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WWII German Most Iconic SS Vehicles Vol.1

Product code:  54324MIL
This is the first volume of the two that will feature the most iconic vehicles of the Waffen SS. In this book we focus on medium tanks, self-propelled guns, half-tracks, armoured cars and softskins. The scenes and vehicles included in this collection are shown in a compilation of step by step articles with great photographs, perfectly combined to obtain maximum realism in the models. A must-have book for all fans of German WWII vehicles.

Tanker Techniques IDF Special Issue Vol.2

Product code:  54323MIL
This special edition of Tanker Techniques is focused on the Israel Defence Force armoured vehicles. It is an excellent step-by-step guide to creating realistic miniatures of IDF AFVs in 1-35 scale. Our goal is to provide artistic inspiration and necessary guidance for your future projects. This is the first volume of two that will feature the most iconic tanks and armoured vehicles of the Israel Defence Force. Prepared in collaboration with Michael Mass of Desert Eagle Publishing.

Aircraft in detail 018 Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet

Product code:  AID018
A complete portrait of this iconic aeroplane and its variants containing photos of all the features including action shots, Cockpit views, Fuselage, Weapons and Maintenance in addition to up-to-date information.

Aircraft in detail 017 Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot

Product code:  AID017
A complete portrait of this iconic aeroplane and its variants containing photos of all the features including action shots, Cockpit views, Fuselage, Weapons and Maintenance in addition to up-to-date information.

Battle of Britain - Prelude - Air Combat Archive 18 Jun-9 Jul 1940

Product code:  92776AVI
Sidelined by the retrospective decision to start the Battle on 10th July, the period of three weeks between the final withdrawal of the RAF from France and the official start of the Battle of Britain has been almost completely ignored by historians. Here, for the first time, those early combats, fought day and night over the UK, are fully detailed in the usual warts and all style, giving the reader a possible insight into why Dowding decided that the Battle only started on 10th July despite the...

Arab Armour vs Israeli Armour - Six Day War 1967

Product code:  42879MIL
The Six-Day War in 1967 was a lightning Israeli campaign that changed the face of the Middle East. Israel's armoured brigades, despite being heavily outnumbered on paper by Arab AFVs, managed to dominate the Arab forces tactically and technologically, through excellent gunnery and decentralized battlefield leadership. The fighting took place on three different fronts: the Sinai Front, the Jordanian Front and the Golan Heights.

Modelling Historic Buildings and Imaginary Structures

Product code:  08047MOD
This book demonstrates the many different modelling techniques used in the creation of realistic historical buildings and convincing imaginary or fantasy structures. Aimed at the railway and diorama modeller, it includes photographs of existing structures, detailed illustrations and plans, followed by step-by-step photographs of the various stages in their creation; practical tips and constructive advice are provided alongside. Special emphasis has been placed on the use of scrap and low-cost ma...

Britain's Airborne Forces of WWII: Uniforms and Equipment

Product code:  79465MIL
The Second World War saw huge advancements in military tactics and technology occurring at an unprecedented pace. One such development was the employment of forces able to deploy at short notice by parachute across the globe, utilising the opportunities created by the advancements in aeronautical technology. These forces were created to deliver an in-depth shock effect, and few have attracted more attention than Britains famed Parachute Regiment.

Carrier Attack Darwin 1942: The Complete Guide to Australia's Own Pearl Harbor

Product code:  51933AVI
When the Pacific war began it was a case of when not if Darwin would be attacked. But nobody could have predicted the extraordinary scale and ferocity of the 19 February 1942 raid. A massive strike force, blooded at Pearl Harbour just weeks before, hit Darwin in the biggest Japanese air attack ever in the South Pacific. Since then, generations of Australians have been drawn to the stories and folklore of the Darwin action. But facts have blurred and mythology has thrived. What of the warning tha...

New Vanguard 294: Allied Tanks in Normandy 1944

Product code:  43241MIL
When Allied tanks began to roll off the landing craft on D-Day, it marked the start of one of the great periods of tank warfare in World War II. Often outgunned by the German Panzers, and fighting in the close confines of bocage country, they nevertheless managed to break out of Normandy and begin the liberation of Europe. It was a battle that was dominated by the Americans legendary Sherman, but also saw a wide and complex range of armour committed to battle across the many armies involved, fro...

New Vanguard 293: US Navy Gunboats 1885-1945

Product code:  44705NAV
For more than half a century, American gunboats were the ships often responsible for policing small crises and provided deterrence and fast-response capabilities around the world - showing the flag, landing armed parties, patrolling river and littoral areas, and protecting ex-pats. They were often the United States most-visible and constant military presence in far-flung foreign lands, and were most closely associated with the Far East, particularly the Philippines and China. Most famous, of cou...

Scramble - Military Serials Europe 2021

Product code:  SCRAM05
Produced by the Dutch Aviation Society this contains detailed in information for the aviation enthusiast.