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Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft Profile Book 11

Product code:  44397AVI
Lavishly illustrated book containing 130 colour aircraft profiles with additional illustrations and accompanying historical text. Contains tables and specifications.

Fokker F.I/DR.I Vol.1 Albatros WWI Scale Model Anthology Series

Product code:  ALB001
The first volume in our new series of scale modelling Anthologies. Covering model build articles, great reference photos, new colour profiles, build logs, reviews and colours discussion.

Civil Vehicles - Painting and Weathering with Acrylic Colors

Product code:  09879MOD
Civil trucks and vehicles have a longer lifetime. Therefore the effects of prolonged exposure to the elements is much greater. This book looks to explain how to achieve the best weathering effects.

The Comet Racers Uncovered

Product code:  95429AVI
Detailed research with photos and tables of the D Havilland DH88 Comet.

New Vanguard 301 Tanks at the Iron Curtain 1946-60

Product code:  43296MIL
A study of the Soviet and NATO armoured forces that faced each other off in Central Europe in the early Cold War, and how their technology, tactics, and doctrine were all rapidly developed. For 45 years, the most disputed point in the World was the dividing line between East and West in Europe. Here the use and development of tanks was key. In this fully illustrated study, describes how Soviet and NATO tanks were deployed in the early years of the Cold War, and how a generation of tanks such as ...

Seaforth World Naval Review 2022

Product code:  18951NAV
For more than a decade this annual volume has provided an authoritative summary of all that has happened to the world's navies and their ships in the previous twelve months. It combines regional surveys with major articles on important new warships, and looks at wider issues of significance to navies such as aviation and weaponry. The contributors come from around the globe and as well as providing a balanced picture of naval developments, they interpret their significance and explain their cont...

Honours, Decorations, and Medals to The Royal Corps of Signals for Gallantry & Distinguished Service 1920-2020

Product code:  64311MIL
In every year since the formation of The Royal Corps of Signals in 1920, its officers and soldiers have been formally recognised for their gallantry and distinguished services on operations across the globe and their vital contribution to the wider tasks undertaken by the British Army. Published by the Royal Signals Institution in celebration of the 2020 centennial this volume records all honours, decorations, and medals awarded since 1920. It includes a wealth of long-forgotten and rarely-seen ...

On The Deck Vol.1

Product code:  77672AVI
On the Deck is devoted entirely to naval aviation models of all scales, eras and nationalities. The book contains builds from classic brands and well known subjects as well as newly released kits, and each model is depicted in a step-by-step style to guide the reader through the projects

The Tank Battles of Marshal Rokossovsky 1943-45

Product code:  83667MIL
Konstantin Rokossovsky was one of the most talented commanders of the Soviet Red Army. He fought in many important battles such as Kursk, Bobruisk, East Prussia. Kamen Nevenkin’s richly illustrated study examines his main battles in the period of 1943–1945, and contains wartime photographs and 10 maps which are mostly unpublished.

The Battleship Cruiser HMS Hood

Product code:  22486NAV
Representing five years of research, The Battlecruiser HMS Hood is easily the most comprehensive book ever published on this great warship. From the laying of her keel on the Clyde to her destruction by the Bismarck - in words, photos, and colour artwork. The unique assortment of photos assembled in this book includes stills from a recently discovered piece of colour footage.

Legends of Warfare: De Havilland Mosquito Vol.2 The Bomber and Photo-Recon Marques in World War II

Product code:  62378AVI
This second of two volumes on de Havilland Wooden Wonder covers the World War II bomber and photoreconnaissance variants of the deadly Mosquito. Along with its night fighter and fighter-bomber variants, Mosquito bomber squadrons attacked the enemy around the clock. Pinpoint assaults on specialist targets were another aspect of Mosquito operations, whose destructive effect on the Axis was constantly felt.

Legends of Warfare: Sherman Tank Vol.6 M32 - M74 Series Sherman Based Recovery Vehicles

Product code:  62347MIL
The United States, being at peace, had not foreseen the need for a specialized tank recovery vehicle, despite the ramping-up of tank production in 1940-41. However, observation of the new world war quickly pointed to the need for such a vehicle. Armored vehicles, immobilized for any reason, were easily destroyed by opposing troops, denying the possibility for recovery and repair or even the salvaging of parts after the battle.