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Latin America@War 24: Paulista War Vol.2 The Last Civil War in Brazil 1932

Product code:  36370MIL2
The year 1932 was not only the year in which the famous carnival of Rio de Janeiro was organized for the first time, or the giant statue of the Christ the Redeemer was placed on top of the Corcovado mountain ridge: it was also the year of the last civilian war fought in Brazil. On 9 July 1932, about 35,000 men from the federal states of Sao Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul rose in arms against the dictatorship of Getulio Vargas, demanding the return to constitutionality and democracy. This became kn...

The US Army Infantryman Pocket Manual 1941-45

Product code:  40282MIL
The battle for Europe in 1943-45 was one of the greatest military challenges in the history of the U.S. Army. Fighting against often veteran German forces from the mountains of Italy to the beaches of Normandy and the frozen forests of the Ardennes, hundreds of thousands of US infantrymen had to move quickly beyond their training and acquire real-world combat skills with extraordinary pace, if they were to raise their chances of survival beyond a few days.

No Moon as Witness: Missions of the SOE and OSS in World War II

Product code:  09520AVI
Winston Churchill famously instructed the head of the Special Operations Executive to Set Europe ablaze. Agents of both the British Special Operations Executive and the American Office of Strategic Services underwent rigorous training before making their way, undetected, into Occupied Europe. Working alone or in small cells, often cooperating with local resistance groups, agents undertook missions behind enemy lines involving sabotage, subversion, organizing resistance groups and intelligence-ga...

Devon's Military Heritage

Product code:  94917MIL
The county of Devon, with its coastline north and south, wild moorland, and rolling rural countryside, villages, market towns, many characterised by local industries, and historic cities of Exeter and Plymouth, has a rich military history that stretches back through centuries. Evidence of Devon's military heritage can be seen throughout the county with numerous buildings and other structures still standing proud today. Devon's Military Heritage explores the long military history of the county, n...

Cold War Kent

Product code:  95419MIL
For almost forty-five years following the end of the Second World War, the world held its breath as the spectre of an even more terrible and devastating conflict hung over it. Britain played a significant role in what became known as the Cold War. As a senior member of NATO with its own independent nuclear deterrent, the country was also a target for Soviet attack.

Sturmartillerie De La Waffen-SS Tome 2: Totenkopf, Polizei, Wiking

Product code:  85735MIL
FRENCH LANGAUGE BOOK Sturmartillerie De La Waffen-SS Tome 2 is accompanied by unpublished photographs, showing little-known engagements such as Greece or those of Banat and Hungary in the autumn of 1944. In addition to immersive photos and testimonials, the book also provides detailed biographies of aces and holders of the Ritterkreuz des StuG, such as Berndt Lubich von Milovan, Ernst Dehmel, Richard Utgenannt, Hans-Georg Jessen and Willy Hein.

New Vanguard 299: Kurdish Armour Against ISIS

Product code:  47584MIL
One of the most remarkable mechanized campaigns of recent years pitted the brutal and heavily armed jihadis of Islamic State against an improvised force belonging to the Kurdish YPG. While some Kurdish vehicles were originally from Syrian Army stocks or captured from ISIS, many others were extraordinary homemade AFVs based on truck or digger mechanicals, or duskas, the Kurds version of the technical. Before US air power was sent to Syria, these were the Kurds most powerful and mobile weapons.

Red Army into The Reich

Product code:  40220MIL
The last year of the war saw Russian offensives that cleared the Germans out of their final strongholds in Finland and the Baltic states, before advancing into Finnmark in Norway and the east European states that bordered Germany: Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. By spring 1945 the Red Army had reached to Vienna and the Balkans, and had thrust deep into Germany where they met American, French and British troops advancing from the west. The final days of the Third Reich were at hand.

Blitzkrieg: The Invasion of Poland to the Fall of France

Product code:  47874MIL
A fascinating study of the devastating new form of warfare that redrew the map of Europe in the opening year of World War II, bringing about the military collapse of three modern industrialized armies. On 1 September 1939, Nazi Germany launched the invasion of Poland, employing a new type of offensivewarfare: Blitzkrieg. So named by Allied observers because of the shock and rapidity of its effects, this new approach was based on speed, manoeuvrability and concentration of firepower.

The Russian Commemoration Parade of the 75th Anniversary of Victory in World War Two

Product code:  77634MIL
On 24th June 2020, the Russian Federation commemorated the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe in the Great Patriotic War. This book will guide you through the equipment displayed during the parade, including many stunning new vehicles. The major 75 Anniversary Victory Parade was as with all previous parades a commemoration of the nearly 27 million Soviet souls lost in protecting the country in the 1941-45 war, combined with a demonstration of the latest Russian military might for the benefit ...

The Russian Army on Parade 1992-2017

Product code:  77627MIL
This third and final volume describes the post-Soviet Russian military parades held in Moscow from 1992 until 2019, completing a century of full-scale mechanised military parades on Red Square, at a time when demonstrating the defensive capability of the nation was, as in 1918, and in 1941, again deemed a strategic requirement in an uncertain world.

100 Years of Soviet and Russian Military Parades 1917-2017

Product code:  77665MIL
Limited Edition boxed set. The complete series of Soviet and Russian parades from 1917-2017, in a limited edition gift box. Three hardback books with over 2500 photos, weighing in at almost 6kg.