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Warpaint 51 Lockheed Neptune

Product code:  WP051AVI
Another in this concise series, which follows the production and service history of the Lockheed Neptune with colour 4-views, colour profiles, 1:72 scale drawings, technical spec and kits in production.

Victory Fighters: The Veterans Story. Winning the battle for supermacy in the skies over Western Europe 1941-45

Product code:  4311XAVI
A collection of eye-witness accounts of the struggle that raged in the skies over occupied Europe after the Battle of Britain. The book centres on six pilots and one navigator, and a multitude of aircraft types including Sunderlands, Mustangs, Tempests, Typhoons, Spitfires, Whirlwinds and more.

Flying into Hell. The Bomber Command Offensive as Witnessed by the Crews Themselves

Product code:  1089XAVI
A collection of 20 short stories - the personal experiences of WWII combat veterans which allow the reader to learn what battle was like first hand.

Changing Course. The Wartime Experiences of a Member of Women's Royal Naval Service 1939-45

Product code:  43101AVI
The author revisits the momentous days from June 1939 which tested her and her contemporaries to the full. This autobiography is a highly personal account of her time as a Wren which gives a fascinating insight into service life.

Kimmel, Short, and Pearl Harbor

Product code:  40900AVI
This book reproduces the complete report of the US Department of Defense's investigation into the parts that Rear Admiral Husband E Kimmel and Major General Walter C Short's played in the attack on Pearl Harbour.

Encyclopedia of U-Boats. From 1904 to the present

Product code:  76233NAV
This book traces the history of the German U-Boat through the major conflicts of the 20th century. A comprehensive reference work which lists all the different submarine classes and types developed from the U-1, launched in 1906, to the 30's series, to the Wolf pack of WWII and beyond. Information covers development, service record, range, crew strength and location for each entry.

Luftwaffe Aces. German Combat Pilots of WWII

Product code:  31774AVI
The combat biographies of seven Luftwaffe aces: three day-fighter pilots, one night-fighter pilot, one close-support pilot, and two bomber pilots including Heinz Bar, Otto Kittel, Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer, Wilhelm Batz, Otto Weiss, Joachim Helbig, and Ludwig Havighorst.

Wings of Gold. The US Naval Air Campaign in World War II

Product code:  18539AVI
The first account of how the airplane transformed the U.S. Navy and paved the way to victory in the Pacific in WWII. The author tracks the fateful journey from its humble beginnings in 1910 when Eugene Ely flew the very first plane off the deck of a U.S. Navy ship to the unprecedented air combat missions that helped defeat the Japanese.

Conflicting Missions

Product code:  85410MIL
An extensive account of Cuban policy in Africa and of its escalating clash with US policy and later its direct military clashes with the South African Defence force in Angola.

Hitler's Jet Plane. The Me 262 Story

Product code:  76241AVI
The full story of the world's first operational military jet, the German Me-262. The book answers numerous questions including whether the Me262 could have broken Allied supremacy in the air; Why it took so long to come into service and why hundreds of German pilots were sacrificed in its development and finally, why the Me262 proved not to be the unparalleled success that Goering claimed it would be and the role that Hitler played in this ultimate failure.

Dragoon, The Other Invasion of France. August 15, 1944

Product code:  39509MIL
August 15th 1944 three American and four French divisions commence landings in S.E. France. This large format book covers the operations in detail and makes extensive use of photos,maps & colour illustrations depicting weapons,equipment,ships & aircraft.

History of the British U Class Submarine

Product code:  5131XNAV
This book covers the development of the U-Class submarine conceived initially as a small training vessel. In fact, for the Mediterranean in particular, it proved ideal for offensive patrols. Losses during WW2 were heavy and 17 were lost to enemy action from 72 commissioned. The U-Class service history is examined here.