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Worn Art Collection 1: Wooden

Product code:  06080MOD
Worn art thematic collection, looking at worn, weathered modelling techniques in detail. With step by step guides and photos and illustrations throughout.

AK Learning Series 10: Mastering Vegetation in Modeling

Product code:  05960MOD
The latest addition to our successful Learning Series is a guide book devoted to the creation of vegetation in modelling. Top specialists from around the world explain what tools and materials they use and how they work with them in order to reproduce realistic scenery in scale.

Airliner Models - Marketing Air Travel and Tracing Airliner Evolution Through Vintage Miniatures

Product code:  06333MOD
Containing over 800 photographs, this book chronicles the use of professionally made airliner models in the marketing of air travel since 1919. For model collectors, the airliner type, makers name, scale, approximate age and the materials used are detailed for each model illustrated. A short history of significant model-making companies is covered. With the onset of online bookings and the closure of airline offices and travel agents, the use of models is fast vanishing forever. The focus of th...

Model Art Profile 14 Ki-15 'Babs' C5M Kamikaze

Product code:  00798AVI
Second part of this Lavishly illustrated monograph covering this aircraft. The book contains an overview, scale drawings, detailed walkaround colour photos, illustrations of the airframe structure and camouflage schemes, modelling section. Japanese language only.

Wargaming Guides: Creating A Napoleonic Wargames Army 1809-1815

Product code:  06432MOD
This new book will be an essential reference for modellers and wargamers who build and paint figures.

Modern Conflicts 4-The Iran Iraq Wars 1980-88 and Beyond

Product code:  06066MIL
Whether you like Arab vehicles, you make models or not, you should take a look at this super-book with lots of inspirational profiles, with information, anecdotes. You can buy this book as a sole volume or to complete the collection with other volumes of the Arab Wars. This book covers the vehicles from last 30 years in different armies. Regular Arab Armies as Moroccan Army, Algerian Army, Lybian Army, Sudan Army and SLPA Vehicles, Egyptian Modern Army, Syrian Army, Iraq Army, Yemen Army,Turkey ...

How to Paint with Oils

Product code:  60437MOD
Oils are one of the most versatile types of paint, offering a greater variety of painting and weathering effects for scale modelling. However, they remain a mystery to many modellers, who only know of a specific technique or even consider oils to be a product exclusively applicable to Fine Arts. Oil paints offer many advantages when it comes to recreating a wide variety of effects; their much slower drying time compared to other paint mediums and their finely ground pigment allow for the creatio...

Modelling Grassland and Landscape Detailing

Product code:  63068MOD
Modelling Grassland and Landscape Detailing. Featuring Weeds and Wild Flowers,Hedges,Roads and Pavements,Mud,Puddles and Rivers.

How to Work with Colors and Transitions with Acrylics

Product code:  05700MOD
Color is one of the most important areas of any artistic discipline, and modeling is one of them. That is why before painting, we need to minimally understand some concepts that will help us to achieve far more spectacular results. This is a theoretical book that will help modelers to lay a foundation and understand the way colors work, while improving their skills when painting a figure or decorating any model. With practical examples about the main colors, we can see how the combinations of to...

Haynes Manual Model Builders: A Practical Introduction to Building Plastic Model Construction Kits

Product code:  15551MOD
This manual takes the reader through how modern model kits are designed and manufactured, how the scale is decided upon (most modern kits are made to established scales so that models and accessories are compatible with one another), as well as providing advice on model-building tools and techniques. The down-to-earth text, complemented by numerous photographs, provides details of the ideal `workshop' set-up for building models; tools and adhesives required; paint types and application technique...

Encyclopedia of Figures 1 Modelling Techniques - Colour, Shape & Light

Product code:  62219MOD
The definitive encyclopedia of modelling figures performed by the world famous modeller's. This volume focuses on Colour, Shape and Light.

Modelling School: How To Make Mud In Your Models

Product code:  62103MOD
With step by step detail, this book covers basic building methods through to painting and weathering to various base coat applications. Contains hints, tips and techniques on weathering your model. Utilising all the processes described in the book in order to produce a unique looking model.