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America's Few - Marine Aces of the South Pacific

Product code:  47492MIL
America's Few delves into the history of US Marine Corps aviation in World War II, following the feats of the Corps' top-scoring aces in the skies over Guadalcanal. Marine Corps aviation began in 1915, functioning as a self-contained expeditionary force. During the interwar period, the support of USMC amphibious operations became a key element of Marine aviation doctrine, and the small force gradually grew.

The Vietnam War 1956-75

Product code:  51123MIL
With updates, specially commissioned maps and 50 new images, this is a concise overview of America's most divisive war. America entered the Vietnam War certain of its Cold War doctrines and convinced of its moral mission to save the world from the advance of communism. However, the war was not at all what the United States expected.

Duel 118: Tiger vs Churchill North West Europe 1944-45

Product code:  43883MIL
This fully illustrated study assesses the origins, development, and combat record of the legendary Tiger and Churchill Tanks during World War II. The Tiger and the Churchill are two of the most recognizable heavily armoured tanks of World War II.

New Vanguard 302 Tanks in the Battle of Germany 1945

Product code:  48116MIL2
The crossing of the river Rhine marked the beginning of the end of the Third Reich, but the Wehrmacht would fight ferociously on its home soil until the fall of Berlin. The Battle of Germany saw the most advanced tanks of the Allies pitted against the remnants of the once-formidable Panzerwaffe, now exhausted and lacking many of the essentials of armored warfare, but equipped with the biggest and most powerful tanks they would ever field. In these last months the Allies were now equipped with th...

Abrams Squad Reference 9: Syrian Armor at War Vol.2

Product code:  78808MIL
This reference is clearly not intended to be a political or historical text book, as you will see soon. We have simply collected images from the world’s leading photo journalist catalogue and after a great work of research, filtered and examined the great collection of images from this tragic conflict taken by extremely brave photographers and photojournalists, to which we would like to dedicate this book.

Tanks: The World's Greatest from World War I to the Present Day

Product code:  61292MIL
Tanks features 52 of the best armoured fighting vehicles from World War I to the present day. Beginning with the prototype Mark V Male in 1917, the book ranges from World War I, World War II, through the Cold War and up to the highly sophisticated tanks that have seen recent service in wars in the Balkans, Caususus, and Middle East. From the Soviet T-34 and German Panther tanks of World War II to the M1A2 Abrams, Challenger 2 and T-90 of the present day, Tanks is an expert examination of the mos...

Top Drawings 7121 The Panzerjager Tiger (P) (Sd.Kfz. 184) Ferdinand

Product code:  73724MIL
Begins with a brief introduction and continues with a plethora of line drawings in various scales as well as colour profiles.

La Traction Avant Citroen Sous l'Uniforme Vol.1

Product code:  12127MIL
FRENCH LANGAUGE BOOK: The legendary car designed by André Citroën was to experience, because of the events which plunged the world into war five years later, an astonishingly rich military career. In September 1939, thousands of them joined our armies during the strange war, then experienced the horrors of disaster. In June 1940, the Traction changed camp, despite itself. And the Germans, who are very fond of it, will take it everywhere in Europe, from the Arctic Circle to distant Russia. But, a...

La Traction Avant Citroen Sous l'Uniforme Vol.2

Product code:  11595MIL2
FRENCH LANGAUGE BOOK: The Citroën Traction Avant was the most produced car in France before 1940: more than 250,000 copies were on the roads of the country and around the world at that time. It is therefore logical to see it, during the Second World War, accompanying both armed forces and civilian populations on all fronts, in all regions, including the most remote. The omnipresence of this car is undoubtedly also due to its performances: modern and safe, it is used by the French army, especiall...

La Ligne Maginot Tome 3

Product code:  11106MIL
FRENCH LANGAUGE BOOK: This volume 3 is the culmination of the series of works that History & Collections devotes to the famous fortified line of the North-East, a defensive system which had been designed and built to protect France from a sudden German attack. The third part, finally, relates the German attack of May 10, 1940 and the six weeks of Blitzkrieg: the line of defense attacked on its weakest part along the Meuse, the drama of the crew of La Ferté, the fall of the northern works at the ...

Chars B au Combat

Product code:  12134MIL2
FRENCH LANGAUGE BOOK: On this afternoon of May 16, 1940, a group of about twenty B tanks belonging to the French army, 32-ton machines each armed with a 75 gun and a 47 gun - which made from them the most powerful armoured material existing in the world in 1940 - made its approach on a small town which will soon go down in history: Montcornet. Since the day before, the enemy has broken through the front and opened a gigantic breach in the Allied system. Launched like children lost in the gap, th...

La 1re DLM au Combat

Product code:  12141MIL
FRENCH LANGAUGE BOOK: The crucial question of the armored divisions initiated by Colonel de Gaulle in 1934 with his crusade for the professional army, obscured, vis-à-vis the general public, a major element of the development of the French army during the period of the rearmament: yes, France had, from the pre-war period, light mechanical divisions (DLM) which had only slight names. With their 300 armored vehicles including 250 tanks (Somua, Hotchkiss and AMR Renault tracked) and 50 Panhard armo...