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The RAF at 100: A Century in Photographs

Product code:  94774AVI
THE ROYAL AIR FORCE was formed in 1918 to defend the skies over Britain during the First World War and made a major contribution to winning one of the largest and most devastating conflicts of the twentieth century. Yet, when the war ended, its existence as an independent air service came under threat from severe defence cuts and intense scrutiny from some quarters as to whether it was needed at all. The Second World War put paid to all the uncertainty and sealed the RAF's place in the armed ser...
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Dorset Aviation Through Time

Product code:  98489AVI
Often regarded as a quiet holiday county, in fact Dorset has many aviation connections. As early as 1908 Bleriots were being built by a Bournemouth businessmen, the Royal Navy undertook first landing on a warship at Weymouth in 1910, the Schneider Race was held at Bournemouth in 1913, Dorset was at the front line of the early days of the Battle of Britain with attacks on Portland Naval Base, the Dam Busters bouncing bomb was tested on Dorset ranges in 1943, and aircraft production factories at C...
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Old Aeroplanes No.1

Product code:  OA001AVI
Issue number one of magazine Old Aeroplanes, contains articles about: Cole Palen’s Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, Swedish aviation pioneer Baron Carl Cederström and his amphibian Flygfisken - Flying Fish, the Messerschmitt Bf-109 in Finnish Air Force service, a photo essay on P-51 Mustangs flown at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, and portraits of two Mustang pilots of the 8th Air Force - Frank E. Birtciel and Walter E. Hopkins.
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German Paratroopers: The Illustrated History of the Fallschirmjager in WWII

Product code:  49516MIL
German Paratroopers focuses on the actions of German airborne forces during World War II. It describes the battles over the Low Countries in 1940, the seizure of Crete in 1941, fighting on the Eastern Front and in later in Italy - most famously at the battle for Monte Cassino in 1944. Drawing together rare images of German paras in the war, the book presents a unique examination of the German airborne soldier in World War II.
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Assaltatori ed aerei da attacco al suolo russi e sovietici. Progetti, prototipi ed aerei operativi

Product code:  54221AVI
This book describes the entire evolution of Russian and Soviet ground attack planes, from the early years of the Russian Imperial Air Service to the '90s. With detailed profile drawings, photos and colour profiles. Italian Language book.
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Civil Aircraft Markings 2019

Product code:  09242AVI
This 70th annual edition is the most complete listing of all aircraft currently on the UK Register of Civil Aircraft – over 22,000 entries ranging from historic biplanes through to the latest airliners, and also covering light aircraft, microlights, helicopters, balloons and gliders of every type. For each entry the registration marks, exact aircraft type and owner or operator is given. In addition the civil aircraft registers of Ireland, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man are listed as well as...
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Military Aircraft Markings 2019

Product code:  09259AVI
This annual edition lists in alphabetical and numerical order the aircraft that carry a UK military registration and which are normally based, or might be seen, in the UK. For each entry the military serial, aircraft type, unit/operator and usual base is given. Further listings cover Ireland’s military aircraft and historic aircraft in military markings. Contains a comprehensive listing of visiting aircraft from ‘overseas air forces’ listings which may be seen during the air display season, toge...
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Scale Model Handbook Knights & Crusaders Theme Vol 2

Product code:  63608MIL
This second book is about knights, especially those who participated in the period covering the Nine Crusades in the Holy Land, which is a popular subject for miniature figure modellers. Future titles in this new series will feature carefully chosen articles, grouped together into specific themes. The books are produced using a high quality digital printing process giving excellent quality illustrations, using 300g matt laminated velvet paper for the covers, with 150g velvet paper inside and al...
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Scale Model Handbook Figure Modelling 23

Product code:  SMH023
This book looks at painting pieces using acrylics, oils or enamels, sculpting, conversions, work on ground presentation and scenery and historical texts.
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Airmark Guide 2 F-16 Fighting Falcon

Product code:  AMM002
A detailed guide for the modeller looking at this particular aircraft in detail. Lavish colour photos and illustrations included.

Airmark Guide 1 F-16 Viper

Product code:  AMM001
A detailed guide for the modeller looking at this particular aircraft in detail. Lavish colour photos and illustrations included.

Static Model Manual Step by Step (14) Fighter Propeller WWII One Hundred and one Tips

Product code:  15627AVI
Step by step guide to painting WWII fighter aircraft from wooden to metallic propellers, new aircraft and old. Italian/English text
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