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Military 1946 to Present Day

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Tankcraft (17) M1 Abrams: The US's Main Battle Tank in American and Foreign Service 1981-2018

Product code:  49758MIL
Since its introduction in 1981, at the height of the Cold War, the Abrams main battle tank has been one of the most visible and iconic symbols of American military power, and it is the fascinating subject of this heavily illustrated historical and modelling guide in the TankCraft series by David Grummitt. Designed to meet head-on the massed tank forces of the Warsaw Pact, its combat debut in fact came in a different scenario in 1991 during the First Gulf War. Since then it has served in the peac...

Legends of Warfare: Stuart Tank Vol 2 - The M5, M5A1, and Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 Versions in World War II

Product code:  58234MIL
The Stuart light tanks were the first tanks taken into combat by US troops during WWII. Production of these vehicles can be broken into two categories: the early tanks powered by air-cooled radial engines, and late vehicles powered by twin V-8 engines. This volume explores the late vehicles with Cadillac water-cooled engines, the M5 and M5A1, as well as the M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage. Widely used by both the US Army and US Marines, as well as many Allied nations, these tanks, though lightly arme...

Legends of Warfare: M24 Chaffee Vol 1 - American Light Tank in WWII, Korea & Vietnam

Product code:  58593MIL2
The M24 Chaffee was the finest light tank developed by the US during WWII. This tank was developed by Cadillac, which, along with farm equipment manufacturer Massey-Harris, produced the vehicles. These tanks were used by the US during WWII and Korea and, during the post-WWII era, were supplied to numerous allied nations.

Desert Eagle 28 Nakpadon Heavy APC - Centurion based APC in IDF Service Part 4

Product code:  DEP28MIL
We look at Nakpadon Heavy APC this is used as a special heavy vehicle for supporting the patrolling forces of Israel international border. First introduced in 1996 it was an improvement on its predecessors with greater manoeuvrability and greater protection. An insightful look at this vehicle with numerous detailed photos.

Combat: South Africa at War Along the Angolan Frontier

Product code:  28736MIL
Al Venter's latest book on South Africa's 23-year Border War along the Angolan frontier offers a host of new perspectives. These include details about units like the South African Air Force 44 Squadron which converted Dakota aircraft into flying gun platforms similar to those used in America's war in South-East Asia. Looking at the enemies that were ranged against the SADF, and in particular how SWAPO guerrillas fared. They were obviously a gutsy, well-trained and well-motivated guerrilla force...

1982 Invasion of Lebanon

Product code:  93513MIL2
On 6 June 1982, Israel launched operation “Peace for Galilee”, a large-scale invasion of Lebanon aiming at protecting northern Israel from PLO missiles, artillery and infiltration. Called “al-Ijtiyah, The Invasion” in Lebanon, the operation destroyed PLO infrastructure and altered the conflict map by removing “players” and adding others, complicating the Lebanese Civil War scene.” This book beautifully narrates the use of tanks and armoured vehicles in some of the most critical chapters of the c...

Shooting Vietnam: The War By It's Military Photographers

Product code:  44005MIL
Shooting Vietnam also finally brings recognition to these unheralded military combat photographers in Vietnam that documented the brutal, unpopular, and futile war. Firsthand accounts and photographs by military photographers in Vietnam from the mid-1960s to the early 1970s, Shooting Vietnam puts the reader right alongside these men as they struggle to document the war and stay alive while doing it although some didn't survive. The cameras around their necks often shared space with a rifle or gr...

Tankcraft (21) Challenger 1 British Main Battle Tank of the Gulf War

Product code:  56534MIL
During the 1980s and early 1990s the Challenger 1 main battle tank played a central role in Britain's armoured forces and it achieved remarkable success in combat, destroying around 300 Iraqi tanks in the Gulf War. With its advanced Chobham armour and hydropneumatic suspension system, it was one of the most sophisticated and effective armoured vehicles of the time and, in a modified form, it is still in service with the Jordanian army. It is also a popular subject with tank modellers and enthusi...

WWP G063 MaxxPro MRAP in Detail 2nd Edition

Product code:  09715MIL
Contains a plethora of colour photos. Content covers history, walkaround, interior-detail, engine detail and chassis detail.

Frituur Zorro Restauraties Vol 1

Product code:  FZS06MIL
To our successful series Frituur Zorro we added a sixth volume. This book is about restoring WW2 vehicles to their original state. They were often deteriorated and left behind; sometimes not more than wrecks. Thirty projects are collected in this book, in word and deed. Projects from participants from The Netherlands and Belgium, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Australia and Slovakia.

Israeli Paratroopers 1954-2016

Product code:  27715MIL
From the creation of the first volunteer paratroop unit shortly after the birth of Israel and of the Israeli Defense Force, this arm of service has been recognized as elite. They have also been the first choice for daring special missions, and it is mainly from their ranks that Israel's Special Forces units have been recruited. A unique aspect of the Israeli military is the cross-posting of officers from the airborne, armoured and other units, to ensure that all unit commanders share their aggre...

The T-34 Series in the Arab-Israeli Wars

Product code:  TPT34MIL
Egypt received its first T-34 in 1956 and were first used in combat against the IDF during the Sinai campaign in 1956. We also look at the Israeli T-34 Bunkers, Egyptian and Syrian SU-100 Tank Destroyers. Plus much more.