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JASDF Photo Book: F-4 Phantom II Photo Book ENGLISH EDITION

Product code:  51692AVI
ENGLISH LANGUAGE BOOK: This Lavishly illustrated book contains an overview, scale drawings, detailed walkaround colour photos, illustrations of the airframe structure and camouflage schemes, modelling sections.

Jets 46 - Les Projects de Jets de Combat de la Luftwaffe

Product code:  03588AVI
FRENCH LANGUAGE MAGAZINE. Following numerous requests from our readers, we have decided to republish, in book form, the Aérojournal hors-série number 3, a booklet victim of its success and out of print for several years, devoted to German combat jet projects which would have must have come into existence if the war had continued for another year. However, it is not a simple reissue since a good part of the texts have been brought up to date according to the new information available. In addition...

Mitsubishi A6M Rei-sen Zero

Product code:  03618AVI
FRENCH LANGUAGE MAGAZINE. When on November 26, 1941 the six aircraft carriers of the Kido Butai secretly left the bay of Hito-Kappu in the Kuril Islands and set sail for Pearl Harbor, they embarked about 380 aircraft: dive bombers, bombers – torpedo boats and fighters. All of them in their category represent the very best in terms of single-engine combat aircraft. The fighters are of the Mitsubishi A6M2 Reisen or Zero type, the first of which entered service just over a year ago. As the War of t...

Air-to-Air Refuelling Aircraft

Product code:  70690AVI2
Modern strategists talk about force multipliers , and for air operations, air-to-air refuelling is without doubt the greatest force multiplier of all. In-flight refuelling has allowed not only the longest bombing missions in history but also persistence in air defence, reach in transport and flexibility in ground-attack tasks. Covering a range of refuellers including the Boeing KC-97 and KC-135, Vickers Valiant, Handley Page Victor, Lockheed TriStar, Vickers VC10, McDonnell Douglas KC-10 and the...

British Aircraft of the Falklands War

Product code:  22427AVI
The Falkland Islands is a remote British territory, about 8,000 miles from the UK mainland and just over 400 miles from the coast of Argentina. The ownership of the islands had long been disputed, but it reached a boiling point in March 1982, when a group of individuals raised the Argentine flag on South Georgia. Foreseeing a large-scale response from British forces, the Argentine government quickly ordered Operation Rosario, and, on 2 April 1982, undertook an amphibious invasion of the Falkland...

Airliners of the 2000s

Product code:  22564AVI
All decades of aviation have important developments and changes. In the 2000s, the European Airbus consortium finally overtook Boeing as the major producer of airliners, with a full range from the smallest, the A318, to the largest of all passenger aircraft, the A380. It saw the early jets either disappear or get converted to haul freight. The old piston-powered props still served in remote parts of the world but in declining numbers. On a sad note, the 2000s saw the final Concorde services, bri...

LOT Polish Airlines - Wings of Central Europe

Product code:  22601AVI
The first traces of Polish aviation can be found in 1910. However, one of the first fully domestic airlines, under the name of Aerolloyd, was formed in 1922 by Polish oil barons and operated from the Free City of Danzig, with the help of German investors. Aerolloyd, or Aerolot in Polish, initiated a merger with some smaller competing Polish airlines in 1927 to form LOT Polish Airlines, which was owned by the Polish state. During World War Two, when Poland was occupied by German troops, the airli...

Reggiane Re2005 Sagittario - Updated Edition

Product code:  55464AVI
Featuing the Reggiane Re2005 Sagittario aircraft. Charting the history of this iconic aircraft with detailed research and numerous photos and illustrations.

Cold War Boys

Product code:  67377AVI
PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED TALES OF DERRING-DO FROM LIGHTNING, PHANTOM AND HUNTER PILOTS. This diversity is reflected in the 20 chapters of Cold War Boys which opens with a vivid description from the author of survival procedures used by English Electric Lightning pilots in the event of nuclear war. From there on, various contributors share their original experiences on a range of fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft across the world including tales from RAF Germany, the Falklands and the Far East. Ea...

Javelin Boys - Air Defence from the Cold War to Confrontation

Product code:  67353AVI
The author has interviewed a number of veterans, all with captivating tales of their time on the aircraft. Alongside their anecdotes is a detailed history of this unusual aircraft, accompanied by photography never seen before in print.

Middle East@War Special: The Iran-Iraq War - The Greatest Land War of the Late Twentieth Century

Product code:  11565AVI
The Iran-Iraq War was one of the bloodiest and longest conventional conflicts of the twentieth century – and one that, accidentally, created the current nightmare of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. There have been many books on the conflict, but Helion’s Iran–Iraq War mini-series was the first detailed military history using materials from both sides, as well as materials obtained from US intelligence circles and British Governmental archives. It provided a unique insight into a war which bega...

Asia@War 34: Hunting the Viet Cong Vol.1 - The Counterinsurgency Campaign in South Vietnam 1961-63 The Strategic Hamlet Programme

Product code:  70630AVI
Hunting the Viet Cong: Counterinsurgency in South Vietnam 1961–1963 presents a new perspective on the early stages of the Vietnam War. It shows how the counterinsurgency policy of the American-backed Diem government was effective in separating the Viet Cong from many of their supporters, forced many VC into hiding and created a platform for further government success.