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Military Aviation Piston Era 1936-45

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An Emotional Gauntlet. From life in Peacetime America to the War in European Skies

Product code:  51204AVI
The true story of a typical USAAF heavy bomber crew in Europe in World War II. The book explains how these very young men from different backgrounds, adjusted to military life and bonded into a crew that survived a tour of daylight raids over Nazi territory.

Hurricane and Spitfire Pilots at War

Product code:  5064XAVI
Including many first hand accounts, the author (who flew Hurricanes in WWII) examines these two outstanding British fighters and looks at the operation of them throughout Europe and the Middle and Far East throughout the World War II.

Gun Camera Pacific

Product code:  17585AVI
The powerful images of this book illustrate the air war over the Pacific from the unique, dramatic point of view of gun cameras mounted on Allied aircraft. The book contains many never-before-seen images from the missions that helped the war.