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Dragoon, The Other Invasion of France. August 15, 1944

Product code:  39509MIL
August 15th 1944 three American and four French divisions commence landings in S.E. France. This large format book covers the operations in detail and makes extensive use of photos,maps & colour illustrations depicting weapons,equipment,ships & aircraft.

The Deceivers. Allied Military Deception in the Second World War

Product code:  48046MIL
Thaddeus Holt's ambitious and comprehensive book is the first to tell the full story behind these operations. Exactly how the Allies engaged in strategic deception has remained secret for decades. Now, with the help of newly declassified material, Holt reveals these secrets to the world in a riveting work of historical scholarship.

Defending Britain.

Product code:  3134XMIL
Following the recent work by the defence of Britain project, this book explores the military structures which resulted from the conflicts Britain has been involved in throughout the 20th century.

Tankograd 5007 Military Special Vehicles of the Modern German Army Medical Service

Product code:  05007MIL
This A4 format magazine contains a vast variety of vehicles used within the Medical Service of the German Army

Rommel's Afrikakorps Personal Groupings, Award Documents and Ephemera of

Product code:  21137MIL
A treasure trove of many rare Afrikakorps related award documents, propganda leaflets, Soldbuchs, Wehrpass and Remembrance/Death cards. Includes some complete Afrikakorps veteran groupings and every known document variant of the Afrka cuffband and Italian German medal.

The Old Contemptibles. British Expeditionary Force 1914

Product code:  56465MIL
Examines the first British land force to go into battle in the First World War, the British Expeditionary Force. Questions are asked as to why such numbers died, offering new insight and explanations.

Iron Hulls, Iron Hearts Mussolini's Elite Armoured Divisons in North Africa

Product code:  68396MIL
A subject frequently overlooked or just dismissed, this book examines the elite armoured divisions of the Italian army in the deserts of North Africa in World War II.