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Legend of Warfare: USS Lexington (CV-2) From the 1920 to the Battle of the Coral Sea in WWII

Product code:  64907NAV
When commissioned on December 14, 1927, USS Lexington and her sister ship, USS Saratoga, were the world's largest aircraft carriers. The Lexington-class carriers, as the ships were known, were the results of an effort akin to making lemonade from lemons. Both vessels were begun in 1920-21 as Lexington-class battle cruisers. Lexington, originally designated CC-1 (indicating battle cruiser), would have been a formidable warship armed with eight 16-inch guns in four turrets. The Washington Naval Tr...

Legends of Warfare: USS Saratoga (CV-3) From the 1920-30's and WWII Combat to Operation Crossroads

Product code:  64662NAV
USS Saratoga and her sister ship USS Lexington were the two largest aircraft carriers in the world until 1944. The keel of the battle cruiser USS Saratoga (CV-3) was laid by New York Shipbuilding in Camden, New Jersey, on 25 September 1920. Work on the fast, formidably armed battle cruiser was suspended in February 1922, when the Washington Naval Conference negotiated limits on warship sizes and numbers. Once the accord was signed, the decision was made to covert the 28 percent complete Saratoga...

Warships of the Soviet Fleets 1939-45 Vol.2: Escorts and Smaller Fighting Ships

Product code:  22774NAV
This second part of the three-volume series includes all the remaining fighting vessels not already covered in Volume I. Beginning with the Uragan class – rated as Escort Ships and the first seagoing warships designed by the Soviet Union – the book then moves on to Submarine Hunters, both large and small, Patrol craft, Minelayers and Minesweepers, and unusual types like Floating Artillery Batteries and Anti-Aircraft Defence Ships, concluding with Landing Ships and Craft. Many of these vessels ha...

Seaforth World Naval Review 2023

Product code:  23078NAV
For more than a decade this annual volume has provided an authoritative summary of all that has happened to the world's navies and their ships in the previous twelve months. It combines regional surveys with major articles on important new warships, and looks at wider issues of significance to navies such as aviation and weaponry. The contributors come from around the globe and as well as providing a balanced picture of naval developments, they interpret their significance and explain their cont...

Warships of the Soviet Fleets 1939-45 Vol.1: Major Combatants

Product code:  51935NAV
Seventy-five years after the end of the Second World War the details of Soviet ships, their activities and fates remain an enigma to the West. In wartime such information was classified and after a brief period of glasnost-openness the Russian state has again restricted access to historical archives. Therefore, the value - and originality - of this work is difficult to exaggerate. It sees the first publication of reliable data on both the seagoing fleets and riverine flotillas of the Soviet Navy...

Les Engins Des K-Verbande

Product code:  03632NAV
FRENCH LANGUAGE MAGAZINE. Very comprehensive, this book gives a technical presentation of all the versions of these machines designed, built and sent into combat by Germany before the end of the war: human torpedoes Neger, Marder and Hai, midget submarines Hecht, Biber , Molch and Seehund as well as the Linse explosive boats.

Cruisers of the Third Reich: Vol.2

Product code:  58853NAV
This book is a compilation in which we will find in one place (two volumes) the stories of all the German cruisers that were in Kriegsmarine service. Author describes their history in the order in which they entered the service, devoting much attention to their construction, precisely describing the differences among others. Going back to the history of the service, trying not to forget about the many curiosities in this policy and people who have a direct influence on their fate.

Crushing the Japanese Surface Fleet at the Battle of the Surigao Strait: The Last Crossing of the T

Product code:  58737NAV
In late 1944, the Second World War in the Pacific was going badly for Japan. The U.S. Pacific fleet had moved to the Mariana Islands in support of General MacArthur's army, which had landed on the east coast of Leyte in October. The U.S. 7th Fleet was near the Surigao Strait off Leyte. The Japanese strategy was to entrap the US Navy's 7th Fleet by its naval forces from the north in the Sibuyan Sea, and with assault from the south from Surigao Strait. On the afternoon of 24 October, 7th Fleet tor...

The Harwich Striking Force: The Royal Navy Front Line in the North Sea 1914-18

Product code:  15967NAV
The Harwich Force has made its name and will not be forgotten during the future annals of history, so said Rear Admiral Sir Reginald Tyrwhitt on Armistice Day 1918. But that fame has not endured. Yet for the whole duration of the First World War, the Harwich Striking Force was the front line of the Royal Navy, a force of cruisers and destroyers defending the seas for the Allies. Under a charismatic and aggressive leader, Reginald Yorke Tyrwhitt, U-boats, German cruisers, destroyers and light cra...

Shipcraft Special: Flower Class Corvettes

Product code:  20642NAV3
REPRINT - Shipcraft Special - Flower Class Corvettes. Provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. Lavishly illustrated, each book takes the modeller through a brief history of the subject class, highlighting differences between sister-ships and changes in their appearance over their careers. This includes paint schemes and camouflage, featuring colour profiles and highly-detailed line drawings and scale plans.

Anatomy of the Ship: The Aircraft Carrier Hiryu

Product code:  40264NAV
A uniquely detailed study of a Japanese aircraft carrier that took part in the attack on Pearl Harbour, before being sunk at Midway. Hiryu was an aircraft carrier built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during the 1930s. Her aircraft supported the Japanese invasion of French Indochina in mid-1940 and during the first month of the Pacific War, she took part in the attack on Pearl Harbour and the Battle of Wake Island.

New Vanguard 308: Tanks at the Iron Curtain 1960-75

Product code:  48161MIL
A new analysis of the technology and tanks that faced off against each other on opposite sides of the Iron Curtain, during the very height of the Cold War. From the 1960s onwards, there was a generational shift in tank design and warfare with the advent of CBR (chemical, biological, radiological) protection and a move away from HEAT ammunition to APFSDS. This shift confronted the growing threat of guided anti-tank missiles and saw the introduction of composite armour.