supply them. The British made the first sale of post-World War II Centurion tanks, which then opened the door for other countries to also sell the same tank to Israel. The Americans slightly over-complicated an initial sale of M48 Pattons via West Germany, and then finally opened the door to direct sales to Israel. In the meantime, though, there was still a...

British Sniping Rifles since 1970: L42A1, L96A1 and L115A3

Product code:  42350MIL
In response to the challenge of the Soviet Dragunov self-loading rifle, the British Army adopted the 7.62mm L42A1 bolt-action sniping rifle in 1970. The L42A1 was deployed in Dhofar and Northern Ireland, but arguably saw its finest hour during the Falklands War in 1982. The harsh conditions of the South Atlantic laid bare the L42A1's inadequacies and a new company, Accuracy International, won the contract to replace the L42A1 and the PM Rifle, a world-beating revolutionary design, was adopted in...