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Dogfight 5: F6F Hellcat Philippines 1944

Product code:  50560AVI
Using maps, contemporary photographs, and new artwork, this book examines the Hellcat and the naval aviators who flew them. Joining combat in the Pacific in late 1943, the Hellcat squadrons soon demonstrated their ascendency over their Japanese opponents, culminating in the great "Marianas Turkey Shoot" during the Battle of the Philippine Sea in June 1944. The fighter proved to be a dream for pilots to fly, allowing both novice and veteran Naval Aviators alike to prevail in largescale aerial com...

Staffordshire's Military Heritage

Product code:  10113MIL
The county of Staffordshire has an impressive military history and heritage that stretches back well over 1,000 years. In this book the authors explore the military heritage of the historical county of Staffordshire, including the heavily populated urban areas of Stoke-on-Trent, Wolverhampton, Walsall and West Bromwich and the more rural parts of the county from its Anglo-Saxon and Viking legacy to the present day. As well as Staffordshire's historic fortifications, airbases and other military s...

Hold the Westwall: The History of Panzer Brigade 105 - September 1944

Product code:  39368MIL
Hold the Westwall is the dramatic story of Panzer Brigade 105, one of Germany's experimental independent armoured brigades, and its formation, deployment (including its defence of the Siegfried Line), and ultimate destruction. Relying heavily on primary documents and interviews, it also presents American accounts of what it was like to fight the brigade. It is the first book in English on Germany's failed experiment with independent armoured brigades in World War II.

Putin's Wars: From Chechnya to Ukraine

Product code:  47546MIL
A new history of how Putin and his conflicts have inexorably reshaped Russia, including his devastating invasion of Ukraine. Putin's Wars is a timely overview of the conflicts in which Russia has been involved since Vladimir Putin became prime minister and then president of Russia, from the First Chechen War to the two military incursions into Georgia, the annexation of Crimea and the eventual invasion of Ukraine itself. But it also looks more broadly at Putin's recreation of Russian military po...

American Interceptor - US Navy Convoy Fighter Projects

Product code:  58948AVI
The Soviet Union first successful atomic bomb detonation in August 1949 was a wakeup call for US Navy planners. The possibility of a single Soviet aircraft wiping out an entire convoy of merchant ships with a nuclear weapon had suddenly become very real. With military budgets having shrunk prior to the Korean War, it was simply not possible to provide a US Navy escort for every convoy. But what if those vessels could be provided with an effective means of self-defence - an aircraft able to funct...

Black Sunday - When Weather Claimed the US Fifth Air Force (Second Edition)

Product code:  46988AVI
Any USAAF pilot who flew the mission to Hollandia on the fateful afternoon of 16 April 1944 in New Guinea would remember it for the rest of their lives. So would anyone else in the theatre, for the weather-related losses that fateful day earned it the eternal epithet Black Sunday. The way home for more than three hundred bombers and fighters was blocked by a towering weather front whose thunderstorms rose well above any altitude they could reach. Over enemy territory and caught between mountains...

Pacific Profiles Vol.9: Allied Fighters - P-38 Series - South & Southwest Pacific 1942-44

Product code:  46971AVI
Volume Nine covers the P-38 and variants including the photo-reconnaissance F-4 and F-5, along with field-modified P-38G night-fighters. The P-38 flew combat in the SWPA and SOPAC theatres until mid-1944, serving a total of nineteen Fifth and Thirteenth Air Force USAAF combat squadrons, one service squadron, Fifth Fighter Command, and finally with the Combat Replacement Training Centre at Nadzab.

A-6 Intruder in US Navy Attack Squadron Service - Colors & Markings Series 6

Product code:  39679AVI
Grumman’s A-6 Intruder was certainly not one of the most beautiful aircraft designs ever to come off the drawing boards, but in terms of being able to perform the job for which it was intended, it may well be one of the best designs in military aviation history. During its 34 years of service, the Intruder displayed a variety of aircraft paint schemes and markings, ranging from some of the most colourful ever applied to a combat aircraft to some that were so subdued that the various squadron and...

ZERO Fighter Photo Collection

Product code:  01023AVI
JAPANESE LANGUAGE BOOK: This Lavishly illustrated book contains an overview, scale drawings, detailed walkaround colour photos, illustrations of the airframe structure and camouflage schemes, modelling sections.

Tank Modeling Guide 10: Marder & Jagdtiger Painting and Weathering

Product code:  01122MIL
JAPANESE LANGUAGE BOOK: This Lavishly illustrated book contains an overview, scale drawings, detailed walkaround colour photos, illustrations of the structure and camouflage schemes, modelling sections.

Canadian Pathfinder - The Life of a Canadian Bomber Ace

Product code:  84197AVI
Limited print edition of Canadian Pathfinder – Biography of Lt Gen. Reg Lane, DSO, DFC*, CMM, CD who did three tours in WW2. Two tours were with No.35 Sqn. RAF on Halifaxes Mk.II, and 3rd tour as CO of No.405 Vancouver Squadron. He stayed in RCAF after the war and commanded the Canadian Transport Wing clearing up Europe, further service included commanding the Canadian 4th Fighter Wing in Germany and France, the Canadian Air Transport Command, and senior Staff appointments in Ottawa during the t...

Colour Conundrum No.2

Product code:  CCO02MOD
A compendium of the history of aircraft featured in Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine over the years. Including detailed camouflage schemes and line drawings in detail.