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Military 1946 to Present Day

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Sign Here for Sacrifice: The Untold Story of the Third Battalion 506th - Airborne Vietnam 1968

Product code:  49427MIL
A hard-hitting history of the U.S. airborne unit who made a name for themselves in the unforgiving jungles of South Vietnam. It was easier killing than living. Third Battalion 506th Airborne veteran comment. Drawing on interviews with veterans, many of whom have never gone on the record before, Ian Gardner follows up his epic trilogy about the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment in World War II with the story of the unit's reactivation at the height of the Vietnam War.

Infantry Antiaircraft Missiles: Man-Portable Air Defense Systems

Product code:  53431MIL
This book charts the technological evolution of the MANPADS and explores their combat usage and the lessons from these encounters. Besides detailing the missiles, it also surveys the various methods developed as countermeasures to the MANPADS threat. The first generation of MANPADS, such as the US Army's Redeye and the Soviet Strela-2 (SA-7 Grail), saw combat use in the Vietnam War in 1972 and the Yom Kippur War of 1973. The next generation of infrared-guided MANPADS, such as the US Stinger and ...

German Panzers in World War II

Product code:  62855MIL
The German armoured divisions in World War II were the iron fist of the Blitzkrieg. Broken down by key battles or campaigns within each theatre of war, German Panzers in World War II shows the strengths and organizational structures of the Third Reich's armoured forces campaign by campaign, building into a detailed compendium of information. With extensive organizational diagrams and full-colour campaign maps showing the disposition of units, German Panzers in World War II is an easy-to-use guid...

German Infantry in World War II

Product code:  62862MIL
Full-colour order of battle tree diagrams at army and army group level help the reader speedily understand how and where the infantry divisions were employed. Quick reference tables provide divisional strengths while profile diagrams show typical numbers of personnel at company and platoon levels. With extensive organisational diagrams and full-colour campaign maps showing the disposition of units, German Infantry in World War II is the ultimate easy-to-use guide to the German infantry forces.

The Korean War 1950-53

Product code:  53172MIL
A concise overview of the so-called Forgotten War in Korea. From 1950 to 1953, the most powerful countries in the world engaged in a major conventional war in Korea. Yet ironically this conflict has come to be known as the USA's Forgotten War. Esteemed historian Dr Carter Malkasian explains how this conflict in a small peninsula in East Asia had a tremendous impact on the entire international system and the balance of power between the two superpowers, America and Russia.

More Chieftains Down Range

Product code:  12368MIL
The British Chieftain main battle tank was, without doubt, the master of the battlefield during its time. Today, it still serves on the ‘Battlefield’, but only as a target, helping to train the current generation of tank crews. In this book, our search for Chieftain on live firing ranges does not just cover the United Kingdom but also crosses the Atlantic, visits a Mediterranean island, and also one of its former users in the Middle East. The images in this book deal with one vehicle type – the ...

The Complete Catalogue of British Tanks - All British Built Tanks from 1915 to the Present Day

Product code:  29038MIL
As the nation that conceived the first tank more than a hundred years ago, Britain has a long and fascinating series of tank designs to its credit. Despite a period of apathy from the relevant authorities about the value of tanks, which led to its grateful reliance on American-made models during the Second World War, Britain bounced back to become an important innovator once again - notably with the development of the still-secret Chobham armour for the 1980s. In addition to the outstanding succ...

Factory-Original Land Rover Series 1 86,88,107 & 109 Inch Models

Product code:  29014MIL
It was back in 1996 that James Taylor's book Original Land Rover Series I was first published, and it has been in print and in constant demand ever since. In recent years James has been engaged in further research and the gathering of new information for a much larger and more detailed work about the Series I, so, having covered the 80-inch model last year in Factory-Original Land Rover Series I, 80-inch Models, this substantial second book is dedicated to the longer wheelbase 86-109-inch models...

Legends of Warfare: M911 and M1070 HET Heavy Equipment Transporters of the US Army

Product code:  63481MIL
This book explores the mechanical details and military use of the M911 C-HET and M1070/M1070A1 HETS and their associated trailers. These vehicles are tasked with transporting the US Army's heaviest weapons-the M1 Abrams tank and other armored vehicles. In a departure from previous generations of tank transporters, which were designed especially for this task and built at great expense, the vehicles in this volume utilize numerous components from the civil market in order to lower cost and ease m...

Factory-Original Wartime Jeeps: Originality Guide to Willys MB and Ford GPW Jeeps

Product code:  33948MIL
The wartime Jeep continues to fascinate enthusiasts around the world, nearly eight decades after the first prototypes were built. Yet while it is true that there was only ever one Jeep, it is emphatically not the case that there was only one variety of Jeep. Not only were Jeeps built by both Willys and Ford, but the supposedly standardised design continued to evolve during production.

Factory-Original Land Rover Series 1 80-inch models: Originality Guide to Land Rover Series 1 80 Inch Models

Product code:  33900MIL
The Land Rover was a huge success for its makers right from the start in 1948, when it was introduced as a product to keep the Rover factories busy in the difficult economic times that followed the Second World War. Developed with a speed that was remarkable even for the relatively unsophisticated vehicles of those days, it was regularly updated in both major and minor ways over the next five years as improvements became necessary or suggested themselves. For owners and enthusiasts who aim to ...