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Military 1946 to Present Day

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Tankograd 3046 Reforger 75 Certain Trek - The US Army Training on NATO's Eastern Frontline

Product code:  03046MIL
Exercise Certain Trek was the FTX part of REFORGER 75 and involved nine combined-arms brigades (including one each from Canada and Germany) and three field artillery groups for a total of 57,000 troops belonging to the USA, Germany, Canada, France and the UK; equipped with 500 M60A1, M 48 A2 C and Centurion main battle tanks, 900 armoured personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, another 200 armoured vehicles and 250 helicopters.

Tankograd 5092 Leopard 2A7V - The New German Leopard

Product code:  05092MIL
The new German Leopard 2A7V – The World’s Best Main Battle Tank On 05 May 2017, the Bundeswehr and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) signed a contract for the combat capability upgrade of 20 in-service Leopard 2A7s to the 2A7V design standard, as well as the production and delivery of 84 additional Leopard 2A7V tanks between 2020 and 2023. As was the case with the 2A7, the comprehensive modifications to the 2A7V – which primarily affect the areas of protection, mobility, controllability, endurance an...

WWP G068 Buffalo MPCV 2nd Extended Issue

Product code:  09890MIL
Contains a plethora of colour photos. Content covers history, walkaround, interior-detail, engine detail and chassis detail.

Tankograd 9037 Lionheart 84 - The Largest British Exercise of the Cold War

Product code:  09037MIL
Exercise Lionheart ran for little over a month, from 03 September till 05 October 1984. It comprised three phases: a deployment phase (Full Flow), the employment phase (FTX Spearpoint) and a redeployment phase (Full Flow). Lionheart was the largest British Cold War exercise and designed to stress like never before the British Army’s operational capacity to augment its forces in West Germany and to defend successfully the I (BR) Corps sector against the backdrop of a more threatening Warsaw Pact ...

NATO and Warsaw Pact Tanks of the Cold War

Product code:  04312MIL
Led by the USA with Western European partners, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was formed in 1949 to counter the Soviet threat. In response the Soviet Union assembled and dominated the Warsaw Pact in 1954. The mainstay of both alliances' groundforces were their main battle tanks (MBTs). Initially both sides relied on Second World War MBTs; in NATO's case the Sherman medium tank and its successor the M26 Pershing together with the British Centurion and the heavy Conqueror. The Sovie...

Images of War: The Malayan Emergency - The Crucial Years: 1949-53

Product code:  82242MIL
From 1948 through the 1950s British and Commonwealth forces fought a ruthless communist insurgency on the Malay peninsula. Thanks to sound generalship and the dedication and resilience of the officers and men, the security forces eventually broke the terrorists' resolve. 1st Battalion The Suffolk Regiment was just one of many British units involved in this successful campaign, known as the Malayan Emergency.

American Armor in Vietnam

Product code:  72793MIL
The Vietnam War 1945-1975 was one of the most important conflicts of the 20th century, not only for the countries involved, but also internationally. It was a battle between two very different ideologies and two very different military strategies. Through over 240 official and private photos it commemorates the material, experiences and sacrifices of a generation of American armoured vehicle crewmen. Sections describing some of the widely used, but lesser known armoured vehicles of the conflict ...

Tankcraft (37) M60 Main Battle Tank - America's Cold War Warrior 1959-1997

Product code:  96454MIL
The M60 was a second-generation American main battle tank, the last in the line of Patton tanks that had first been developed at the end of World War. It entered operational service with the US Army in 1960 and some 15,000 M60s were manufactured by Chrysler at the Detroit Tank Arsenal Plant between then and when production ceased in 1983. It served with both the US Army and the US Marine Corps and was the principal tank deployed in Europe in the sixties, seventies and early eighties, providing N...

WWP G067 M107/110 SPH & M578 Recovery Vehicle

Product code:  09876MIL2
Contains a plethora of colour photos. Content covers history, walkaround, interior-detail, engine detail and chassis detail.

Japanese Type 10 and Type 90 Main Battle Tanks

Product code:  12365MIL
The Type 90 Tank is a current main battle tank (MBT) of the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF). Developed during the depths of the Cold War, the 90TK was developed to counter T-64 and T-72 tanks from the Soviet Union. The Type 10 Tank (10TK) is the newest MBT in the ranks of the JGSDF, entering service alongside the Type 90. This relatively new tank is smaller and weighs significantly less than the previous Japanese Type 90 main battle tank. This Model Foto Focus takes a thorough look arou...

With Raupenschlepper Ost on the Eastern Front

Product code:  83681MIL
Wilhelm Bender left some very interesting photo albums which he captioned with his own words. He started his military career as a medic. He took part in the defensive battles of Orel, Bryansk, Kovel and later participated in the suppression of the Warsaw uprising and in defence of Danzig bridgehead with leichte Artillerie-Abteilung 849, which was equipped with the RSO (Raupenschlepper Ost). This is a story of his military experiences told in more than 300 photos.

US Army Combat Engineer Vehicles: 1980 to the Present

Product code:  62798MIL
After a slow and unimaginative start, the US Army has developed and fielded some of the most prolific and advanced combat engineer vehicles ever used. This book provides a rare look at these amazing machines and the crews that operated them. Vehicles covered are the M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle; Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge; M9 Armored Combat Earthmover; M9 ACE and M60 AVLB; M1132 Stryker Engineer Squad Vehicle; M2 Bradley, Wolverine, and Assault Breaching Vehicle; and Grizzly and Panther 2, ...