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Fokker F.I/DR.I Vol.1 Albatros WWI Scale Model Anthology Series

Product code:  ALB001
The first volume in our new series of scale modelling Anthologies. Covering model build articles, great reference photos, new colour profiles, build logs, reviews and colours discussion.

Civil Vehicles - Painting and Weathering with Acrylic Colors

Product code:  09879MOD
Civil trucks and vehicles have a longer lifetime. Therefore the effects of prolonged exposure to the elements is much greater. This book looks to explain how to achieve the best weathering effects.

On The Deck Vol.1

Product code:  77672AVI
On the Deck is devoted entirely to naval aviation models of all scales, eras and nationalities. The book contains builds from classic brands and well known subjects as well as newly released kits, and each model is depicted in a step-by-step style to guide the reader through the projects

Battlefields in Miniature: Making Realistic and Effective Terrain for Wargames

Product code:  43794MOD
Like a good general, a good wargamer should have an eye for the ground. Just as the nature of the battlefield plays a central role in real warfare, so miniature wargames are greatly enhanced by realistic terrain. Besides, when you've spent hundreds of hours collecting and painting your miniature armies, they surely deserve ground worth fighting for.

Tigers - Modelling the Ryefield Family

Product code:  62738MIL
This comprehensive book defines the different camouflage schemes used at various periods of the war as well as various levels of weathering, winter camouflage, a tool and equipment painting guide, Zimmerit application and the correct products and accurate colours suitable for each technique and much more. The book also includes an excellent proper historical introduction to the Tiger I written by Daniele Guglielmi with reference photos that will help you to familiarize yourself with this legenda...

British At War: Vol.2

Product code:  26477MIL
In the second volume that will feature the most iconic vehicles of the British Army in WWII. The scenes and vehicles included in this collection are shown in a compilation of step by step articles with great photographs. Perfectly combined techniques are explained to obtain maximum realism in the models. A must-have book for all fans of British WWII vehicles.

WWII US Army in Europe and the Pacific

Product code:  88215MIL
In this book Javier Redondo shows, through a series of thorough step-by-step guides, how to paint and weather a simple US Olive Drab camouflage or the more unusual tritonal camouflage patterns used by the US Army. Through a variety of armoured and softskin vehicles, all subject to very different weather conditions, the book shows a great variety of both painting and weathering techniques. To showcase the authors work, the book outlines different techniques and provides information about the colo...

WWII US Navy Colors

Product code:  54613AVI
Without a doubt, aircraft such as the Corsair, Hellcat and Avenger were icons of the US Navy during World War II. This book from the bench of accomplished modeler Jordi Lario shows how this type of aircraft can be painted exclusively with Vallejo products. From the painting of the cockpit and interior to the final stages of weathering, the techniques and tricks necessary to achieve excellent results are shown through a multitude of step-by-step guides, highlighted sections and visual information...

Star Wars Battles That Changed the Galaxy

Product code:  18703MOD
Explore the Wars in Star Wars as never before! Enter a galaxy ravaged by conflict and discover the complete story of the epic struggles that define the Star Wars movies. This ambitious book presents major galactic conflicts from an in-world historical perspective. Each battle is depicted with captivating imagery, explored with newly commissioned maps, and explained through detailed analysis of tactics, famous commanders, legendary warriors, key moments, and its impact on wider galactic history.

ACES High Monographic Series - Modelling The Scooter

Product code:  26521AVI
This issue is devoted to modelling the famous A-4 Skyhawk which entered service 65 years ago but still remains in limited use. Detailed articles will guide you through the processes of construction, painting and weathering of 3 variants of the Scooter, finished in 3 significantly different liveries. Each of them is complemented by an article discussing the service of the particular variant with the chosen operator, illustrated with several quality photos.

Colour Conundrum No.1

Product code:  CC001MOD
A compendium of the history of aircraft featured in Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine over the years. Including detailed camouflage schemes and line drawings in detail.

Tank Modeling Guide 8: PZ.KPFW.III Painting & Weathering

Product code:  40714MIL
JAPANESE LANGUAGE BOOK: This Lavishly illustrated book contains an overview, scale drawings, detailed walkaround colour photos, illustrations of the structure and camouflage schemes, modelling sections.