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Air Model Special 29: British Heavy Bomber - Avro Lancaster

Product code:  40509AVI2
JAPANESE LANGUAGE BOOK: This Lavishly illustrated book contains an overview, scale drawings, detailed walkaround colour photos, illustrations of the airframe structure and camouflage schemes, modelling sections.

Modelling School Railway Modeling Painting Realistic Trains

Product code:  62509MOD
With step by step detail, this book covers basic building methods through to painting and weathering to various base coat applications. Contains hints, tips and techniques on weathering your model. Utilising all the processes described in the book in order to produce a unique looking model.

Scratchbuilding Aircraft - A Scratchbuilding Masterclass Book

Product code:  58855AVI
Megas Tsonos superb book on scratchbuilding aircraft, with 152 pages and over 600 colour photos taking you through the entire process.

Wingspan Special 1: 1:32 Tamiya F-16C Fighting Falcon

Product code:  77597AVI
In this first special edition of the popular Wingspan series, Canfora presents the incredible work of Jan Kopecky, the book describes Jan build of the Tamiya F-16C in detail. Commercial product as well as scratch-built and 3D-printed enhancements are all covered, as well as the painting and weathering process.

Kit Build 5: Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet

Product code:  73137AVI
Great articles, detailed drawings and photos.

F.A.Q. Figure Painting Techniques

Product code:  09333MOD
In this book you will find advice and explanation of all techniques and processes which you need to master painting of all types of figures, provided by the best painter of all time: Master Kirill Kanaev. This guide through the world of figures is a unique book, full of impressive works and examples used to demonstrate the secrets of miniature painting from the basic pillars to the most complex techniques. Now we put this knowledge in your hands to allow you to become a high level painter.

Modelling British Aircraft of World War II

Product code:  07811MOD
Modelling British Aircraft of World War II provides essential guidance for modellers of all levels of experience. Illustrated with over 300 stunning colour photographs, this book provides Essential guidance on how to get started, from choosing the best kit to preparing your workspace with the right tools, paints and equipment Tips on the use of reference material, construction techniques and painting recipes.

Top Colors 42: Polish Spitfires

Product code:  73076AVI
Great articles, detailed drawings and photos.

Propeller Planes 1/144 Vol.1 - Avions de Helice

Product code:  61441AVI
1/144 is arguably the aircraft scales that has seen more growth in recent times, attracting a large number of followers, especially due to the high quality detail currently achieved by the manufacturers. Another great advantage is the simplicity and speed of assembly and painting of these models, which makes them very enjoyable and addictive. In this book you will discover, thanks to the guidance of master modellers and through detailed step-by-step articles, all the keys to assemble, detail, pa...

Tanker Techniques IDF Special Issue Vol.1

Product code:  09135MIL2
This special edition of Tanker Techniques is focused on the Israel Defence Force armoured vehicles. It is an excellent step-by-step guide to creating realistic miniatures of IDF AFVs in 1-35 scale. Our goal is to provide artistic inspiration and necessary guidance for your future projects. This is the first volume of two that will feature the most iconic tanks and armoured vehicles of the Israel Defence Force. Prepared in collaboration with Michael Mass of Desert Eagle Publishing.

Wrecked Planes

Product code:  09111MOD
A different approach to the aircraft modelling. Lovers of weathering will enjoy all the effects reproduced on these airplanes, depicted as shot down, damaged or abandoned.