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Military 1946 to Present Day

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Tankograd 3043 Reforger 76 Gordian Shield - Lares Team

Product code:  03043MIL
In the autumn of 1976, the US Army conducted REFORGER 76. Exceptional during this exercise was the participation of the 101st (US) Airborne Division in two corps-level field training exercises in Germany, with the airmobile forces providing valuable support to the armoured formations. FTX Gordian Shield was conducted in Hesse during the period 6-11 September, whereas FTX Lares Team took place in the Franconian region of Bavaria from 11-17 September. In total, Gordian Shield involved 36,000 troop...

Tankograd 5026 German Armoured Self-Propelled Howitzers 1956-Today

Product code:  05026MIL
The Panzerhaubitze (armoured self-propelled howitzer) is the backbone of the modern German Army’s Corps of Artillery from its creation in 1956 up till today. In the 1950s and 1960s the German Artillery was dominated by Panzerhaubitzen of U.S. origin: The M 7, M 44, M 52, M 55 and finally, from 1964, by the M 109. From 1998 the German-made Panzerhaubitze 2000 was fielded. This publication shows the armoured self-propelled howitzers from the M 7 to the Panzerhaubitze 2000 with many hitherto unpubl...

Tankograd 5089 Battlefield Germany - Making a Stand Against the Warsaw Pact: Multi National Exercises of the 1970's

Product code:  05089MIL
Battlefield Germany - The three corps of the German Army had a key role in NATO’s defence plan for West Germany during the time of the Cold War. Missions of the different corps focused on possible main points of entry that might be used by well-equipped tank armies of the Warsaw Pact: I. (GE) Corps was responsible for the north German plain, III. (GE) Corps for the Fulda Gap and II. (GE) Corps for the low and high mountain ranges of southern Germany. In the 1970s, in turn each of the German corp...

The History of Micro-Geopolitical Divisions - Divided Cities in Former Yugoslav States; Vukovar, Mostar & Kosovska Mitrovica

Product code:  60196MIL
The period after the Great War marked significant geopolitical perturbances in Europe. The collapse of empires, colonialism and the rise of communism and other extremist movements, opposed the liberal understandings of free market, democracy and national self-determination. In South Eastern Europe, the idea of shared South Slavic state brought together nations previously engaged on opposite sides in the War. Battles for political and national dominance, hegemony, clashes of different ideas and c...

Three Days In June: The Incredible Minute-by-Minute Oral History of 3 Para's Deadly Falklands Battle

Product code:  83592MIL
An extraordinarily detailed account of the bloodiest battle of the Falklands war. Major General Jonathan Shaw, When 3 Para began their assault under cover of darkness on Mount Longdon in June 1982, nobody knew what to expect. The three platoons of B Company each approached the mountain silently, treading carefully through a series of defensive minefields. But following an explosion, fighting quickly escalated with shocking speed and severity, resulting in some of the bloodiest close hand fighti...

Landcraft (9) Bradley Fighting Vehicle: The US Army's Combat-Proven Fighting Platform, 1981-2021

Product code:  09409MIL
The Bradley Fighting Vehicle was developed in the 1970s to counter the new Infantry Fighting Vehicles of the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact allies. Designed to survive the imagined high-intensity, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical battlefield of the Cold War, it became, alongside the M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, the mainstay of US armoured forces during the 1980s. As the Cold War ended, however, it would go on to prove its worth on other battlefields.

New Vanguard 295: SAS Combat Vehicles 1942-91

Product code:  46808MIL
This book describes the successful deployment of these combat vehicles in SAS operations from the Second World War to the present day and gives a rare insight into one of the most prestigious and secret forces of modern times.

SM28 Israeli God's Chariots Vol.2 Merkava Siman 1 Tanks in IDF Service

Product code:  48930MIL
This is the second volume in the Israeli God's Chariots series on the Israeli Defense Force’s Merkava tanks and its derivatives. This volume contains detailed descriptions of the development, rebuild, modifi cation, combat operations, and history of this tank.

Soviet T-62 Main Battle Tank

Product code:  48222MIL
The T-62 is one of the most widespread tanks used by the Soviets during the Cold War. Developed from the T-55, the T-62 enjoyed a long career in the Red Army and even into the early days of the reformed Russian Army. It was the principal tank used by Soviet forces in the Soviet-Afghan War, and went on to see service with Russian forces in Chechnya and South Ossetia.

Tank Battles of the Cold War 1948-91

Product code:  78017MIL
For most of the Cold War the tank retained its pre-eminence on the battlefield. The Arab-Israeli wars witnessed some of the biggest tank battles of all time, and tanks played key roles in conflicts in Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan as well as in the Iran-Iraq War and the wars fought between India and Pakistan. But then in the mid-1960s anti-tank weapons became ever deadlier and the Mechanised Infantry Fighting Vehicle, which was designed to support infantry and fight tanks, emerged and the heyda...

Arab Armour vs Israeli Armour - Six Day War 1967

Product code:  42879MIL
The Six-Day War in 1967 was a lightning Israeli campaign that changed the face of the Middle East. Israel's armoured brigades, despite being heavily outnumbered on paper by Arab AFVs, managed to dominate the Arab forces tactically and technologically, through excellent gunnery and decentralized battlefield leadership. The fighting took place on three different fronts: the Sinai Front, the Jordanian Front and the Golan Heights.

Abandon Ship: The Real Story of the Sinkings in the Falklands War

Product code:  46433MIL
When Argentinian forces invaded the Falklands in April 1982, the British government responded by despatching a task force to the Atlantic to wrest back control of the islands. The resulting war saw modern weapon systems tested in combat for the first time, to tragic effect. In the aftermath, official documents were released, but many were heavily censored, and others withheld altogether, so that a full understanding of those events could not be gained. Drawing from recently declassified and prev...