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Dorset Aviation Through Time

Product code:  98489AVI
Often regarded as a quiet holiday county, in fact Dorset has many aviation connections. As early as 1908 Bleriots were being built by a Bournemouth businessmen, the Royal Navy undertook first landing on a warship at Weymouth in 1910, the Schneider Race was held at Bournemouth in 1913, Dorset was at the front line of the early days of the Battle of Britain with attacks on Portland Naval Base, the Dam Busters bouncing bomb was tested on Dorset ranges in 1943, and aircraft production factories at C...
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Old Aeroplanes No.1

Product code:  OA001AVI
Issue number one of magazine Old Aeroplanes, contains articles about: Cole Palen’s Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, Swedish aviation pioneer Baron Carl Cederström and his amphibian Flygfisken - Flying Fish, the Messerschmitt Bf-109 in Finnish Air Force service, a photo essay on P-51 Mustangs flown at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, and portraits of two Mustang pilots of the 8th Air Force - Frank E. Birtciel and Walter E. Hopkins.
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Combat Aircraft The Legendary Models from World War I to the present day

Product code:  10756AVI
This beautifully illustrated publication consists of two parts, firstly a book that retraces the fundamental stages in the evolution of the combat aircraft and secondly a foldout book that shows in full colour 40 of the most representative models from WWI to the present day. Text accompanies 3d renders and detailed technical information. Begins with the 1913 Avro 504, and ends with a 2000 Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II
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Blue on Blue Aerial Friendly Fire in World War II & Associated Incidents. 1939-1940 British, French, Polish, German and Neutrals Volume 1 1939-1940

Product code:  42800AVI
A history of aerial friendly fire incidents when British Military, including the RAF, are attacked by their own allied forces. Begins with European Conflicts, the Polish Campaign and ends with German Spies in Britain & Eire. Contains two appendices, bibliography and personnel index.
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Panther Project Volume 1 Drivetrain and Hull

Product code:  42203MIL
First in a series of books detailing current and past military vehicle restoration projects carried out by Kevin Wheatcroft. Volume 1 contains a plethora of high quality colour photos detailing components of the drivetrain and hull. Each photo is accompanied by a detailed caption.
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