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Keeping Watch. A WAAF In Bomber Command

Product code:  79388AVI
A sensitively written true story by a RAF Bomber Command wartime R/T operator who talked down the crews on their return from operations, met them off duty and so often, mourned their loss within days. The book sparkles with anecdotes and humour yet has a very special poignancy as the author reiterates her deep admiration for these truly remarkable men of Bomber Command.

Warpaint 49 Fiat G.91

Product code:  WP049AVI
Another in this concise series, which follows the production and service history of the Fiat G.91 with colour 4-views, colour profiles, 1:72 scale drawings, technical spec and kits in production.

The Other Few - Bomber & Coastal Command Aircrew in the Battle of Britain

Product code:  20127AVI
Little has been documented about the work and sacrifices of the Bomber and Coastal Command crews who fought during the Battle of Britain. Day after day and night after night an assortment of aircraft including Ansons, Battles, Blenheims, Hampdens, Hudsons, Wellingtons and Whitleys made hazardous reconnaissance, bombing, convoy escort and air-sea rescue sorties. Many of the gallant crews lost their lives to Messerschmitts, Flak and the elements; yet their vital contribution to the battle and thei...

Warpaint Special No.2 Messerschmitt Bf-109

Product code:  WPS02AVI
Re-Printed Edition. When it comes to famous aircraft of the 20th Century, one that is sure to come to the top of the list is the Messerschmitt Bf109. With a career spanning nearly 20 years and over 30.000 examples of being built the Bf109 is probably the most recognised of all the World War 2 fighters. Ironically this German fighter started and ended its life being powered by British engines.

Properly to Test Book Two 'The Golden Era'

Product code:  50744AVI
A collection of reminiscences written by the people who flew at the AAEE at Boscombe Down in Wiltshire. Collected, edited and collated by the author who served as a test pilot on two tours at Boscombe during the 1950s and 60s. Most reminiscences concentrate on a straightforward summary of the flying and trials carried out but several include the more humorous aspects of test flying as well as the social life.

RRHT26 Fedden - the life of Sir Roy Fedden

Product code:  22139AVI
A new and extended edition of the author's earlier book 'By Jupiter' This volume tells the story of Roy Fedden and in so doing gives a unique account of the Bristol Engine Department and Filton.

Lettice Curtis Her Autobiography

Product code:  20119AVI
Having learnt to fly before the war, Lettice Curtis went on to become the first woman to be cleared to fly four-engined heavy bombers during her service with the Air Transport Auxiliary. Her post-war career included racing a Spitfire against some of the finest British test pilots. This is her story.

RRHT19 Merlin 100 Series

Product code:  2204XAVI
The extension to book No.2 in the series, this book consists almost entirely of technical illustrations and drawings of the Merlin 100 series engines.

ACES 9 Focke-Wulf FW-190 Aces of the Western Front

Product code:  25950AVI
Follows the usual ACES format with content including: In the Beginning;Channel and North Sea Build-Up; Diversions North, South and Nocturnal; Defence of the Reich-The Battle is Joined; Normandy - The Killing Ground ; Defence of the Reich-The Battle is Lost; The End of the Line and Appendices.

ACES 3 Wildcat Aces of World War 2

Product code:  24865AVI
Follows the usual ACES format with content including: Pre-War Naval Aviation and Early Campaigns; Midway; Guadalcanal; On the Offensive; Torch and Leader; The Eastern Wildcat; Fleet Air Arm; Training; Victory Credits and Wildcat Evaluation and Appendices