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Painting Pin-up Figures A Complete Guide for Basic to Advanced Pin-Up Painters

Product code:  58417MOD
This book shows the reader how to paint their own private Pin-Up collection by using sophisticated acrylic painting techniques clearly explained in step-by step photographs. Includes basic paintbrush techniques; airbrush techniques and how to get unbeatable results with a combination of the two.

Modelling Trees Part Two - Conifers

Product code:  84989MOD
Modellers guide to building trees, part two looks at conifers. Content includes trunks and branches, painting, colour chart, foliage, static fibres. Conifers include Sitka Spruce, Scots Pine, Maritime Pine, Larch, Yew and Redwood.

Modelling Trees Part One - Broadleaf Trees

Product code:  84880MOD
Modellers guide to building trees, part one looks at broadleaf trees. Sections cover the wire armature, bark, painting, foliage, leaf pressing and scene placement. Trees covered include English Elms, Winter and summer oaks, Ash, silver birch, willow plus many others.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions of the AFV Painting Techniques Volume 2 3rd Edition

Product code:  70381MIL
Second volume of the Definitive book on the art of painting and transforming military vehicles. The author reveals more techniques including the hairspray, colour modulation, streaking effects, oil, mud, tracks and dioramas. English language version. This 3rd edition includes corrected photo colour; larger photos, clear images and more pages.

Airframe & Miniature 1 Messerschmitt Me 262 (2nd Edition - Revised & Updated)

Product code:  32153AVI
Valiant Wings Publishing returns to where it all started ten years ago with a much expanded Second Edition of our very first title. The Me 262 is a very popular aircraft modelling subject and our much expanded Second Edition goes some way towards unpicking the bewildering choices of variants and schemes that apply to the type. The modelling map of the Me 262 has changed considerably over the past ten years so this title is a new book - rewritten completely redesigned and expanded from the First ...

The Boy's Book of Airfix Who says you ever have to grow up?

Product code:  28988AVI
Covers the history of the Airfix name including the twists and turns of the Airfix saga when it looked as thought the great name might disappear forever, only to be rescued by another great name - Hornby. The book is lavishly illustrated with detailed box art, magazine adverts and other period ephemera.