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The Battle for Hungary 1944-45

Product code:  62806MIL
Roger Hurkmans and Mirko Bayerl present a new concept with this book, which combines scale modelling with history, specifically the savage combat that took place in Hungary during the final stages of World War II. Each chapter describes a specific episode of this campaign using a diorama, which makes it possible to convey the mood, atmosphere and the specific conditions surrounding the operations to the viewer in a clear and easy-to-understand manner; all backed by the most rigorous historical r...

1941-45 US Military Vehicles Camouflage & Markings

Product code:  35043MIL
This lavishly illustrated new title in our Profile Guide series takes you on a journey through U.S. military vehicles in World War II. Discover the plethora of different camouflage patterns represented in 160 colour profiles and read informative captions that provide a more detailed explanation of the colours and markings used by the different units. The book also contains many historical photographs and technical information on colours and markings. This is a must-have publication for fans of A...

Worn Art Collection 4: Camouflage from WWI to SciFi Models

Product code:  35067MIL
Worn art thematic collection, looking at worn, weathered modelling techniques in detail. With step by step guides and photos and illustrations throughout.

A World of Dioramas Vol.2 Master's Collection Series

Product code:  77696MIL
Master modeller Per Olav Lund displays a dozen of his incredible projects in this 128-page book, ranging from the ice-cold Arctic to Sci-Fi, with World War One and civilian scenes in between. Although this is not a traditional step-by-step book, each build is lavishly illustrated to explain the techniques and build sequences involved.

Real2Replica Blue 1: The Grumman E-2 Hawkeye

Product code:  72529AVI
Real to Replica Series - Blue Series 1 by Andy Evans of Phoenix Scale Publications. This exciting new series looks at the history of the aircraft, detailed scaled drawings, colour schemes and modelling the aircraft. In full colour, photos and illustrations.

Sea Harriers of the Falklands War

Product code:  39930AVI
The illustrated history of all 28 aircraft that served. Containing 100 plus detailed profiles.

Little Warriors Vol.2: Building Detailing and Painting 1:72 Small Scale Vehicles

Product code:  72755MIL
Little Warriors vol.2 is the second issue of this series of monographs dedicated to small-scale modelling. This new volume of Little Warriors escapes the classic and conventional models by focusing on the Forces that made up the Axis pact in WWII, among which Germany, Japan, Italy, Hungary and Finland are represented. A magnificent compendium of parts and settings with detailed step-by-step instructions for all lovers of this scale.

Red Steel: Modern Soviet - Russian AFV in Action

Product code:  64022MIL
In this excellent monograph by Chema Cabrero, through detailed step-by-step processes, a wide variety of paint schemes and various wear effects on Russian/Soviet armoured vehicles are shown, including the creation of small scenes that put them in context. and add extra appeal. Through eight articles, all the work processes on each model are exposed, in a very detailed way, including in each of them an initial guide where the steps to follow are defined based on what the modeller wishes to repres...

Painting Wargaming Figures: Allied Forces in Northwest Europe, 1944-45 British and Commonwealth, US and Free French

Product code:  05623MIL
This book is aimed at assisting those new or unfamiliar with historical figure modelling and wargaming by providing them with a range of simple tips and techniques to assist them in putting together good looking collections using methods that won't take an age. Covered in this book are an introduction to the majority of tools and materials commonly found in modelling, before moving on to cover clear, concise guides for painting British, American and Canadian forces, along with notes on the unifo...

Real2Replica Red 2: F-16 Fighting Falcon Part.2 International Versions

Product code:  72512AVI
Real to Replica Series - Red Series 2 by Andy Evans of Phoenix Scale Publications. This exciting new series looks at the history of the aircraft, detailed scaled drawings, colour schemes and modelling the aircraft. In full colour, photos and illustrations.

1/144 Jet Aircraft Vol.2 - Aviones A Reaccion

Product code:  61472AVI
1/144 is arguably the aircraft scales that has seen more growth in recent times, attracting a large number of followers, especially due to the high quality detail currently achieved by the manufacturers. Another great advantage is the simplicity and speed of assembly and painting of these models, which makes them very enjoyable and addictive. In this book you will discover, thanks to the guidance of master modellers and through detailed step-by-step articles, all the keys to assemble, detail, pa...

Perfect Pits - making the most of your scale aircraft cockpits

Product code:  58862AVI
Great book for all aviation modellers. Illustrations throughout with detailed descriptions by each author.