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Warpaint 135 De Havilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide & Dominie

Product code:  WP135AVI
A detailed history of this aircraft which includes history and development, photos, camouflage schemes, line drawings in detail.

Real2Replica Blue 3: Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II

Product code:  72550AVI
Real to Replica Series - Blue Series by Andy Evans of Phoenix Scale Publications. This exciting series looks at the history of the aircraft, detailed scaled drawings, colour schemes and modelling the aircraft. In full colour, photos and illustrations.

The Indian Army in the First World War

Product code:  10490MIL
The book addresses the important global role of the Indian Army during the First World War. It is an academic reassessment of the army by both established and early career scholars of the Indian Army, as well as naval historians. It looks at the historiography of the army - taking into account the recent work on the army (particularly on the Western Front in 1914-1915). The edited volume covers the traditional areas of the Indian Army on the Western Front, in Palestine, Mesopotamia and the defen...

Latin America@War 30: Revolucion Libertadora Vol.1 - The 1955 Coup d'etat in Argentina

Product code:  10322AVI
Revolución Libertadora – or the Liberating Revolution –is the name by which the military dictatorship that ruled Argentina is known after overthrowing the constitutional president, Juan Domingo Perón, closing the National Congress, deposing the members of the Supreme Court, the provincial and municipal authorities and university and commissioning the entire Judicial Power through a coup that began on September 16, 1955 and that, after more than two years, transferred the government to President-...

Europe@War 22: From Julietts to Yasens - History of Soviet Cruise-Missile Submarines 1958-2022

Product code:  70685AVI
One solution to the problems facing the Soviet Navy was to develop submarines armed with large, heavy, long-range stand-off anti-ship cruise missiles. These unique combinations of platforms and weapons systems would come to pose a threat that forced the US Navy to adapt its own naval strategy and equipment to counter them. While never used in anger in their intended role, life aboard these submarines could be extremely hazardous for their crews, with a number of accidents – including the tota...

Airframe Detail 10 The Bristol Beaufort

Product code:  32214AVI
The Bristol Beaufort remains a subject of interest to enthusiasts and modellers alike. With the release of Airfix 1/72 scale example and now ICM in 1/48 it seems right to produce a title on this particular type. Our tenth title in the Airframe Detail series will be an essential companion for anyone tackling the ICM example in 1/48 scale and the 1/72 scale kits from Airfix, Special Hobby, and even the old Frog examples.

Secret Projects of the Luftwaffe in Profile

Product code:  58627AVI2
The Second World War was a time of tremendous technological progress in aviation with innovations such as jet engines and swept wings being brought in as engineers on all sides desperately sought every possible performance advantage. In Germany the quest for better aircraft resulted in some astonishing designs – everything from bombers with forward-swept wings to ramjet fighters and disposable rocket-propelled interceptors. In Secret Projects of the Luftwaffe in Profile, renowned aviation artist...

War Prizes: Captured German, Italian and Japanese Aircraft of WWII

Product code:  52629AVI
This book is a meticulously researched review of the many German, Italian and Japanese aircraft taken to Allied countries or flown by the Allies during or after the Second World War. The history of these captured aircraft has been extensively researched and the book is copiously illustrated by an unrivalled selection of around 500 photographs, gleaned from around the world.

Arado Ar 234 Blitz: The World's First Jet Bomber

Product code:  37609AVI2
When it appeared over the Western Front in the summer of 1944, the Arado Ar234 was truly state-of-the-art in terms of aeronautical and technical development. As the world's first operational jet reconnaissance aircraft, it undertook high-speed, high-altitude observation missions over the Allied beachheads in Normandy. In September 1944 and as late as 1945, lone Ar 234s carried out reconnaissance over British ports and also over the Mediterranean. Able to deliver 1,000kg of bombs at high-speed an...

A Century of British Aeroplanes in Old Photographs

Product code:  39338AVI
So what we have here is really looking at British aeroplanes in the 20th century, except that some of them despite not being British have been included as they are interesting and have associations with Britain. Think of this book as a curated and highly annotated collection of photographs that the author has compiled to illustrate how aviation has developed over the last hundred years. The book is jam-packed with over 300 photos all accompanied by lengthy detailed captions.

British Light Aviation – A Shifting Emphasis: Vol.2

Product code:  39246AVI
Devoted to British Light Aircraft 1946-1970 it sure is in detail. Including projects and designs unfulfilled. Includes things like the radical Essex Aero Sprite an ahead of its time plane, with a name that suggested it was made from pure sugar, but never built. These might have beens are examined individually and accompanied by profile drawings and specifications. The book ends with two appendices, one on light aircraft manufacturing tools and the other on the Rollason Midget Racer Competition o...

British Light Aviation – A Shifting Emphasis: Vol.1

Product code:  39239AVI
For readers familiar with Arthur’s work this book and its companion volume are typical – an eight page preface and a sixteen page introduction! The first two chapters deal with the period up to the war then chapter three asks, Is Britain Really an Air-Minded Nation. The remaining chapters deal exclusively with the post-war period, including chapter six on the intriguing subject of the chicken and egg subject of engines. This volume finishes with a chronology of light aircraft and engines and a d...