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Aero Magazine 73 Zlin C-6/106

Product code:  80261AVI
Czech Language Magazine. Lavishly illustrated magazine focusing on the development, service, technical description and camouflage schemes.

LOS! Hors Series 25

Product code:  LOSH25
French Text. Lavishly illustrated magazine.

LOS! 52

Product code:  LOS052
FRENCH Language Magazine. Great articles with lavishly illustrated images.

Aero Journal Hors Serie (37) Boeing B-52 le Destructeur

Product code:  AEJH37
French Langauge Magazine. Lavishly illustrated with photos, 3D images and scale drawings.

Aero Journal 79

Product code:  AEJ079
FRENCH LANGUAGE MAGAZINE. Great articles with lavish photos and illustrations throughout.

Meng AFV Modeller 116 Jan/Feb2021

Product code:  AFV116MIL
Containing all the regular features plus much more.

The Weathering Aircraft 18 Accessories

Product code:  AMIG5218
In order to achieve a realistic finish, we will show you how to use some standard techniques in addition to other very specific processes. Of course each step is clearly explained by the authors through hundreds of photos. This issue features a full range of different types of night aircraft and the genre’s historical evolution, and even includes the mount of Batman, of one the most famous superheroes to date.

The Weathering Magazine 32 Accessories

Product code:  AK432
This issue will help you make educated choices and teach you how to use the appropriate products and modelling techniques for each seasonal element including when and where to use washable paint, how to use chipping fluid, benefits of dusting with pigments, fading with oils, and a wide range of enamel effects used in layers to convincingly finish any subject in any setting.

Iron Cross - Issue 7

Product code:  72005MIL7
Iron Cross magazine focuses entirely on German military history from 1914 to 1945. Iron Cross puts the German military under the microscope, looking at organisations and tactics, as well as at materiel, technology, politics and the more personal and human elements of the German servicemans experience. The content covers the land, sea and air war across all periods of both wars. To a more limited extent, it covers the inter-war period in Germany between 1919 and 1939.