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Sign Here for Sacrifice: The Untold Story of the Third Battalion 506th - Airborne Vietnam 1968

Product code:  49427MIL
A hard-hitting history of the U.S. airborne unit who made a name for themselves in the unforgiving jungles of South Vietnam. It was easier killing than living. Third Battalion 506th Airborne veteran comment. Drawing on interviews with veterans, many of whom have never gone on the record before, Ian Gardner follows up his epic trilogy about the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment in World War II with the story of the unit's reactivation at the height of the Vietnam War.

125 The Jet Dragon that Roared

Product code:  23097AVI
The 125, with its various prefixes, was first conceived in the 1960s. Initially the response was lukewarm, but as the benefits of individual jet travel began to become apparent, particularly in North America, the orders began to arrive. This mid-cabin size business jet had a huge appeal to the corporate business market, and its list of operators read like something out of the Forbes 500. It was also sold widely to the military market and was the first western aircraft ever to achieve full certif...

Infantry Antiaircraft Missiles: Man-Portable Air Defense Systems

Product code:  53431MIL
This book charts the technological evolution of the MANPADS and explores their combat usage and the lessons from these encounters. Besides detailing the missiles, it also surveys the various methods developed as countermeasures to the MANPADS threat. The first generation of MANPADS, such as the US Army's Redeye and the Soviet Strela-2 (SA-7 Grail), saw combat use in the Vietnam War in 1972 and the Yom Kippur War of 1973. The next generation of infrared-guided MANPADS, such as the US Stinger and ...

AMX: Brazilian-Italian Fighter Bomber

Product code:  94081AVI
For Brazil, the AMX brought 21st-century capabilities to its air force, introducing advanced avionics and systems including a head-up display, radar warning receiver, chaff and flare countermeasures, identification friend or foe, and other new concepts. In this way, the AMX provided the Brazilian Air Force with a useful stepping-stone to the Super Tucano and the modernised F-5 Tiger II. Most importantly, the AMX had a huge impact on the Brazilian defence industry, which developed new technologie...

Cuban Migs: The Defenders of Castro's Air Force

Product code:  94098AVI
The Fuerza Aerea Revolucionaria (FAR), one of the most powerful and little-publicised air forces in the Americas, had Mikoyan-Gurevich (MiG) fighters as its main fighter aircraft, both in the defence of Cuban territory against the threat of US invasion and in support of Cuban leader's efforts to export their revolutionary ideals. The book casts an unprecedented look at the introduction and utilisation of all MiG models in Cuban service, since their arrival before the Cuban Missile Crisis, to cur...

Basic Guide to Modelling

Product code:  22083MOD
Whether you are just entering the hobby or re-acquainting yourself with it, this book provides simple step-by-step advice on how to get started on a build – regardless of whether it is a ship, tank, aircraft or spaceship – along with guidance on tools and equipment. The wealth of handy tips on basic modelling techniques includes eliminating seams, painting and applying decals. This useful guide also covers more advanced methods, such as scratch-building and repairing/replacing parts, along with ...

Africa@War61: Belgian Military Forces in the Congo Vol.2

Product code:  10124AVI
Although Belgium officially withdrew its military forces from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in July 1960, unofficially the former colonial ruler of this central African country maintained a political, economic, and military presence throughout the period known as the Congo Crisis, 1960–1967. Belgium’s military presence is seen mainly through its relations with the secessionist state of Katanga from 1960 to 1963 and through what was termed technical assistance.

Middle East@War 52: Air Power and The Arab World 1909-55 Vol.7 The Arab Air Forces in Crisis

Product code:  10346AVI
Volume 7 of the Air Power and the Arab World, 1909-1955 mini-series continues the story of the men and machines of the first half century of military aviation in the Arab world. These years saw the Arab countries and their military forces already caught up in the events of the Second World War. For those Arab nations which had some degree of independence, the resulting political, cultural and economic strains had a profound impact upon their military forces. In Egypt the Army generally remained ...

Latin America@War 31: Tropic Thunder in Suriname Vol.1 From Independence to Revolution and Countercoups 1975-82

Product code:  18716AVI
Suriname was forced into independence in 1975 by the Netherlands as part of its decolonisation program. Bureaucratic mismanagement by the democratic government led to disillusion amongst Surinamese, resulting in a military coup by a group of disgruntled NCOs in 1980. Although receiving popular support at first, the newly-created national military council soon started to rule with an iron fist, cracking down on the regime’s opponents and dealing with several counter-coups. The murder of 15 dissid...

Warpaint 136 Airspeed Oxford and Consul

Product code:  WP136AVI
A detailed history of this aircraft which includes history and development, photos, camouflage schemes, line drawings in detail.

SS39008 B-25 Mitchell

Product code:  70032AVI
Squadron Signal Publications bring you detailed walkaround photos of this icon aircraft. This book is in full colour and offers detailed photos for the enthusiast. Squadron Signal books first brought you single type books of aircraft, armoured vehicle, or ship from prototype to the final production variant in 1971, and continue to do so.