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Military Aviation Piston Era 1936-45

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Combat Aircraft 129: Dornier Do 17 Units of World War 2

Product code:  29634AVI
Initially designed as a high-speed mail aeroplane and airliner, the Do 17 first made an appearance as a military aircraft in the Spanish Civil War, both as a bomber and in reconnaissance roles. In the early stages of World War II, it, together with the Heinkel He 111, formed the backbone of the German bomber arm over Poland, France, Belgium and the Low Countries, and saw action in almost every major campaign in this period. However, by the start of the Battle of Britain, the Do 17's limited rang...

Air Campaign 11: Battle of Berlin 1943-44, Bomber Harris' Gamble to End the War

Product code:  35222AVI
Struggling against dreadful and bitter winter weather, Bomber Command `went' to Berlin a total of sixteen times, suffering increasingly severe losses throughout the winter of 1943/44 in the face of a revitalized German air-defence. The campaign remains controversial and the jury, even today, is ultimately undecided as to what it realistically achieved. Illustrated throughout with full-colour artwork depicting the enormous scale of the campaign, this is the story of the RAF's much debated attempt...

Duel 97 Tempest V vs Fw 190D-9 1944-45

Product code:  29252AVI
Arguably two of the finest piston-engined fighters ever built, the Tempest V and Fw 190D-9 raised the bar in terms of aircraft design and operational capability during World War II. The long-nosed `Dora 9', designed by Kurt Tank, first appeared in the skies over the Western and Eastern Fronts in the late summer of 1944. Fast, and with an exceptional rate of climb, it quickly bettered almost every fighter that the RAF, USAAF and Soviet Red Air Force could field.

Kagero Monograph 3D Rogozarski Ik3

Product code:  37808AVI2
Looking at the development of this Yugoslav World War II built aircraft. Containing excellent references, features, scaled drawings and photos.

We Landed by Moonlight: Secret RAF Landings in France 1940-1944

Product code:  54750AVI
For most of the Second World War, the RAF flew small aircraft at night into occupied France, landing and taking off in secrecy. This books tells the story of their missions of transporting agents to support the French resistance.

White Series: Boeing B-17 Fortress in RAF Coastal Command Service

Product code:  81548AVI
Rejected as a bomber by the RAF, the B-17 was used extensively as a long-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft by Coastal Command. This book tells the fascinating story of these operations, a vital but often overlooked part of the fight against the U-Boats. All the aircraft involved are listed, and the tedious but essential work of their crews described, including some epic encounters with enemy submarines.

Airframe Detail 7 The Henschel Hs 123

Product code:  32047AVI
Detailed guide which includes a wealth of historical and modern photographs and a detailed study of the structure, equipment and armament used. Contains pages of isometric views of all prototype and production airframes in addition to colour profiles. Final section includes lists of kits, accessories and decals produced in all scales

Camera On 14 Morane Saulnier Ms.406 France 1940

Product code:  58327AVI
The Morane Saulnier MS.406 was a speedy French fighter aircraft developed and manufactured by Morane Saulnier starting in 1938. It was France's most numerous fighter plane at the outbreak of World War II. During the Battle of France, 1940, casualties were many, amounting to approximately 400 aircraft being lost in the air and on the ground.

Eagles over the Sea 1935-42: A History of Luftwaffe Maritime Operations

Product code:  40021AVI
The arduous development of a dedicated naval air arm for Germany's resurgent military was fraught with the kind of fierce inter-service rivalry that was rife throughout the turbulent history of the Third Reich. However, almost despite the odds, a small dedicated maritime strike force was assembled, germinating during the Spanish Civil War before being committed to action from the first days of the invasion of Poland. Concurrently, the operational Luftwaffe developed its own maritime units that w...

Nachtjagd Combat Archive-The Early Years 3 30 May - 31 December 1942

Product code:  92592AVI
THE EARLY YEARS PART THREE (30 May – 31st December 1942) in the continuing book series that will prove essential for not only Luftwaffe historians but also anyone with an interest in RAF Bomber Command. The Nachtjagd Combat Archive is possibly the largest WWII aviation project ever published running to over 1.3 million words with over 1200 original photos, a remarkable 70% of which are previously unpublished.

Airframe Extra No.10 The Battle of Midway: 4th to 7th June 1942

Product code:  32054AVI
Covers the historical aspects of the battles in the air and at sea over and above Midway between the 4th & 7th June 1942.

Henschel Hs 129 Panzerjager

Product code:  16501AVI
This is a fully updated and revised edition of Martin Pegg’s groundbreaking 1997 study of the Luftwaffe’s ground-attack aircraft, the Henschel Hs 129. For this title, based on several years of further research, the author has uncovered much new information and photographic material on the development and operational use of the Hs 129 in German and Rumanian service. The book includes chapters on the First World War and pre-Second World War development of the Schlachtflieger, plus comprehensive co...