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Scramble - Military Serials Europe 2021

Product code:  SCRAM05
Produced by the Dutch Aviation Society this contains detailed in information for the aviation enthusiast.

Legends of Flight: McDonnell Douglas DC-10/MD-11

Product code:  61371AVI
The McDonnell Douglas DC-10 three-engine jet is one of the most distinctive wide-bodied aircraft and since the early 1970s has been operated by many airlines on medium- and long-distance routes throughout the world. Successfully flying passenger service for over 40 years, the DC-10 currently still flies for FedEx in an airfreight delivery role. Filled with design and construction information, background history, technical data, and rare images, this book describes the exciting story of this avia...

Legends of Flight: Airbus A300/310

Product code:  61395AVI
By producing the A300the first twin-jet, wide-body airliner in the world of the European Airbus consortium succeeded in joining the league of leading aircraft makers. The path was both rocky and exciting. Filled with detailed text, including historical, technological, and flight information, as well as colourful photos, this volume provides a fascinating insight into the history of commercial aviation.

Legends of Flight: Boeing 737

Product code:  61388AVI
The Boeing 737 is undoubtedly one of the best known of all passenger aircraft and has been built in greater numbers than any other commercial aircraft in the world. There are few airline passengers of the last decade who have not yet flown on one of these aircraft. More than 10,000 examples have been built in all its variants-an unbelievably high number for an airliner. This book describes the aircrafts early development from the first concept drawings in the early 1960s to construction, testing...

Legends of Warfare: F-111 Aardvark - General Dynamics Variable-Swept Wing Attack Aircraft

Product code:  61289AVI
The General Dynamics F-111 was one of aviation history's most promising planes when it came out in the early 1960s. Despite a rocky service career, political changes in how the military acquired its weaponry, and the addition of too much new technology, the plane provided a credible frontline deterrent in the Cold War era and was used to great effect in the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm. Many of the challenges faced by putting the F-111with all of its new systemsinto service are now acc...

Asia@War 19: Into the Iron Triangle - Operation Attleboro and the Battles, North of Saigon 1966

Product code:  36264AVI
In early October 1966, the fresh and inexperienced 196th Light Infantry Brigade of the US Army was conducting a series of routine patrols in War Zone C. A lucky discovery of a rice cache led to the uncovering of a planned base area being established by the Viet Cong insurgents of South Vietnam - NLF, southeast of Tay Ninh City. What followed was named Operation Attleboro.

WWP B020 Early Hips Mi-17/Mi-8MT First 20 Years of Service

Product code:  09807AVI
Contains a plethora of colour photos. Content covers history, walkaround, interior-detail, engine detail and chassis detail.

Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft Profile Book 10

Product code:  44380AVI
Lavishly illustrated book containing 130 colour aircraft profiles with additional illustrations and accompanying historical text. Contains tables and specifications.

How the RAF Beat the Luftwaffe

Product code:  83824AVI
The Luftwaffe had to be used in a decisive way in the Battle of Britain as a means of conducting total air war. Its size, technical equipment and the means at its disposal precluded the Luftwaffe from fulfilling this mission. How did the RAF beat the Luftwaffe in World War II, or in fact, was it the fact that they did not lose which later enabled them to claim victory - a victory that would have been impossible without the participation of the Americans from early 1943. This ground-breaking stud...

Europe@War 9: Cold War Berlin - An Island City Vol.1 - The Birth of the Cold War and the Berlin Airlift 1945-50

Product code:  59032AVI
At the end of the Second World War, the city of Berlin was located 100 miles inside the Soviet Occupation Zone of Germany. The Western Allies insisted on keeping part of the city for themselves, and so it was divided into four sectors, mimicking the rest of Germany. Stalin needed to persuade the British, French and Americans to leave so that there would be nothing in the way of him completing the strategic buffer of territory reaching from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic, which Churchill would la...

Eagles Over Darwin: American Airmen Defending Northern Australia in 1942

Product code:  65984AVI
In 1942 the air defence of the northern Australian frontier town of Darwin was operated by airmen from the United States. That year was very nearly the end of Australia as a country. To those men the present nation owes a debt. A massive Japanese attack on Darwin on 19 February had left the town and its air base in ruins. An understrength squadron of USAAC P-40E Warhawks fought a gallant defence but was all but wiped out. Northern Australia was now at the mercy of Imperial Japanese Navy Betty bo...

Pacific Profiles Vol.3: Allied Medium Bombers - Douglas A-20 Havoc Series Southwest Pacific 1942-44

Product code:  26207AVI
The Pacific Profiles series presents the most accurate WWII aircraft profiles to date of Japanese & Allied aircraft in the Pacific theatre. Volume Three illustrates, by squadron, USAAF Fifth Air Force A-20 series medium bombers operating in New Guinea from July 1942 to the end of 1944. In this distant theatre, a dozen USAAF A-20 squadrons from the 3rd, 312th and 417th Bombardment Groups, joined by the 22 Squadron, RAAF.