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Tanker Techniques Magazine (4) Damage Inc

Product code:  20324MIL
This issue looks at model damage and features include Lost in Laos - Huey down in the Jungle; IS-7 Stalins Heavy Hitter; KO. KV; T-72B1 Putin's Hammer second Chechen War; The Last Horse; Tiger I the bully on the class.

The Eagle Has Landed - Armour & Aircraft Dioramas

Product code:  76871AVI
Colour photo album containing 10 step by step dioramas from the base to the finishing touches. Contains tricks of the trade with detailed guide to completing the perfect project. Includes Germany 1945, Tempelhoff 1945; Fallen of the Eagles; Tirstrup 1945; Horten 229; Hamburg 1945 plus much more.

Sixty Years of Airfix Models

Product code:  79759AVI
The best-known and most important manufacturer of plastic model kits in the UK, Airfix has been at the forefront of the industry since 1955 when the first Airfix aircraft kit appeared in UK branches of Woolworth's. This book tells the full story, year by year, of the company and its products

How to Build the Steel Wheeled Tiger I REVISED EDITION

Product code:  00581MIL
Revised edition of the Modellers Guide to building Tamiya Steel Wheeled Tiger I which includes Building the basic model, Weathering, Techniques to achieve realistic zimmerit, Details of production variations and SIX detailed versions of the Steel Wheeled Tiger I and two detailed versions of the Sturmtiger. Includes a bibliography and list of useful reference books.

Adam's Armour 2 Modelling Guide - Painting & Finishing

Product code:  41391MOD
Re-Printed, Second volume looks at how to approach painting an AFV, applying basecoats and camouflages, colour modulation, filters, applying markings and insignia, applying a winter white wash, other washes, fading and shadow, paint chipping, painting exterior components, mild steel surfaces and rust, adding earth tones and effects, steel road wheels, oil, grease and spilt fuel, exhaust and smoke effects.

Adam's Armour 1 Modelling Guide - Construction

Product code:  41384MOD
Re-print, Renowned modeller Adam Wilder's modelling guide to the construction and painting of armour models. Volume 1 looks at Construction and includes chapters that look at Armour Modelling, Gallery of models, Choosing a subject and starting assembly, working with resin parts, removing segments of plastic from kits, cladding large open areas, applying weld detail, Zimmerit, creating impacts and working with photo etch and other metallic parts.

Painting Wargaming Figures

Product code:  48221MOD
A how-to guide to paining miniatures, the author takes the reader through a step-by-step process including choice of materials, from preparation of the miniatures to basing with advice on photographing your finished item. Techniques such as dry-brushing, ink-washing, shading and highlighting are all explained clearly with the help of step-by-step photographs and colour charts.

F.A.Q. Aircraft Scale Modelling

Product code:  72767AVI
The complete guide for aircraft scale modellers - Building, Weathering, Techniques. A thorough guide through the numerous stages involved in aircraft modelling. Chapters include assembly, preparation and materials, Painting Guide, Techniques, Interior seats, instrument panels, cockpits, pilots, structures. Exterior details propellers, wheels and landing gear, landing gear doors, weapons and fuel tanks, exhausts, walkways, engines. Camouflage, Painting and Weathering WWI, WWII, Jet Age, Special F...

How to Build Tamiya's 1:32 Spitfire Mk.IXc, Mk.VIII & Mk.XVIe

Product code:  00359AVI
Modellers Guide to building this kit. Walk-around photos, step by step tips and techniques, painting and weathering guide, kits and accessories.

SuperKing: Building Trumpeter's 1:16th Scale King Tiger

Product code:  41360MIL
REPRINTED EDITION. The step by step story of David Parker’s remarkable award winning 1:16 scale replica. Bringing together the three and a half year coverage from AFV Modeller with additional unpublished material and combining archive photographs with extensive walk-around photography of the real vehicle in 452 pages with over 1500 images for the ultimate guide to modelling the King Tiger

How to Build Airfix 1:24 Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib Revised Second Edition

Product code:  00310AVI
Revised and updated, this edition adds both Car Door and Bubbletop builds in addition to a detailed analysis of the 1.72 Airfix Typhoon and available 1.48 kits on the market. Includes step by step tips and techniques for building the ultimate Hawker Typhoon, cockpit and engine detail, painting and finishing, after market accessories etc.

Rigging Period Ship Models

Product code:  21021NAV
This book contains some 400 drawings which clearly show how each separate item of rigging is fitted to the masts, yards and sails. Each drawing deals with only one particular item so that it can be seen clearly in isolation