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Super Drawings in 3D 16080 SMS Torpedoboot A-111

Product code:  73120NAV
Brief history covering the technical design work followed by a plethora of graphical illustrations including captioned walk-around 3d graphic illustrations

U-Boot TYP IX Toutes les Versions du Submersible Oceanique

Product code:  03304NAV
FRENCH Language book. In depth look at this subject with detailed illustrations and photos.

Schlachtschiff Tirpitz Volume V - The Lonely Queen in the North

Product code:  35840NAV
German & English Language Book. This fifth volume describes the transformation of the Tirpitz from mighty offensive weapon into a steel giant that had become difficult to protect. Containing hitherto unpublished photos illustrates the life of the ship until its capsizing off Tromso.

New Vanguard 289 US Navy Destroyer Escorts of World War II

Product code:  39749NAV
The Destroyer Escort was the smallest ocean- going escort built for the United States Navy - a downsized destroyer with less speed, fewer guns, and fewer torpedoes than its big brother, the fleet destroyer. Destroyer escorts first went into production because the Royal Navy needed an escort warship which was larger than a corvette, but which could be built faster than a destroyer. Lacking the shipyards to build these types of ships in Britain, they ordered them in the US.

Royal Naval Submarines 1901 to 2008

Product code:  91900NAV
This is a must-buy for the Royal Navy and Submarine enthusiast, being a complete directory of RN submarines from the outset to the present day. There is a wealth of detail on each class. Every entry contains the specification, launch dates of individual boats, details of evolving construction and armament and other salient information in a compact form.

WWP B023 Carrier Deck in Detail service on US Navy Nimitz Class Carrier Deck

Product code:  09784NAV
Contains a plethora of colour photos. Content covers history, walkaround, interior-detail, engine detail and chassis detail.

The Eastern Fleet and the Indian Ocean 1942-44 - The Fleet that Had to Hide

Product code:  83615NAV
The story of the British Eastern Fleet, which operated in the Indian Ocean against Japan, has rarely been told. Although it was the largest fleet deployed by the Royal Navy prior to 1945 and played a vital part in the theatre it was sent to protect, it has no place in the popular consciousness of the naval history of the Second World War. So Charles Stephenson deeply researched and absorbing narrative gives this forgotten fleet the recognition it deserves.

Gunboats, Empire and the China Station: The Royal Navy in 1920s East Asia

Product code:  76188NAV
Examining Britains imperial outposts in 1920s East Asia, this book explores the changes and challenges affecting the Royal Navy third largest fleet, the China Station, as its crews fought to hold back the changing tides of fortune. Bridging the gap between high level naval strategy and everyday imperial culture, Heaslip highlights the importance of the China Station to the British imperial system, foreign policy and East Asian geopolitics, while also revealing the lived experiences of these impe...

Images of War: Essex Class Aircraft Carriers 1943-1991

Product code:  72145NAV
Essex-class aircraft carriers played an essential role in the victory of the United States over Japan in the Second World War. Without these remarkable ships, the island-hopping campaign of American forces across the Pacific towards Japan would not have been possible. They also took part in the Korean and Vietnam wars that followed. During the Second World War they were at the centre of the powerful task groups that could put up hundreds of aircraft to support forces on the ground. They were als...

Super Drawings in 3D 16078 USS Stevens (DD-479) The Fletcher Class Destroyer

Product code:  48994NAV
Brief history covering the technical design work followed by a plethora of graphical illustrations including captioned walk-around 3d graphic illustrations

U-552 - The Red Devil Boat - Its Operational History in Words and Images

Product code:  37340NAV
U-552 was one of the legendary U-boats of the Second World War. Under its commander Erich Topp, it carried out a total of ten operational patrols, sinking 30 ships and damaging three in a period of 20 months. In the days of the big convoy battles, when the Allies’ detection technology had not yet been perfected, before the German radio codes had been broken, and convoys were not or at best weakly escorted, Topp was among the U-boat arm’s most successful commanders. Within 16 months he was decora...

Legends of Warfare: US Landing Craft of World War II Vol.2 - The LCT, LSM, LCS(L)(3) and LST

Product code:  60121NAV
This second of two volumes on American landing craft of World War II focuses on the larger LCT, LSM, LCS(L)(3), and LST vessels that transported tanks and heavy equipment to the shores of North Africa and Normandy and throughout the Pacific. The need for massive numbers of landing craft capable of disgorging huge numbers of troops and equipment was predicted by the US Army in 1940. Later, the British army estimated that over 2,000 of such vessels would be required for the assault on Europe.