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Panzers I and II and their Variants. From Reichswehr to Wehrmacht

Product code:  26240MIL
Describes the technical and tactical development of these light tanks - from the Reichswehr years to the WWII campaigns in Poland, France and Russia

Special Panzer Variants Development, Production, Operations

Product code:  26226MIL
Covers some of the lesser-known German armour developments including the Maus, Hummel, Wespe, Karl, Goliath and others.

Honours and Awards the South Staffs Regiment

Product code:  92583MIL
This book looks at all the Honours and Awards given out to the South Staffordshire Regiment During World War I.

Beneath Flanders Fields The Tunnellers War 1914-1918

Product code:  73573MIL
The authors give the first full account of mine warfare in WWI through the words of the tunnellers themselves as well as plans, drawings, and previously unpublished archive photographs, many in colour. The book also shows how military mining evolved, how the tunnellers constructed hundreds of deep dugouts that housed tens of thousands of troops. A few dugouts survive today and are presented for the first time in photographs in Beneath Flanders Fields.

Camouflage Uniforms of the Waffen-SS - A Photographic Reference

Product code:  08038MIL
Photographic record that looks at Waffen-SS combat troops and their camouflage clothing.

Encylopedie du Modelisme Tome 2. Les Blindes

Product code:  00117MIL
Modelling manual containing a plethora of colour photos and hints and tips on modelling, weathering, painting, airbrushing. Covers Renault R-40; Shilka ZSU-23-4; Tiger I; Sdkfz 252; SdKfz 10; T-34; etc. FRENCH TEXT ONLY.

Desert Eagle 4 Magach 6B GAL and GAL Batash. M60A1 in IDF Service Part 2

Product code:  DEP04MIL
Colour photo album containing an extensive collection of previously unpublished photographs of the Magach. Content includes Magach - the sequel, 6b Gal in action, 6b Gal Batash in action/in detail; Tactical signs; Tagash ALVB in IDF service; Tachlaz M88 in IDF service. Modelling the Magach 6b Gal Batash

Panzer Tracts 7-1 Panzerjaeger 3.7cm Tak to Pz.Sfl.Ic development and employment from 1927 to 1941

Product code:  8623XMIL
Heavily illustrated book which uncovers facts on names, production, modification, issue, organisation, and frontline employment. Features the Krupp L.S.K.,3.7cm Sfl.L/70, 7.5cm Sfl.L/40, PzSfl.Ia, Pz.Sfl.Ic, Pz.Sfl.IVa, 4.7cm Pak(t) auf Pz.Kpwf.35R und Pz.Kpfw.I with ultra accurate, as-built 1:35 scale drawings of the Panzerjaeger I

Tankograd 9003 BAOR Vehicles of the British Army of the Rhine 1945-1979

Product code:  09003MIL
This A4 format magazine covers the history of the British Army of the Rhine from 1945 to 1979, including organisation and structure.

The Armed Forces of the United Kingdom 2014-2015

Product code:  63510MIL
Pocket reference guide providing up to date details of all British Military organisations and structures following the latest Strategic Defence and Security Review.

A Diplomats Story. Apartheid and Beyond 1969-1998

Product code:  54150MIL
The author served 29 years as a diplomat in the South African Department of Foreign Affairs. This is a book of his recollection which covers the dilemna of working around morally questionnable government policies during the apartheid era. Begins with his first posting to Brazil in 1969 through to his posting in Central America, Cuba and dealings with Nelson Mandela.

Battlefields Exploring the Arenas of War 1805-1945

Product code:  71755MIL
Profiles 22 of the world's famous battlegrounds, giving accounts of the battles and showing what can be seen today. Features historic photographs and detailed mapping. Covers Napoleonic Wars, American Civil War; Anglo-Zulu War; Anglo-Boer War, World War I and World War II.