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Solution Book 2: How to Paint WWII Luftwaffe Late Fighters

Product code:  65029AVI
SOLUTION BOOK is a simple and basic guide intended to help any modeler to easily achieve similar results to those shown in every example. It doesn´t matter if you are a novice or a more seasoned and experienced modeler, by following the steps in this guide you will be able to obtain amazing results with very little effort. These steps have been tested on numerous models to great effect. In addition to this, the SOLUTION BOOK´s new design will allow you to follow each step in a very easy and intu...

How to Make Buildings: Basic Construction and Painting Guide

Product code:  61359MOD
Within the world of urban scenery, if there is one brand that stands out from the others it is Miniart, offering a huge product catalogue that covers virtually all the needs of the modeler. The author of this guide Jorge Porto del Corral is a specialist in scenography and dioramas and will dispel any doubt that the modeler may have by explaining each and every one of his processes to include the assembly, painting, and setting in a simple, practical and didactic way to resolve any questions that...

Aero Magazine 56 MiG-21RaM

Product code:  50928AVI
Czech text. Lavishly illustrated magazine focusing on the development, service, technical description and camouflage schemes.

Bookazine Carrier Strike - US Naval warfare in the Pacific

Product code:  76999AVI
This magazine contains a plethora of photos and graphics with insightful articles.

Meng AFV Modeller 107 Jul/Aug 2019

Product code:  AFV107MIL
Woodstock and Two Smoking Barrels, containing all the regular features plus much more.

Air-Britian Aviation World Summer 2019

Product code:  ABAW001
Within this issue we look at the following subjects. Tornado Farewell, Saab Safir, Cosmic Wind, Grumman Gulfstream, Croppies Downunder, Parachuting Planes.

Tanker Techniques WINTER Special Issue

Product code:  01696MIL
Winter is not only the coldest season of the year in polar and temperate zones. Winter can change the course of a battle or a war. In this special issue of Tanker we go into detail to show you how to get realistic WINTER effects on your tanks but not only this we will deal with scenes, figures and dioramas. A great number of techniques are explained with step by step guide to bring you a modelers guide for WINTER based subjects. The best volume focus in winter until now.

AK Beginner's Guide To Modelling

Product code:  00545MOD
Modelling is an artistic side that combines history or fantasy, skills and art. A very fun hobby, which, like all activities, has a beginning and bases on which to improve until becoming a master. Each two pages comprehend one chapter that will be very useful to know and discover essential aspects of modelling vocabulary and techniques from the basics and that will help the beginner to start in the hobby and the advanced modeler to refresh many concepts. References of real and very visual photos...

Batailles Aeriennes 88 B-29 Sur le Japon

Product code:  BAT88AVI
French Text. Covering the Luftwaffe over Malta contains a plethora of photos and colour profiles.

Avions 229 May/Jun 2019

Product code:  AVI229
French Text magazine. In-depth articles with lavish illustrations.