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Stalin's Armour 1941-45 Soviet Tanks at War

Product code:  77935MIL
Stalin purge of army officers in the late 1930s and disputes about tank tactics meant that Soviet armoured forces were in disarray when Hitler invaded in 1941. As a result, during Operation Barbarossa, the Wehrmachts 3,200 Panzers ran circles round the Red Armys tank force of almost 20,000 - thousands of Soviet tanks were disabled or destroyed. Yet within two years of this disaster the Red Armys tank arm had regained its confidence and numbers and was in a position to help turn the tide and libe...

World Class Diamondbacks - US Navy Squadron Histories No.306

Product code:  72740AVI
Originally designated Fighter Squadron 102 (VF-102), the DIAMONDBACKS of Strike Fighter Squadron 102 (VFA-102) were established on 1 Jul 1955 in Jacksonville, Florida. The first aircraft to carry the distinctive DIAMONDBACK markings was the McDonnell F2H Banshee, a twin-engine fighter-bomber with four 20mm internal cannons. Since then, the DIAMONDBACKS were assigned respectively to the following FDNF carriers: USS KITTY HAWK (CV 63), USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN 73), and USS RONALD REAGAN (CVN 76).

Equipaggiamenti da volo italiani del dopoguerra - Post WWII Flying Equipment in Italian Service

Product code:  11172AVI
A complete guide to the Italian Armed Forces and State Corps flight equipment, from 1946 up today. An unpublished and in-depth work that deals for the first time with an often disregarded subject, and that will be for of interest to all enthusiasts and collectors. This book provides a very in-depth overview on the flying equipment used by the Italian air arms and State corps from the post-WWII era up to the present day. Most of the information included is published for the first time, and concer...

Panzer Aces: The Memoirs of an Iron Cross Panzer Commander from Barbarossa to Normandy

Product code:  82667MIL2
Richard Freiherr von Rosen was a highly-decorated Wehrmacht soldier and outstanding panzer commander. His memoirs, richly illustrated with contemporary photographs, including key confrontations of World War II. After serving as a gunlayer on a Pz.Mk.III during Barbarossa, he led a Company of Tigers at Kursk, later a company of King Tiger Panzers at Normandy and in late 1944 commanded a battle group - 12 King Tigers and a flak Company against the Russians in Hungary in the rank of junior, later s...

Combat Aircraft 137: B/EB-66 Destroyer Units in Combat

Product code:  45078AVI
Studies of air combat in the Vietnam War inevitably focus on the MiG-killing fighter engagements, B-52 onslaughts or tactical strikes on the Hanoi region. However, underlying all these was the secretive electron war in which highly-skilled electronic warfare officers duelled with Soviet and North Vietnamese radar operators in the attempt to enable US strike forces to reach their targets with minimal losses. Orbiting at the edge of heavily-defended territory, the vulnerable EB-66s identified and ...

Combat Aircraft 136: Arado Ar 196 Units in Combat

Product code:  44972AVI
Beating its biplane rivals in a 1936 Reich Air Ministry design competition, the Arado Ar 196 provided the Kriegsmarine with possibly the best shipborne reconnaissance seaplane of World War II. Replacing the Heinkel He 60 biplane as the standard catapult-launched floatplane embarked on the Kriegsmarine's capital ships, the Ar 196 flew an assortment of combat missions during World War II, including coastal patrol, submarine hunting, light bombing, general reconnaissance and convoy escort sorties. ...

Combat Aircraft 135: A-7 Corsair II Units 1975-91

Product code:  40639AVI
At the A-7 Corsair II peak in the mid-1980s, some 30 US Navy squadrons flew various versions of the aircraft, including six Naval Air Reserve units, and these many of these units saw action across the Middle East. By the time the jet saw combat in Operation Desert Storm 1991, there remained only two fleet squadrons - many fleet squadrons having either disestablished or transitioned to the F/A 18 Hornet - but both of these units VA-46 and VA-72 played a major role in the campaign to free Kuwait. ...

Air Campaign 21 Battle of the Atlantic 1942-45 - The Climax of World War II Greatest Naval Campaign

Product code:  41537AVI
This book, the second of two volumes, explores the climactic events of the Battle of the Atlantic, and reveals how air power - both maritime patrol aircraft and carrier aircraft - ultimately proved to be the Allies most important weapon in one of the most bitterly fought naval campaigns of World War II.

New Vanguard 291 Vehicles of the Long Range Desert Group 1940-45

Product code:  42152MIL
The Long Range Desert Group was one of the most famous special units of World War II, operating heavily modified vehicles deep behind enemy lines to gather intelligence and support the raids of David Stirling's new Special Air Service. When war broke out, a pre-war explorer and army officer, Ralph Bagnold, convinced Middle East Command of the need for a reconnaissance force to penetrate into Italian-held desert. Bagnold tested four types of vehicles over rocks and through soft sand to find the b...

Nazi Prisoners of War in America

Product code:  49523MIL
This is the only book available that tells the full story of how the U.S. government, between 1942 and 1945, detained nearly half a million Nazi prisoners of war in 511 camps across the country. With a new introduction and illustrated with more than 70 rare photos, Krammer describes how, with no precedents upon which to form policy, America's handling of these foreign prisoners led to the hasty conversation of CCC camps, high school gyms, local fairgrounds, and race tracks to serve as holding ar...

Modellers Datafile 37 The McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle

Product code:  45814AVI
An in-depth detailed and photographic look at this aircraft. Including modelling, painting, photos and technical diagrams.

Middle East@War 28: 75 Years of the Israeli Air Force Vol.1 The First Quarter of a Century 1948-73

Product code:  36349AVI2
In May 2023, Israel will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of its founding as a state, and also the 75th anniversary of the establishment of its air force. The maturation of what was once the Israel Defence Force - Air Force and since 2005 is the Israeli Air-Space Force, is a fascinating study of a military force working to meet shifting obligations under multiple impediments while being repeatedly tested in combat. Many factors over the seven and a half decades shaped its air fighting capabil...