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German Combat Divers in World War II

Product code:  30926NAV
The complete history of the German combat divers in WWII. Covers military diving, the development of technical equipment, the establishment and organisation of the German combat diver units, and their use in sabotage operations. Also, covers the completely unknown story of the creation of the “Sea Commando Battalion Brandenburg” and the navy's Combat Diver Training Detachment 700 which emerged from it.

Naval Accidents Since 1945

Product code:  59323NAV
Examines and explains how the many hundreds of naval vessels have been lost or stricken from active service over the past sixty years and categorises them by the primary cause

The Berlin Wall Monument of the Cold War

Product code:  34631MIL
Lavishly illustrated book which answers many questions about the Berlin Wall. Where did the Wall actually stand, Why was it built, how did people manage to escape through it and, how many died in the attempt. Why did it come down in the end and what is there to remind us of this icon today. The book contains many previously unpublished photos which document the construciton of the wall, the barbed wire, signal fences and concrete.

Scapa Flow in War and Peace

Product code:  35009NAV
History of Scapa Flow covering World Wars I and II which contains detail of famous disasters, visitors plus much more.

U-Boote Crews. The day to day life aboard Hitler's submarines

Product code:  00469NAV
An insider's view of the different stages of the training of the men and the machine, the commanders and their crews, as well as a look at the crew at sea. The book is lavishly illustrated with archive photos and colour emblems, documents, and memorabilia.

Sunken Ships World War II

Product code:  21181NAV
Compendium of naval history which offers a chronology of events and actions of the United States Navy and contains listing of the allies (American and English) and of the Axis (Japanese, German and Italian) naval losses wherever they took place. Contains information on each sunken vessel and includes the most available information on the commanders, crews, size, displacement and location in degrees of each vessel, the battles forces and other information of interest.

American PT Boats in World War II Vol.1

Product code:  02565NAV
American PT Boats in World War II is an illustrated study of the development, construction, tactics, and combat actions, of U.S. PT Boats.

Charts of War. The Maps and Charts that have informed and illustrated war at sea

Product code:  60319NAV
Commentary on over 100 maps and charts, the author provides an illustrated account of the role that charts have played in planning, preventing, conducting and recording war at sea.

Churchills Navy. The Ships, Men and Organisation 1939-1945

Product code:  60353NAV
The author looks at all areas of the Royal Navy, from the ships and crews of the battle fleet to the Fleet Air Arm and Submarine Service, Coastal Forces and Combined Operations, and covers all aspects of personnel from the Admiralty to the Able Seaman. The merits of technological advances in ship design, armament and sensors as well as the endurance of naval customs and tradition are all discussed and set in context. The book is illustrated throughout with black and white and colour photos

Chelyuskin Adventure

Product code:  62232NAV
Book aims to relive the drama of what is believed to be the first time in history that shipwrecked castaways were saved by air. In 1933 the 'Chelyuskin', set off from European Russia with hopes of proving that a practical sea route was possible to the Russian Far East via the Arctic Ocean. It was gripped by pack ice when it was within sight of open water to the Pacific Ocean, was forced back for 200 miles until some 75 miles off the shore of Siberian Chukotka Peninsula ice crushed the ship and i...

If the Gods are Good. The Sacrifice of HMS Jervis Bay

Product code:  91076NAV
The ancient cargo ship HMS Jervis Bay set out to escort 37 freighters and tankers across the North Sea. This is the story of its encounter with one of Germany's most feared pocket battleships, the Admiral Scheer and includes personal stories of the crew members involved.

Sailing Rigs

Product code:  62437NAV
Reference work describing the development of European and North American sailing rigs. It describes all the different forms and is arrange by rig type, each illustrated by scale drawings.