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Middle East @ War 14: Moscow's Game of Poker: Russian Military Intervention in Syria 2015-17

Product code:  90373AVI
In August 2015, the government of the Russian Federation embarked its military forces on an intervention in Syria. Ever since, there is no end of discussions about Russian military capabilities and intentions - in Syria and beyond. To many, the performance of the Russian military - and especially the Russian Air-Space Force (VKS) - in this war was a clear demonstration of advanced technology, improved training, fearsome firepower, and great mobility.

The Men Who Killed the Luftwaffe: The US Army Air Forces Against Germany in World War II

Product code:  37166AVI2
When World War II began, the United States' air forces numbered only 45,000 men and a few thousand aircraft - hardly enough to defend the country, let alone defeat the German Luftwaffe, the world's most formidable air force. Yet by war's end, the Luftwaffe had been crushed, and the U.S. Army Air Forces had delivered the decisive blows. The Men Who Killed the Luftwaffe tells the story of the striking transformation - one of the marvels of modern warfare - that enabled the U.S. to crush the air fo...

Uncovering the McDonnell Douglas F-15 A/B msip Eagle

Product code:  89039AVI
Lavishly illustrated colour photo album containing a plethora of internal and external close-up shots and in air views, many accompanied by photo captions

Warplane Plus No.01 A-17 The Complete History of the Northrop Attack Planes and its Export Derivatives

Product code:  62710AVI
The Northrop A-17, was a development of the Northrop Gamma 2F was a two-seat, single-engine, monoplane, attack bomber built in 1935 by the Northrop Corporation for the U.S. Army Air Corps. A-17s used by air forces of the British Commonwealth designated the aircraft as the “Nomad.” Although none of the US operated aircraft were involved in combat, a large number of machines served in a vital role as trainer for commonwealth pilots during World War Two. The export variant Douglas 8A did fire its g...

Navigating the C-124 Globemaster: In the Cockpit of America's First Strategic Heavy-Lift Aircraft

Product code:  77637AVI
The C-124 Globemaster-a U.S. military heavy-lift transport in service 1950 through 1974-barreling down a runway was an awesome sight. The aircraft's four 3800 hp piston engines (the largest ever mass-produced), mounted on its 174-foot wingspan, could carry a 69,000-pound payload of tanks, artillery or other cargo, or 200 fully equipped troops, at more than 300 mph.

Polish Wings 27: French Flying Boats 1918-39

Product code:  58501AVI
This new book in the popular Polish Wings series tells the story of French flying boats in the service of the Polish Navy Air Force from the end of the First World War to the outbreak of the Second World War. During this period, the Polish naval air force used a number of French flying boats, mainly Schreck FBA 17 (a 1920s training flying boat), Liore et Olivier LeO H-13 and its variant H-135 (a 1920s biplane twin-engined flying boat reconnaissance-bomber) and Latham 43 (a flying boat bomber). A...

Middle East @ War 25: Unef - The Yugoslav Contingent - Yugoslav Army Contingent in the Sinai Peninsula 1956-67

Product code:  66410AVI
Pursuing a policy of social revolution, national liberation, and non-alignment, Yugoslavia under Josip Broz Tito became involved in the Middle East in the mid-1950s. Combined with some initial interest in economic and military assistance, this involvement found a positive reception among several Arab states, foremost Egypt under Gamal Abdel Nasser. Close personal ties between Tito and Nasser significantly contributed to the deployment of a contingent from the Yugoslav Popular Army (JNA) within t...

Champions of Flight: Clayton Knight and William Heaslip Artists Who Chronicled Aviation from the Great War to Victory in WWII

Product code:  07793AVI2
Champions of Flight celebrates the work of Clayton Joseph Knight (1891-1969) and William John Heaslip (1898-1970), the two preeminent American aviation artists of their time, who chronicled the golden age of aviation - from Charles Lindbergh's epochal transatlantic flight through the most devastating war in world history (1927-1945). Knight and Heaslip were experienced military men and formally trained artists who, combining an authenticity of experience and an artistic mastery of illustration, ...

Cold War Interceptor: The RAF's F.155T/O.R. 329 Fighter Projects

Product code:  58030AVI
The story of Britian's top aircraft manufacturers race to develop supersonic jets to combat the threat from the Soviet Union in the post war years.

Spitfires Over Berlin: Desperation and Devastation During WW2 Final Months

Product code:  58047AVI
Spitfires Over Berlin tells the story of the desperate battles that took place over the western front from January 1 to May 8 1945.

A History of the Battle of Britain Fighter Association Commemorating the Few

Product code:  65192AVI
In 1945 it was announced that Allied airmen who had taken part in the Battle of Britain in 1940 would be entitled to the immediate award of the 1939-1945 Star, with Battle of Britain Clasp. This was the only Clasp awarded with the 1939-1945 Star. In the following years holders of the Clasp held informal get-togethers. In 1958 the Battle of Britain Fighter Association (BBFA) was formed, with full membership only available to holders of the Battle of Britain Clasp. Lord Dowding was the first Pres...

Kagero Top Drawings 7083: The Sukhoi Su-27/Su-33

Product code:  48543AVI
Begins with a brief introduction and continues with a plethora of line drawings in various scales as well as colour profiles.