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What Happened to the Battleship: 1945 to the Present

Product code:  70089NAV
In the hundreds of books written about battleships, the authors tend to draw down the curtain on the careers of these great vessels in September 1945, with the surrender of Japan. Yet, on that day some ninety-eight battleships or ex-battleships might be spotted around the world, and eleven of them were in or around Tokyo Bay for the surrender itself. What happened to all those ships. This new book takes a fresh look at the slow demise of the battleship.

British Warship Losses in the Modern Era 1920-1982

Product code:  97666NAV
This important new reference work details all those ships and vessels of the Royal Navy, large and small, which were lost by accident or enemy action, during the twentieth century, from the end of the First World War, to the last years of the century. In all, the fates of over 2,000 ships and small craft are covered, from aircraft carriers and battleships to motor launches, harbour tenders and tugs. Those vessels hired or purchased for wartime service, such as trawlers, paddle steamers and yacht...

Shipcraft 28 British Escort Destroyers of the Second World War

Product code:  81757NAV
The Ship Craft series provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. Lavishly illustrated, each book takes the modeller through a brief history of the subject, highlighting differences between ships and changes in their appearance over their careers. This includes paint schemes and camouflage, featuring colour profiles and highly detailed line drawings and scale plans.

New Vanguard 305 Warships in the Baltic Campaign 1918-20

Product code:  51666NAV
A fascinating look at the British naval intervention in the Baltic in 1918-20, and at the British, Soviet and Baltic nationalist fleets that fought. Following the Russian Revolution of October 1917, the Baltic states became a battleground between Russian Reds and Whites, German troops and emerging Baltic independence forces. In November 1918, the British government decided to intervene, to protect British interests and to support the emerging Baltic states.

The Submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy and Army 1904-1945 Technical and Operational History

Product code:  41680NAV
Another superb book from Trojca. Full of information photos, plans and profile drawing. which will be of interest to all readers. This richly illustrated book offers a survey around the planning and the building of Japanese submarines from the import of the Holland class 1904-05 till the large and small underwater high speedboats of the I 201 and Ha 201 classes in 1945.

The U-Boat War: A Global History 1939-45

Product code:  48253NAV
The accepted historical narrative of the Second World War predominantly assigns U-boats to the so-called Battle of the Atlantic, almost as if the struggle over convoys between the new world and the old can be viewed in isolation from simultaneous events on land and in the air. This has become an almost accepted error. The U-boats war did not exist solely between 1940 and 1943, nor did the Atlantic battle occur in seclusion from other theatres of action. The story of Germany's second U-boat war b...

The Phantom of Scapa Flow: The Daring Exploit of U-Boat U-47

Product code:  09792NAV
Looking at the German operations within Scapa Flow. In-depth investigate brings to together interesting evidence from eyewitness accounts from both sides.

Super Drawings in 3D 16086 The Japanese Light Cruiser Yubari

Product code:  73908NAV
Brief history covering the technical design work followed by a plethora of graphical illustrations including captioned walk-around 3d graphic illustrations

Ship Models from the Age of Sail: Building and Enhancing Commercial Kits

Product code:  77539NAV
The vast majority of period ship models are built from kits, usually primarily of wood with some ready-made fittings. Although these commercial offerings have improved significantly in recent years, all of them can be enhanced in accuracy or detail by an experienced modelmaker. This book, by an expert ship modeller, distils lessons gleaned from a lifetime practising the hobby to the highest standards, setting out methods of improving basic kits and gradually developing the skills and confidence ...

Top Drawings 7127 The British Aircraft Carrier HMS Furious

Product code:  73885NAV
Begins with a brief introduction and continues with a plethora of line drawings in various scales as well as colour profiles.

Secret Projects of the Kriegsmarine: Unseen Designs of Nazi Germany's Navy

Product code:  86870NAV
The Secret Projects of the German Kriegsmarine in World War II gives a comprehensive overview of advanced German naval building, and excitingly includes previously unseen, secret projects. This book is relatively short, yet densely packed with historical naval insight. It will thus appeal to the busy reader interested in boat modelling, or indeed anyone who is fascinated with naval warfare.

British Battleships 1889-1904

Product code:  96560NAV
This volume of R A Burt's magnificent bestselling three-volume history of British battleships covers the pre-dreadnought era which has, in recent years, acquired a new and fervent following. The Russian war scare of 1884 and the public's anxiety about the Royal Navy's ability to fight a modern war at sea resulted in the Naval Defence Act of 1889 and a vast programme of warship construction. Over the next twenty years a fleet of 52 battleships was built, construction finally interrupted by the re...