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Sign Here for Sacrifice: The Untold Story of the Third Battalion 506th - Airborne Vietnam 1968

Product code:  49427MIL
A hard-hitting history of the U.S. airborne unit who made a name for themselves in the unforgiving jungles of South Vietnam. It was easier killing than living. Third Battalion 506th Airborne veteran comment. Drawing on interviews with veterans, many of whom have never gone on the record before, Ian Gardner follows up his epic trilogy about the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment in World War II with the story of the unit's reactivation at the height of the Vietnam War.

Infantry Antiaircraft Missiles: Man-Portable Air Defense Systems

Product code:  53431MIL
This book charts the technological evolution of the MANPADS and explores their combat usage and the lessons from these encounters. Besides detailing the missiles, it also surveys the various methods developed as countermeasures to the MANPADS threat. The first generation of MANPADS, such as the US Army's Redeye and the Soviet Strela-2 (SA-7 Grail), saw combat use in the Vietnam War in 1972 and the Yom Kippur War of 1973. The next generation of infrared-guided MANPADS, such as the US Stinger and ...

German Panzers in World War II

Product code:  62855MIL
The German armoured divisions in World War II were the iron fist of the Blitzkrieg. Broken down by key battles or campaigns within each theatre of war, German Panzers in World War II shows the strengths and organizational structures of the Third Reich's armoured forces campaign by campaign, building into a detailed compendium of information. With extensive organizational diagrams and full-colour campaign maps showing the disposition of units, German Panzers in World War II is an easy-to-use guid...

German Infantry in World War II

Product code:  62862MIL
Full-colour order of battle tree diagrams at army and army group level help the reader speedily understand how and where the infantry divisions were employed. Quick reference tables provide divisional strengths while profile diagrams show typical numbers of personnel at company and platoon levels. With extensive organisational diagrams and full-colour campaign maps showing the disposition of units, German Infantry in World War II is the ultimate easy-to-use guide to the German infantry forces.

The Long Range Desert Group in North Africa

Product code:  64057MIL
Formed in July 1940 for reconnaissance and intelligence gathering behind enemy lines, the Long Range Desert Group was the first British special force unit. In no time the LRDG earned itself an enviable reputation for deep penetration patrols into German and Italian held territory. Its successes on prolonged missions into harsh terrain and under extreme climatic conditions were out of all proportion to its size. Wide-ranging military skills, including exceptional navigation techniques, and the hi...

WWP R094 British WWII K2 Ambulance

Product code:  09920MIL
Contains a plethora of colour photos. Content covers history, walkaround, interior-detail, engine detail and chassis detail.

Legends of Warfare: US Half-Tracks in World War II

Product code:  64891MIL
Based on an adaptation of the White Scout Car, the US half-track vehicles of WWII combined the cross-country ability of a fully tracked vehicle with the road performance of a medium truck. A myriad of variations of these vehicles were produced, including prime movers, armoured personnel carriers, mortar carriers, and a wide range of heavily armed variants. Antiaircraft versions were often used against ground targets with devastating results.

Legends of Warfare: Panther Tank - The Panzerkampfwagen V in World War II

Product code:  64778MIL
Featuring sloping armor and armed with a powerful 75 mm gun, Germany's Panther tank was developed as a counter to the Soviet T-34. Entering production in 1943, the Panther was intended to become Germany's standard medium tank. Although featuring potent armament and excellent armor, the Panther was hampered by disruptive production and drivetrain maintenance requirements. Produced in three variants, by three firms (MAN, Daimler-Benz, and MNH), the roughly 6,000 Panthers were used on the Eastern F...

Legends of Warfare: M10 Gun Motor Carriage and the 17 Pounder Achilles Tank Destroyer

Product code:  64860MIL
Based on the M4A2 and M4A3 Sherman tank chassis, and fitted with a 3-inch M7 gun, the M10 was numerically the most important US tank destroyer of WWII. The M10 was built in response to the stunning successes of the German armoured Blitzkrieg at the outset of the war in Europe. Fitted with a turret-unlike most self-propelled artillery of the era-the vehicle was more heavily gunned but more lightly armoured than a tank. M10 crews were expected to make the most of their vehicle's speed and agility...

A Taste of Success: The First Battle of the Scarpe

Product code:  10438MIL
Wedged between the Battles of the Somme and Passchendaele, the Battle of Arras has often been termed 'The Forgotten Battle' with little in the way of supporting literature. A Taste of Success is aimed at filling that void -giving the reader an insight into a battle that clearly showed the development of the British and Commonwealth Armies over the early years of the First World War, and how far they still had to go to achieve victory. Why Arras became a focal point and the political background i...

The Korean War 1950-53

Product code:  53172MIL
A concise overview of the so-called Forgotten War in Korea. From 1950 to 1953, the most powerful countries in the world engaged in a major conventional war in Korea. Yet ironically this conflict has come to be known as the USA's Forgotten War. Esteemed historian Dr Carter Malkasian explains how this conflict in a small peninsula in East Asia had a tremendous impact on the entire international system and the balance of power between the two superpowers, America and Russia.