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New Vanguard 294: Allied Tanks in Normandy 1944

Product code:  43241MIL
When Allied tanks began to roll off the landing craft on D-Day, it marked the start of one of the great periods of tank warfare in World War II. Often outgunned by the German Panzers, and fighting in the close confines of bocage country, they nevertheless managed to break out of Normandy and begin the liberation of Europe. It was a battle that was dominated by the Americans legendary Sherman, but also saw a wide and complex range of armour committed to battle across the many armies involved, fro...

Legends of Warfare: Sherman Tank Vol.3 America's M4A2 Medium Tank in WW II

Product code:  60923MIL
Powered by twin General Motors diesel engines, the M4A2 Sherman was the standard tank of the US Marine Corps during WWII. In such service, having a common fuel with many of the landing craft simplified logistics. The M4A2 was also supplied in large numbers to Russia as well as the British. The M4A2 was used in some of the most severe tank combat of the war, both on Pacific islands and on the Eastern Front. This book chronicles the development and use of these vehicles from concept to combat. Thr...

Legends of Warfare: M3 Medium Tank - The Lee and Grant Tanks in WWII

Product code:  61418MIL2
The M3 Lee was America's first mass-produced combat tank. Its unusual configuration of hull-mounted 75 mm gun and turret-mounted 37 mm cannon was a result of the rush to get the vehicle in production following Nazi Germany's rapid advances in Europe. Following heavy British tank losses in France, the Commonwealth turned to the US to bolster their tank stocks, and the M3 was adapted, through the use of a different turret style, to fill this need.

Images of War: German Reconnaissance and Support Vehicles 1939-45

Product code:  20894MIL2
The Wehrmacht used reconnaissance and support vehicles widely in the Second World War and this book sets out to show the full range of both categories using over 200 rare images and descriptive text and captions in true Images of War Series fashion. Both tracked and wheeled vehicles were employed for reconnaissance and screening. These included light tanks mainly comprising of the Pz.Kpfw.I, armoured cars such as the six and eight wheeler Sd.Kfz.231,232,233,234 and its variants, 263, the Sd.Kfz....

The Reaper's Harvesting Summer: The 12-SS Panzer Division 'Hitlerjugend' in Normandy

Product code:  58171MIL
Established in 1943, the 12th SS Panzer Division was designed to become an elite unit, consisting of 17 year-old youths, a generation of future soldiers, tough as leather and hard as Krupp steel, commanded by a nucleus of hardened SS officers and NCOs. This is a detailed history of the division from its formation, all through the Normandy campaign where it received its baptism of fire. Although employed in the field for the first time, those young Waffen SS soldiers fought with a tenacity and fe...

Abandon Ship: The Real Story of the Sinkings in the Falklands War

Product code:  46433MIL
When Argentinian forces invaded the Falklands in April 1982, the British government responded by despatching a task force to the Atlantic to wrest back control of the islands. The resulting war saw modern weapon systems tested in combat for the first time, to tragic effect. In the aftermath, official documents were released, but many were heavily censored, and others withheld altogether, so that a full understanding of those events could not be gained. Drawing from recently declassified and prev...

Panzerkrieg: An Overview of German Armored Operations in World War 2

Product code:  18430MIL
While the First World War saw the introduction of armoured warfare on a limited scale, it was the military visionaries who shaped and moulded Germany’s fledgeling armoured forces in the post-war period. They saw the potential inherent in this weapons system. Combined with the awesome potential of modern airpower and imaginative use of tactics, the German Panzertruppe almost enabled Hitler to accomplish his aggressive dreams. This book presents the reader with a fascinating glimpse into the forma...

Tankcraft (32) Panther Medium Tank IV SS-Panzerkorps Eastern Front 1944

Product code:  91269MIL
During the summer of 1944 a series of massive Soviet offensives threatened to destroy the entire German army on the Eastern Front. As the Wehrmacht scrambled to hold what ground it could many formations simply disappeared and the available armoured units were used to plug the gaps in the frontline. One of the most important elements of the defence was the newly raised IV.SS-Panzerkorps which contained the veteran Totenkopf and Wiking divisions.

American Panther Tanks: An Examination of the Five Surviving Panzer V Tanks including the Rare Panther II

Product code:  58041MIL
American Panther Tanks sounds a strange title for a book, but currently there are five surviving WW2 German Panther tanks in America. It is believed that fourteen captured Panzer V Panther tanks were shipped to the United States after the Second World War. Most were cut up and scrapped after being used for testing and targets on live firing ranges. This book tells the story.

Tankcraft (31) Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks: German Army and Waffen-SS The Last Battles in the East 1945

Product code:  91221MIL
By the first weeks of 1945 the Eastern Front had been pushed back to the Carpathian mountain passes in the south and Warsaw on the Vistula River in the centre while in the north the German army was fighting in East Prussia. The Wehrmacht armoured and mobile formations were now employed exclusively as fire brigades, rushed from one crisis to the next as the Red Army pushed inexorably westward. Critical to the German defence were the armys heavy Panzer battalions whose Tiger tanks, with their 8.8c...

Landcraft (6) Humvee: American Multi-Purpose

Product code:  89815MIL
With its characteristic wide track, low silhouette and its distinctively deep exhaust note the Humvee sets itself apart from the range of light utility trucks it replaced. Fully air-portable, the Humvee features an aluminium body seated on a steel ladder chassis, powered by a 190hp V8 engine. Introduced into service in 1985, the Humvee remained pretty much unnoticed until its baptism of fire during the invasion of Panama in Operation Just Cause. In Operation Desert Shield and Desert Strom that t...

Tankograd 8010 Australian G-Wagons

Product code:  08010MIL
Beginning in around 2000, the Australian Defence Force identified the need to replace its ageing and extensive fleet of Land Rover Perentie vehicles and associated trailers, and so work began to lay the foundations for a future acquisition of light tactical vehicles. A request for tender drew several responses, with Mercedes-Benz winning the competition with its G-Wagon. The final contracts covered G-Wagon variants in both 4×4 and 6×6 configurations, with the latter chassis being developed speci...