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GBM Historie de Guerre Blindes & Materiel 143

Product code:  GBM143MIL
French Language Magazine. Lots of interesting articles and lots of high quality photos and illustrations.

Military Vehicle Archive 1: A Compendium of British Soft-Skin Military Vehicles

Product code:  MVA001
Military Vehicles Archive tells the story of the of these iconic vehicles. From entering service, we take you through the history. With images on every page, many of them rare images in both black & white and colour, taken from all round the vehicle. Containing charts of the various vehicle variants.

Fantasy Figures International No.19 Winter 2023

Product code:  FFI019
Fantasy Figure International the only magazine to bring you the best from the worlds of historical and fantasy figure modelling, the various genres of Sci-Fi. Drawing on talent from across the world, each issue will feature the best-painted miniatures, as well as providing inspiration and information for your own projects.

Meng AFV Modeller 128 Jan/Feb 2023

Product code:  AFV128MIL
Containing all the regular features plus much more.

Iron Cross - Issue 15

Product code:  72005MIL15
Iron Cross magazine focuses entirely on German military history from 1914 to 1945. Iron Cross puts the German military under the microscope, looking at organisations and tactics, as well as at materiel, technology, politics and the more personal and human elements of the German servicemans experience. The content covers the land, sea and air war across all periods of both wars. To a more limited extent, it covers the inter-war period in Germany between 1919 and 1939.

LOS! Hors Series 31

Product code:  LOSH31

LOS! 64

Product code:  LOS064
FRENCH Language Magazine. Great articles with lavishly illustrated images.