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Guardians of Ukraine: The Ukrainian Air Force Sin

Product code:  09619AVI
The independent Ukrainian Air Force was officially established on 17 March 1992. It inherited 944 former Soviet aircraft, making it the second largest air force in Europe. With a variety of exotic combat aircraft types, including the last operational Yak-28s and Su-15s in the world, the Ukrainian Air Force became of immediate interest to both aviation enthusiasts and air defence analysts. In the mid-2000s the country's aircraft repair plants inaugurated upgrades to enhance the combat readiness o...

British Secret Projects 4: Bombers 1935-1950

Product code:  09341AVI
This book examining the design and development of the British bomber from roughly the introduction of monoplane designs through to the start of the jet era. This split has allowed space for the inclusion of much new information and many additional photographs. Concentrating on designs that were never built, the projects and programmes explored here start with designs that were prepared in the knowledge that war was approaching and go right through to the last generation of British piston-engined...

SIGNED - LIMITED EDITION Secret Projects of the Luftwaffe Vol.1 Jet Fighters 1939-45

Product code:  58085AVI
Signed by the Author. The first 300 copies of this book will receive a limited edition front cover. The cover will include a spot UV on the title and author Dan Sharp’s name so when you look at the cover straight on, you can admire the fantastic cover image, but as you tilt the book you will be able to see the text shining in the light. Renowned aviation author Dan Sharp will be signing and stamping the first 300 copies.

Ships in detail 001 Aircraft Carrier Juan Carlos 1 of the Spanish Navy

Product code:  SID001
Duke Hawkins new series has arrived. A complete portrait of this iconic ship, containing photos of all the features including action shots, deck views, weapons and maintenance in addition to up-to-date information.

Royal Marines Deal: A Pictorial History

Product code:  40810MIL
Deal, Kent was the place the Royal Marines were created. Young men arrived raw and left as Royal Marines. From 1861 Deal Barracks was the home to the Royal Marines and this book tells the history, in detail with numerous photos from over the years.

Tank Warfare 1939-45

Product code:  67622MIL2
On the battlefields of Europe and North Africa during the Second World War tanks played a key role, and the intense pressure of combat drove forward tank design and tactics at an extraordinary rate. In a few years, on all sides, tank warfare was transformed. This is the dramatic process that is chronicle in this heavily illustrated history. Describing the fundamentals of pre-war tank design and compare the theories formulated in the 1930s as to how they should be used in battle. Then they show h...

Safety is No Accident: From 'V' Bombers to Concorde: A Flight Test Engineer's Story

Product code:  69442AVI
Numerous books have been written by Test Pilots, but few, if any, from the perspective of an Aeronautical Engineer working as Flight Test Observer/Engineer in partnership with the Test Pilot. This book is an account of the author's flight-testing career, from the 1960s to early 1980s, at Avro and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). During the author's time at Avro, he flew on the development and certification test flights of the Avro 748, 748MF, Shackletons, Nimrod and Handley-Page Victor tanker...

Haynes Manual: US Super Carrier

Product code:  16671NAV
We go above and below deck to discover how a supercarrier is built, examining its structure, systems, departments, flight deck and hangar deck. With the full cooperation of the US Navy, they join the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) to discover how a supercarrier operates, looking at flight operations, logistics and life onboard. Commissioned in 1977, this awesome carrier has a complement of more than 6,000 crew and an embarked air wing of anything up to 90 aircraft, together capable of deliver...

Forgotten Archives 3: The Lost Signal Corps Photos

Product code:  32218MIL
The search for and discovery of seldom seen and unpublished US Army Signal Corps photographs formed the backbone of the first two volumes of ‘Forgotten Archives.’ In this third instalment, author Darren Neely continues his search for new imagery in unknown archives, while broadening contact with veteran’s families. This superbly produced 240-page book features 249 clear, high-quality photographs of US and German fighting vehicles, which are complemented by 8-pages of specially commissioned colou...

Polish Wings 28: Tupolev Tu-2. Sukhoi UTB-2, Schcherbakov Shche-2

Product code:  58877AVI
This new book in the popular Polish Wings series tells the story of three famous Russian bombers and trainers in the Polish Air Force during World War II and post-war. The Tu-2 was a twin-engine Soviet high-speed daylight and frontline bomber aircraft of World War II vintage. The UTB-2 was derivative of the Tu-2, used as a trainer; the elimination of combat equipment meant it was much lighter and this allowed the use of less powerful engines. The Shche-2 was a twin-engined utility aircraft manuf...

White Series: Yugoslav Fighter Colours 1918-41 Vol.1

Product code:  58570AVI
This first volume describes in detail the camouflage and markings of the day fighters used by the Yugoslav Air Force from 1918 to 1941. Aircraft of Yugoslav, British, German, Czech and French origin are shown in many historical photographs and colour profiles showing the colours and markings carried by the aircraft. Detailed colour notes and precise description and illustration of national markings over the period begins a two-book set that will be invaluable to aircraft enthusiasts, historians ...

Les Sous-Marins de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale

Product code:  03281NAV
FRENCH Language book. In depth look at this subject with detailed illustrations and photos.