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X.1: The Royal Navy's Mystery Submarine

Product code:  21618NAV
This book explores the historical background to submarine cruisers, the personalities involved in X.1’s design and service, the spy drama surrounding her launch, the treason trial of a leading RN submarine commander, the ship’s chequered career, and her political demise. It analyses in detail the submarine cruisers built by the US Navy, the French and the Japanese, plus the projected German copy of X.1, the Type XI U-Boat

America's Black Sea Fleet The U.S. Navy Amidst War and Revolution, 1919–1923

Product code:  10538NAV
The story of a little-known episode of American naval history which depicts the US Navy's involvement in the Black Sea region following WWI.

Warship No.1 Cruiser HNLMS Tromp

Product code:  61911NAV
Begins with an introduction and history of the cruiser Tromp, and continues with a plethora of photos, colour profiles, line drawings (1:200), technical data, pre-war, world war II, plus more.

British Battleships of World War One

Product code:  21472NAV
The book presents the complete technical history of British capital ship design and construction during the dreadnought era. Each class of ship is described in detail with design origins, technical and operations factors looked at alongside design characteristics. Looks at armament, armour and machinery and includes fully detailed data tables for every class.

IOWA Class Battleships

Product code:  21113NAV
A summary of design history and career of IOWA Class battleships. Contains detail of class variations and modficiations, careers, model products, camouflage schemes, gallery of models, line drawings and photographs

Les Marines à Iwo Jima

Product code:  83205NAV
An album of black and white photographs caught at the heart of the fighting of the most horrific battle of the war in the Pacific. Text predominately extensive French and English photo captions with a french language introduction at the beginning of the book

Le Cuirasse Bismarck 1939-1941

Product code:  17732NAV
French text only. Chapters cover The genesis of the Bismarck, Operation Rheinubung, English reaction, Final battle plus much more. Lavishly illustrated with black and white photos, original technical drawings, camouflage schemes, maps etc.

German Naval Camouflage Vol I: 1939-41

Product code:  21427NAV
Comprehensive coverage of the colour schemes of the Kriegsmarine. This volume covers destroyers and all larger ships during the early war years. With full colour camouflage and paint schemes of individual ships, with port, starboard and plan views. Covers the development of air recognition markings from their origins in WWI and the peacetime regalia of heraldic crests, turret names and battle honour boards

Type VII Germany’s most Successful U-Boats

Product code:  21410NAV
Comprehensive history of the Type VII U-boat which includes detailed scale drawings and plans, photos and some 100 3d colour images. This extensive volume contains a technical description of the type in all its variations with a history of its development and an overview of its most significant operations – especially those convoy battles that were to have a crucial impact on the evolution of the design and its equipment

British Battleships 1919-1945 New Revised Edition

Product code:  21304NAV
The book offers an unprecedented range of descriptive and illustrative detail. The book begins with the evolution of the battleship classes through all their modifications and refits, looks at design features, armour, machinery, power plants and weaponry, performance of the ships in battle and an analysis of their successes and failures. It further covers all the RN’s battleships and battlecruisers, and the aircraft carrier conversions of the WWI battlecruisers Furious, Glorious and Courageous.

American PT Boats in World War II Vol.2

Product code:  39486NAV2
A new illustrated volume which is the companion to the author’s history of American PT boats in the Second World War. This volume contains all new information gleaned since the previous book’s publication and includes never before published drawings of PT 809, as well as details on the use of Elcoplane as used by Elco PT boats to increase running speed

County Class Cruisers

Product code:  21274NAV
A summary of design history, career and modifications of County Class Cruisers. Contains detail of class variations, colour reference for paint schemes, gallery of models, line drawings and photographs, available kits plus more