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Tankograd 6003 US WWII GMC DUKW-353 & Cleaver-Brooks Amphibian Trailers

Product code:  06003MIL2
Examines the DUKW in technical detail by drawing information from manuals issued when in service. Uses original drawings and illustrations with English/German captions.

An Active Service. The Story of a Soldiers Life in the Grenadier Guards & SAS 1935—58

Product code:  22485MIL
The personal story of Sid Dowell, a member of the Grenadier Guards and SAS, covering pre-WWII service as a regular, Dunkirk, the early days of the SAS, and post-war Palestine and Malaya. The book contains much previously unpublished information from archives and war diaries, as well as Sid's account of the early days of the SAS, and service with the Grenadier Guards.

Over the Battlefield Operation Goodwood

Product code:  51530MIL
The author describes the events of Operation Goodwood, July 1944, the dramatic attempted British armoured break-out from the Normandy bridge-head. The book includes superb aerial photos taken during the fighting by the RAF which enables the reader to trace the course of the battle and to track the movement of the armoured regiments and troops of both sides

A Century of Remembrance. One Hundred Outstanding British War Memorials

Product code:  53169MIL
A study of one hundred UK war memorials which commemorate 20th century conflicts from the Boer War to the Falklands and Gulf wars. Commencing with a Boer War memorial unveiled on 5 November 1904, and ending with the Animals in War memorial unveiled in London on 24 November 2004. The memorials are listed in chronological order, represent different wars, artists and areas of the country, and range from individualto national memorials.

Horrocks. The General who led from the Front

Product code:  17160MIL
The biography of Lieutenant General Sir Brian Horrocks sometimes described as 'Britain's answer to Rommel'. A legend in his lifetime, he was one of the most successful field commanders of WWII

The Unknown Soldier. The Story of the Missing of the Great War

Product code:  0453XMIL
Drawing on largely unpublished letters and diaries, the author resurrects the lives and experiences of three unknown soldiers a Briton, German and American. This book shows the reality of warfare in compelling, unforgettable detail and offers a rare insight into the three soldiers’ lives to reveal the Great War in all its horror and tragedy.

War Book of the German General Staff

Product code:  01476MIL
An important historical document which details the 'Usages of War on Land' issued by the Great General Staff of the Imperial German Army for the conduct of its armies in World War I. This edition was originally translated in 1915 by the British as part of their propaganda programme.

The Essential Tank Identification Guide. German Wehrmacht Panzer Divisions. 1939-45

Product code:  87467MIL
A definitive study of the equipment and organisation of the Wehrmacht's 28 full-strength armoured divisions. Offers a complete organisational breakdown with orders of battle, formation badges and unit commanders. Illustrated throughout with full colour artwork detailing all the major AFVs used by the Panzerwaffe in every theatre of WWII.

Tankograd 6001 US WWII M4/M4A1 Sherman Medium Tank

Product code:  06001MIL
Examining the M4/M4A1 Sherman in technical detail by drawing information from manuals issued when in service. Also included are the flame thrower and 'amphibious' variants as used on D-Day.

Passing Through. The 82nd Airborne Division in Northern Ireland 1943-44

Product code:  42413MIL
The author looks at the United States 82nd Airborne Division in Northern Ireland and its service in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and later its missions in France, Holland, Belgium and Germany beginning with D-Day on 6th June 1944. The story is told using reminiscences of the men that served in the Division

Blitzkrieg in Their Own Words

Product code:  52766MIL
A military history of the Blitzkrieg campaigns that has been written by those taking part. It includes short individual accounts which gives a unique perspective into the workings of the German war machine during its greatest victories, before the disaster of the Russian Front.

Panzerwrecks 1 German Armour 1944-45

Product code:  18307MIL
Re-Issued Issue 1. Modified Panthers of I./Pz.Rgt.26, Jagdtiger 323 of 3.Kp/s.Pz.Jg.Abt.653 and Panzer IV/70(A). Also production version of the Flakpanzer Ostwind, Steel Wheel Panthers, Panther II, Halftracks, Beutepanzers and loads more.