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Scale Model Handbook Knights & Crusaders Theme Vol 2

Product code:  63608MIL
This second book is about knights, especially those who participated in the period covering the Nine Crusades in the Holy Land, which is a popular subject for miniature figure modellers. Future titles in this new series will feature carefully chosen articles, grouped together into specific themes. The books are produced using a high quality digital printing process giving excellent quality illustrations, using 300g matt laminated velvet paper for the covers, with 150g velvet paper inside and al...

Next Level Perfection-Taking 1/72nd to the Limit

Product code:  61229MOD
Currently 1/72 is one of the most popular modelling scales across the globe. There is a huge range of subjects available and the space and time constraints are minimal when compared to larger scales. Sergey Golikov demonstrates that Braille models can reach the level of detailing and realism offered in larger scales. The talented Russian modeler shows how to take these little models to the next level, infusing them with the amount of detail and realism typically found on 1/35 models. This title ...

The Secrets of Leviathan.Sculpting and Painting Techniques

Product code:  29624MOD
This book under the ABT502 label is an art book, especially designed by Michael Kontraros for all fans of his work, and in general for those modellers who appreciate fantasy figures. This artistic book, with a very unique layout that shows us the steps of the creation of Leviathan, a work with which Michael Kontraros won several awards, ranging from his concept to his painting. The book is a limited edition of 2000 copies worldwide. Learn the secrets of one of the contemporary master modellers w...

Aktion 2 Wargame Techniques Magazine

Product code:  AK02MOD
New magazine from AK Interactive designed for players with step by step scenarios and tips and techniques for wargames. Includes settings, accessories, vehicles, figures etc.

Third World War: The World in Crisis

Product code:  61168MOD
Welcome to the future. Set in a hypothetical reality where years of diplomacy and posturing has brought two antagonistic worldviews and two different ways of understanding international politics closer to the brink. THIRD WORLD WAR, THE WORLD IN CRISIS lays out how and where a large-scale confrontation for the control of Asia and the word could take place. A new concept in modelling genre.

More Scratchbuilding Masterclass

Product code:  58848MOD
The long awaited follow up to the 2016 book Scratchbuilding Masterclass. Featuring projects tips and scratchbuilding strategies from Andy Canning, Alex Clark, Chris Meddings, and Darren Thompson From detailing and correcting kits, to how to design and draw PE to full scratch building a model.

Diorama Projects 1.1 AFV at War

Product code:  84115MOD
A well researched book with looks of illustrations and easy techniques for making dioramas.

How to Make Toon Models Tutorial

Product code:  29013MOD
This book explains in a simple but effective way with different levels of difficulty how to work with the Toon models (or egg models) which popularity is expanding worldwide, and establishing itself as a new trend on which several brands have set their sights. This is the first tutorial book focused on this kind of modelling, in which well known internationally modellers have participated. Both for beginners who want to start in the hobby and for veterans looking for new experiences, the toons r...

MATCHBOX 1973-2000 Les Maquettes

Product code:  01879MOD
An In-depth look at the history of MATCHBOX toys between 1973-2000. with lavish photos and illustrations.

Dioramag: Vol 1

Product code:  21765MOD
In our series Diorama Classics we will feature work from modelers who influenced the hobby in some way. You will also find elaborate step by step articles, as well as short-format tutorials. Above all else however, our main goal is to provide ideas and inspiration for your own creations. We will strive to cover all aspects of the diorama genre, however there may always be a slight emphasis on military modeling, simply because it is the most popular diorama genre. Our list of contributors is gro...

Damaged Weathered & Worn Models Magazine (5)

Product code:  28276MIS
Issue 05 of the well known Damaged Magazine, bring us the debut of its new editor, to continue the concept of this high quality magazine much appreciated by all modelers. Vehicles, Sci-Fi , figures… always seen from a very special point of view to surprise it’s followers. In this issue we can see articles from a Batmobil to a paper excavator or a very special vignette inspired in Marwen of Robert Zemeckis movie