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Tankcraft (22) M48 Patton American Cold war Battle Tank

Product code:  57739MIL
The M48 Patton main battle tank was one of the most successful and longest-serving designs produced in the United States, and it is a popular subject with tank modellers and enthusiasts. When it came into service in 1949 it represented a significant advance on the Sherman and M47 which it replaced, and it formed the backbone of American armoured forces during the early years of the Cold War. It also saw combat in Vietnam, during the Indo-Pakistan wars and in the Middle East, in particular during...

Hemtt and Family Members

Product code:  12354MIL
Photo album containing colour full-view and walkaround captioned photos of the exterior of the Hemtt and variants.

Danish Leopard 2A5 DK in Afghanistan

Product code:  12353MIL
Photo album containing colour full-view and walkaround captioned photos of the exterior of the Leopard 2A5DK Tank.

AMX30 Main Battle Tank 1960-2019 AMX30B/B2 and Derivatives

Product code:  16480MIL
The AMX30 Char de Bataille was the standard French Main Battle Tank during the Cold War era. Initially the French and Germans attempted to develop a 'standard European tank' based on their experiences of the Second World War. Both countries required a design that put mobility and firepower foremost at the expense of armour protection, but the joint collaboration failed to materialise with the result that the French produced the AMX30 and the Germans the Leopard 1. The AMX30 was considerably ligh...

German Ground Forces of World War II: Complete Orders of Battle for Army Groups, Armies, Army Corps, and Other Commands of the Wehrmacht and Waffen Ss - Sep 1939 to May 1945

Product code:  11092MIL2
This massive new reference work is broken up into sections presenting a detailed analysis of each corresponding order of battle for every German field formation above division. Additional new ground is broken by describing the orders of battle of the myriad German and Axis satellite formations assigned to security commands throughout occupied Europe and the combat zones, as well as those attached to fortress commands and to the commanders of German occupation forces in Eastern and Western Europe...

Kursk 1943

Product code:  07076MIL
In the summer of 1943, the German launched Operation Zitadelle (Citadel), aimed at cutting off a large number of Soviet forces in the Kursk salient. This offensive resulted in the battle of Kursk, the largest tank battle of World War II. Kursk quickly became a fierce contest of attrition, as Wehrmacht and elite Waffen-SS Panzer-Divisions with their powerful Tiger and Panther tanks unsuccessfully tried to hammer their way through the intricate lines of strong Soviet defensive positions. What fol...

American Armor in the Pacific

Product code:  08189MIL
American armor during the Pacific Campaign of WWII, from 1942-45. During this period there were over twenty major tank battles and operations where tanks provided heavy support to infantry units. These operations include the battle of Tarawa and the Bougainville Campaign. Relying heavily on first-person accounts, the strategies and tactics of the opposing forces are discussed. This book also looks at the Pacific theater, and how American armor was employed with great success in that theater of w...

On Display Vol.5 German Tank Killers

Product code:  77566MIL
The 5th volume in our On Display modelling series returns to a German WWII theme. This time we present 8 builds of various “tank killers”, all documented in a step-by-step style to serve as guide and inspiration.

Arnhem: The Complete Story of Operation Market Garden 17-25 September 1944

Product code:  01562MIL
On the afternoon of Sunday 17 September British tanks advanced into Holland in concert with 1,534 transport aircraft and 491 gliders. Their objective was a series of bridges across the Rhine, possession of which would allow the Allies to advance into Germany. In the event the operation was dogged by bad weather, flawed planning, tardiness and overconfidence, and ended with the Arnhem crossing still in German hands despite an epic nine-day battle that cost the British 1st Airborne Division over t...

Legends of Warfare: Tiger I & II Germany's Most Feared Tanks of WWII

Product code:  58487MIL
Germany’s Tiger tank, whether in the form of the Tiger I or later Tiger II (King Tiger), was the most feared tank of WWII. Despite production totaling fewer than 2,000 units, its heavy armor, its power, and perhaps the even more powerful Nazi propaganda machine ensured that the Tiger remains well known over seven decades after last being on the battlefield. Through more than 175 photos, this volume chronicles the design, development, and deployment of this famed German tank. Full-color photograp...

Hackenberg - The Giant of the Maginot Line

Product code:  38532MIL
French Language book. Built between 1929 and 1935 riding on the eponymous hill, Hackenberg (A19) is the largest structure on the Maginot Line. In this formidable fortress buried in places 96 meters deep, everything is immoderate: two entrances, 17 combat blocks, divided into two half-west and east, 25 guns including 7 anti-tank, 33 light mortars, 30 machine guns and 60 rifles -mitrailleurs, a storage capacity of nearly 80 000 shells and 1.5 million cartridges of 7.5 mm, a thickness of 3.50 meter...

STUG III Enthusiasts Manual-Sturmgeschutz III Ausfuhrung A to G (SdKfz 142)

Product code:  12130MIL
Based on the chassis of the Panzer III tank, the Second World War German Sturmgeschutz series of assault guns was a successful and cost-effective range of armoured fighting vehicles. Originally intended as a mobile assault weapon for infantry support, the StuG was constantly modified and saw extensive use on all battlefronts as an assault gun and tank destroyer. Author Mark Healy examines the development, construction and fighting qualities of the StuG, including insights into what it was like t...