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Combat History of Sturmpanzer-Abteilung 217

Product code:  32201MIL
Combat History of Sturmpanzer-Abteilung 217 tells the story of the only Sturmpanzer IV equipped unit to see action on the western front. Formed in May 1944, Stu.Pz.Abt.217 fought in Normandy, Belgium, Aachen and the Ardennes Offensive before finally perishing in Ruhr pocket in April 1945. Researched over more than twenty years using hundreds of German and American records; authors Timm Haasler and Simon Vosters have meticulously retraced the steps of the battalion to offer the reader the most co...

The General Aviation Industry in America - A History (Second Edition)

Product code:  77217AVI
The industry known as "general aviation"-encompassing all flying outside of the military and commercial airlines-dates from the early days of powered flight. As technology advanced, making possible smaller aircraft that could be owned and operated by civilians, manufacturers emerged to a serve a growing market. Increasingly this meant business flying, as companies used aircraft in a variety of roles. The industry struggled during the Great Depression but development continued; small aircraft man...

Nachtjagd Combat Archive 1944 Part 2 16 Mar to 11 May

Product code:  92615AVI
The Nachtjagd Combat Archive is possibly the largest WWII aviation project ever published running to over 1.3 million words with over 1200 original photos, a remarkable 70% of which are previously unpublished. In simple terms, the NCA is a comprehensive record of over 6000 Luftwaffe Night Fighter Claims and over 2100 Flak claims which have been painstakingly matched to RAF Bomber Command losses resulting in over 95% of them now being identified. This means that for the first time ever, the fate...

Legends of Warfare: B-29 Superfortress Vol.1 Boeing's XB-29/B-29B in World War II

Product code:  59378AVI
The story of the B-29 Superfortress developed by the US. This book chronicles its design, development and combat history.

Legends of Warfare: Harley-Davidson WLA: The Main US Military Motorcycle of World War II

Product code:  59248MIL
The story of an iconic model in the long history of Harley Davidson. Developed for the US Army's mechanical cavalry, it was used by the US and Alied forces in WWII. Known as the Liberator this is the story of this iconic motorcycle.

Royal Flying Corps Kitbag: Aircrew Uniforms and Equipment from the War Over the Western Front in WWI

Product code:  52994AVI
They represented, noted the Official Historian of the RFC, the first organized national [air] force to fly to a war overseas'. As the Great War raged, the developments in military aviation were profound, not only in terms of aerial warfare but, as this book reveals, the uniforms and equipment the aircrew used. All the objects that a Royal Flying Corps pilot or airman was issued with for sorties over the Western Front during the First World War are explored in this book in high-definition colour ...

Boulton Paul Aircraft Since 1915

Product code:  57518AVI
The ancient Norwich firm of Boulton & Paul were brought into aircraft construction in 1915, and quickly became one of the great innovators. They pioneered metal construction and built the frame of the largest aircraft ever built in Britain, the R.101 airship. The Overstrand, the last of their superlative medium bombers, was the first aircraft in the world to feature a power-operated gun turret, and after their move to Wolverhampton in 1936 and change of name to Boulton Paul Aircraft their gun tu...

Powering the World's Airliners: Engine Developments from the Propeller to the Jet Age

Product code:  59146AVI
To enable an easy understanding of this intriguing subject, Powering the World's Airliners is profusely illustrated, transporting readers back to the time of each major development and introducing them to the key individuals of the aero industry in each era. After reading this comprehensive yet engaging story of the machines that power the aircraft in which we fly, no journey will ever seem quite the same again.

WWP G061 SA-8 Gecko - Russian Amphibious AA System 9K33 OSA

Product code:  09739MIL
Contains a plethora of colour photos. Content covers history, walkaround, interior-detail, engine detail and chassis detail.

F-104G - Visual Modellers Guide Wing Series Vol.1

Product code:  60048MOD
Fun and easily referenced sourcebook where you can visually analyze and distinguish the characteristic details of the variants F-104G Starfighter. The introduction includes historical notes about the design and development process of the different variants of the vehicle. All of this with high-quality photographs that clearly show both internal and external details.

Supplying the British Army in the Second World War

Product code:  25332MIL
During the Second World War, how were the multitude of items required by the soldiers in the front line selected, ordered and delivered, and how were they produced? In this the second volume in her detailed, scholarly study of the army's logistical system, Janet Macdonald describes the necessity for central advanced planning for each expeditionary force as well as those engaged in home defence, and the complex organization of personnel who performed these tasks, from the government and military ...

Warpaint 124 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17

Product code:  WP124AVI
Detailed history of this aircraft which includes history and development, camouflage schemes, line drawings, in detail and a list of available kits.