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Tankcraft (22) M48 Patton American Cold war Battle Tank

Product code:  57739MIL
The M48 Patton main battle tank was one of the most successful and longest-serving designs produced in the United States, and it is a popular subject with tank modellers and enthusiasts. When it came into service in 1949 it represented a significant advance on the Sherman and M47 which it replaced, and it formed the backbone of American armoured forces during the early years of the Cold War. It also saw combat in Vietnam, during the Indo-Pakistan wars and in the Middle East, in particular during...

Hemtt and Family Members

Product code:  12354MIL
Photo album containing colour full-view and walkaround captioned photos of the exterior of the Hemtt and variants.

Danish Leopard 2A5 DK in Afghanistan

Product code:  12353MIL
Photo album containing colour full-view and walkaround captioned photos of the exterior of the Leopard 2A5DK Tank.

Modellers Datafile 35 The Grumman F-14 Tomcat

Product code:  61694AVI
An in-depth detailed and photographic look at the The Gruman F-14 Tomcat. Including modelling, painting, photos and technical diagrams.

Pan American Clippers: The Golden Age of Flying Boats - Revised 2nd Edition

Product code:  02304AVI
The photographs and artwork will enable readers to grasp the magnificence of the transoceanic flying boats...The accurate, authoritative text will provide information that is new to all but the exceptionally well-informed aviation buff and nonspecialist historian." -Choice. This edition has an additional 16 pages to add more historical and current information and provide additional detail and context to the historical importance of the flying boats, including: Pan Am's Art Deco terminals; the fa...

Latin America@War 16: Skyhawks Over the South Atlantic The Argentine Skyhawks in the Malvinas/Falklands War 1982

Product code:  66397AVI
By 1982, the backbone of the Argentine combat aviation, both on the Air Force and the Navy, was formed by three batches of Douglas A-4 Skyhawks, with the A-4B and C of the Air Force and the A-4Qs of the Navy. Despite their age, being a model almost 30 years old at the time of the war, and lacking protection, they took on the overwhelming struggle to fight the British Task Force that opposed the Argentine forces on the Malvinas/Falkland Islands. The Skyhawks were responsible for inflicting the gr...

AMX30 Main Battle Tank 1960-2019 AMX30B/B2 and Derivatives

Product code:  16480MIL
The AMX30 Char de Bataille was the standard French Main Battle Tank during the Cold War era. Initially the French and Germans attempted to develop a 'standard European tank' based on their experiences of the Second World War. Both countries required a design that put mobility and firepower foremost at the expense of armour protection, but the joint collaboration failed to materialise with the result that the French produced the AMX30 and the Germans the Leopard 1. The AMX30 was considerably ligh...

X Planes 13 The Wright Flyers 1899-1916

Product code:  37776AVI
Orville and Wilbur Wright, two bicycle-making brothers from Dayton, Ohio, secured their place as the most famous names in aviation history when, on December 17, 1903, they made the first powered, controlled, and sustained heavier-than-air flight. But their success over the cold and windswept Carolina dunes that day has overshadowed their many other accomplishments before and after that historic flight. The Wrights' progression from theory to analysis to ground-testing components and wing shapes,...

Building the Wingnut Wings 9: Halberstadt CL.II

Product code:  BWWHAL
Special edition modeller's guide to building the Wingnut Wings of the Halberstadt CL.II with archive photos and contemporary drawings all accompanying a detailed stage by stage build.

WWP B021 Apache Part Two - AH-64D/E and IDF Saraf Variants

Product code:  09722AVI
Contains a plethora of colour photos. Content covers history, walkaround, interior-detail, engine detail and chassis detail.

German Ground Forces of World War II: Complete Orders of Battle for Army Groups, Armies, Army Corps, and Other Commands of the Wehrmacht and Waffen Ss - Sep 1939 to May 1945

Product code:  11092MIL2
This massive new reference work is broken up into sections presenting a detailed analysis of each corresponding order of battle for every German field formation above division. Additional new ground is broken by describing the orders of battle of the myriad German and Axis satellite formations assigned to security commands throughout occupied Europe and the combat zones, as well as those attached to fortress commands and to the commanders of German occupation forces in Eastern and Western Europe...

Kursk 1943

Product code:  07076MIL
In the summer of 1943, the German launched Operation Zitadelle (Citadel), aimed at cutting off a large number of Soviet forces in the Kursk salient. This offensive resulted in the battle of Kursk, the largest tank battle of World War II. Kursk quickly became a fierce contest of attrition, as Wehrmacht and elite Waffen-SS Panzer-Divisions with their powerful Tiger and Panther tanks unsuccessfully tried to hammer their way through the intricate lines of strong Soviet defensive positions. What fol...