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Titanic and her Sisters Olympic and Britannic

Product code:  21106NAV
A summary of design history and career of the Titanic and her sisters. Contains detail of class variations and minor modifications, colour reference for paint schemes, gallery of models, line drawings and photographs, available kits plus more

HMS Warrior Ironclad Frigate 1860

Product code:  20956NAV
This book takes the reader on a superbly illustrated tour of the ship from bow to stern, keel to masthead and, deck by deck, creating a superb visual impact. The book features an historical intro about the ship and ist significance, an explanation of her design and construction, photographic survey of the exterior hull, deck by deck guide of the interior, coverage of significan or distinctive aspects of the ship, quick reference deck layouts, detailed biography.

The 14-hour War Valor on Koh Tang and teh Recapture of the SS Mayaguez

Product code:  49743NAV
The story of unprepared marines and Khmer Rouge combat veterans in a 14–hour battle that won medals and cost lives The 1975 American operation to recapture the US container ship SS Mayaguez The book contains over 30 first-person accounts by Koh Tang veterans and unpublished photographs taken by veterans while engaged with the enemy

222 Best Rumanian Royal Navy Pictures 1941-1945

Product code:  01227NAV2
English language photo album showing 222 Rumanian Royal Navay photos.

Aboard the Farragut Class Destroyers in World War II

Product code:  42225NAV
This book describes the life of the enlisted man aboard a Farragut class destroyer during the pre-war years when the ships were assigned to the Hawaiian Detachment; the war preparation period in 1941; and, finally, the wartime years

Black Flag The Surrender of Germany's U-Boat Forces on Land and at Sea

Product code:  20376NAV
One of the last but most dramatic acts of the naval war, the story of how Germany’s surrender in May 1945 was handled has never been treated at length before. This book uncovers much new material about the process itself and the ruthless aftermath for both the crews and their boats.

Companion to the German Navy

Product code:  51015NAV
Comprehensive account of the menace and might of the German Navy throughout the Second World War. This author examines the different roles of the Fleet, and its organisation and training activities during the war years. Incidents and operations are described, together with technical data for ships, U-boats and their weaponry. A guide to German Navy uniforms and insignia is included, together with full details of rank structure and specialist trades.

The Zeebrugge Raid 1918 The Finest Feat of Arms

Product code:  74778NAV
The book explores the role of the German Flanders Flotilla based at Bruges and the submarines that passed through the canal entrance. Haig’s plan to break out from the Ypres Salient and capture Bruges and the German Naval Base was thwarted in the hellish quagmire at Passchendaele during November 1917. The Allied forces were exhausted and were in no fit state to carry out a further campaign to capture these objectives. It therefore fell to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Light infantry to block...

Sumner-Gearing-Class Destroyers

Product code:  07860NAV
The author traces the origins of the US Navy's Sumner-Gearing class destroyers through 50 years of changing technology. The book illustrates the advances in ordnance, fire control and and steam engineering in a destroyer class that served as a standard for post-WWII destroyer design and development

Le Galee Medierranee 500 anni di storia, tecnica e documenti

Product code:  51146NAV
History of 500 years of Mediterranean galley ships and the sailors that sailed on them. ITALIAN TEXT

New Vanguard 147 American Light and Medium Frigates 1794-1836

Product code:  32660NAV
The book examines the design & development of these frigates explaining the shortcomings that led to their replacement by larger, heavier 44-gun models by 1800.