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Military 1946 to Present Day

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Tankcraft (22) M48 Patton American Cold war Battle Tank

Product code:  57739MIL
The M48 Patton main battle tank was one of the most successful and longest-serving designs produced in the United States, and it is a popular subject with tank modellers and enthusiasts. When it came into service in 1949 it represented a significant advance on the Sherman and M47 which it replaced, and it formed the backbone of American armoured forces during the early years of the Cold War. It also saw combat in Vietnam, during the Indo-Pakistan wars and in the Middle East, in particular during...

Hemtt and Family Members

Product code:  12354MIL
Photo album containing colour full-view and walkaround captioned photos of the exterior of the Hemtt and variants.

Danish Leopard 2A5 DK in Afghanistan

Product code:  12353MIL
Photo album containing colour full-view and walkaround captioned photos of the exterior of the Leopard 2A5DK Tank.

AMX30 Main Battle Tank 1960-2019 AMX30B/B2 and Derivatives

Product code:  16480MIL
The AMX30 Char de Bataille was the standard French Main Battle Tank during the Cold War era. Initially the French and Germans attempted to develop a 'standard European tank' based on their experiences of the Second World War. Both countries required a design that put mobility and firepower foremost at the expense of armour protection, but the joint collaboration failed to materialise with the result that the French produced the AMX30 and the Germans the Leopard 1. The AMX30 was considerably ligh...

On Display Vol.5 German Tank Killers

Product code:  77566MIL
The 5th volume in our On Display modelling series returns to a German WWII theme. This time we present 8 builds of various “tank killers”, all documented in a step-by-step style to serve as guide and inspiration.

Tankograd Fast Track 22 Pansarbandvagn PBV302B & Variants

Product code:  01419MIL
In action photographs and a detailed walkaround containing numerous colour photos.

Tankograd Yearbook 2020 Armoured Vehicles of the Modern German Army

Product code:  TYB2020
The Tankograd-YEARBOOK provides an overview over the in-service armoured vehicles of the Modern German Army and updates Tankograd‘s vehicle monographs published over the past years by describing and listing all main types, their variants, showing technical data of the basic variant and all quantities in service.

Cold War 1945-1991: Suez Crisis 1956 : End of Empire and the Reshaping of the Middle East

Product code:  57081MIL
In 1956 Egyptian president Gamal Abdul Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal, ending nearly a century of British and French control over the crucial waterway. Ignoring U.S. diplomatic efforts and fears of a looming Cold War conflict, British Prime Minister Anthony Eden misled Parliament and the press to take Britain to war alongside France and Israel. In response to a secretly pre-planned Israeli attack in the Sinai, France and Britain intervened as peacemakers'. The invasion of Egypt was supposed ...

Valley of the Shadow: The Siege of Dien Bien Phu

Product code:  24417MIL
Over the past five decades, Western authors have generally followed a standard narrative of the siege of Dien Bien Phu, depicting the Viet Minh besiegers as a faceless horde which overwhelmed the intrepid garrison by sheer weight of numbers, superior firepower, and logistics. However, a wealth of new Vietnamese-language sources tell a very different story, revealing for the first time the true Viet Minh order of battle and the details of the severe logistical constraints within which the besiege...

Africa@War 41: Mau Mau The Kenyan Emergency 1952-60

Product code:  66878AVI
The British on the whole managed to disengage from Africa with a minimum of ill feeling and violence, conceding power in the Gold Coast, Nigeria and Sierra Leone under an orderly constitutional process, and engaging only in the suppression of civil disturbances in Nyasaland and Northern Rhodesia as the practicalities of a political handover were negotiated. In Kenya, however, matters were different. A vociferous local settler lobby had accrued significant economic and political authority under a...

Belgian Army Leopard 1 - Forty Five Years of Service 1969-2014

Product code:  42593MIL
This In the Field book looks at the Leopard 1 that served in the Belgian Army for 45 years. This book complements the Belgian Leopard 1(BE) and Leopard 1A5(BE) (forthcoming) books in the Model Foto Focus series which provide full details of all technical aspects of the Belgian Leopard tanks. This In the Field book focuses on the ‘in-service’ use of the Leopard throughout its Belgian Army service. It provides information on the units that fielded the Leopard main battle tanks, their markings, em...

Brazilian Stuart M3, M3A1, X1, X1A2 and their Derivatives

Product code:  42592MIL
Somewhat eclipsed by medium and heavy tanks for its secondary role in the European Theatre of Operations during World War II, the Stuart tank was, however, more successful further away in the Pacific Theatre, where it surpassed in efficiency all its Japanese counterparts, albeit later out-performed by the M4 Sherman. It was in the post-war years that it would prove its mettle in Latin America due to its ease of operation and maintenance, allied to its low weight. It turned out to be much more us...