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Military Aviation Piston Era 1936-45

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Legends of Warfare: B-25 Mitchell Vol.1 - The A through D Models in WWII

Product code:  63412AVI
The North American B-25 Mitchell is WWII's most heralded and versatile medium bomber. Volume 1 (of two) gives the reader a concise illustrated look at the A through D models and follows the bomber's genesis from the formation of the North American Company and its early steps toward the development of the NA-40, the first B-25. The continued evolution of the Mitchell from the A, B, C, and finally to the iconic D models is described in vintage photos.

Legion of the Lancasters

Product code:  46078AVI
Sothe had already decided to use his nose armament against the 4-mot four engined bomber. He looked out and focused on a black shape of the Britisher. Small, bluish exhaust flames made it easier to keep the target in sight. Four engines, twin tail were recorded almost subconsciously. No sudden movement that might attract their attention. Calm now! Guns armed? Night sight switched on? Everything OK! Now he could see that it was a Lancaster, crossing gently from starboard to port. He applied a lit...

The Battle of Britain on the Big Screen

Product code:  88237AVI
During the Second World War, the British movie industry produced a number of films concerning the war, all of which were, by necessity, heavily myth-laden and propagandised. Foremost among these productions was The First of the Few, which was the biggest grossing film of 1942. In the immediate post-war period, to start with there were no British aviation war films. The first to be released was Angels One Five in 1952. It was well-received, confirming that the Battle of Britain was a commercial c...

Battle of Britain Combat Archive: Battle of Britain Day (Supplement)

Product code:  92844AVI
When we came to publish Volume 13 of the Battle of Britain Combat Archive series, we realised that we simply had too much material to fit into the book for the 15th September. This was the day of course when the RAF claimed 185 victories and these combat reports alone would have filled an entire volume, so we decided to print all of this extra material in a supplemental volume for those who would be interested. As we developed the plans for this supplement, we realised that this would also give ...

Battle of Britain Combat Archive 13: 12 - 15 Sep 1940

Product code:  92837AVI
Volume Thirteen covers 12-15 September, widely regarded as the climax of the Battle of Britain, with 15 September in-particular being a monumental day when RAF squadrons claimed record amounts of victories over the Luftwaffe. But what really happened, and was this day as significant as it has been portrayed? This volume provides the reader with all of the information needed to make up their own minds in another extended.

Avia B.534 'Dogan' in the Bulgarian Air Force

Product code:  04954AVI
The Avia B.534 was the iconic fighter of Czechoslovak Air Force of the late nineteen thirties, the Munich diktat period in 1938 and the dissolution of the Czechoslovakia in March 1939. Although she was not allowed to proof her combat quality under Czechoslovak colours she flew sorties in various roles including combat sorties by Luftwaffe, by Vzdusne zbrane of Slovakia and by Bulgarian Air Force. The service by the last mentioned air force is the topic of this detailed study.

German Fighters in the West - From Poland to the Defence of the Reich

Product code:  04961AVI
A comprehensive pictorial volume on the day fighters of the Luftwaffe units deployed in the West and the later Defence of the Reich. This volume is organised chronologically beginning with the establishment of those fighter formations set up in the period from 1935 to 1939 and the first offensive campaign over Poland. At first glance, it may not seem logical to also deal with the war in Poland. But that is where the Second World War began. At the end of hostilities, many of the units deployed ov...

Air Campaign 33: Bloody April 1917 - The Birth of Modern Air Power

Product code:  53059AVI
Researched from original-language primary sources, this is a uniquely well-informed and multi-faceted history of the World War I air campaign of Bloody April. Researched from original German-, French-, and English-language sources, and written by an authority on both air and ground military operations, author, Dr James S Corum examines how Bloody April caused Allied forces to reassess their approach to the use of airpower. Considering well-known problems such as technology and training doctrine,...

Nachtjagd Eastern Front and Mediterranean Combat Archive

Product code:  92851AVI
Red Kite are proud to announce the launch of an extra part to the hugely popular Nachtjagd Combat Archive series which covers the German night fighter operations on both the Eastern and Mediterranean fronts. This is one of the first ever books to cover this subject in detail and applies the same standards of research as the rest of the series over a huge 144 pages. The Nachtjagd Combat Archive series itself is possibly the largest WWII aviation project ever published running to over 1.3 million...

Hitler's Air Bridges: The Luftwaffe's Supply Operations of the Second World War

Product code:  89938AVI
Little attention, has been focused on the Luftwaffe's transport aircraft which played a vital role in supplying German forces in every theatre. In early May 1940, the battle of Norway was nearing its climax, but General Eduard Dietl's 3rd Jger division was blocked by the Allies in the Narvik area. Only the Luftwaffe could provide effective assistance to the encircled troops. The special purpose groups KGr.zbV107 and KGr.zbV108 were ordered to supply the division by air. Transports delivered ammu...

Battle of Britain Combat Archive 13: 12-15 September 1940

Product code:  12121AVI
Volume Twelve covers 9-11 September the tipping point of the Battle where the Luftwaffe changed tactics and started bombing London. These combats are illustrated with specially designed maps showing the amount of aircraft involved, the area that the engagement took place and the location of where the casualties came to earth. Each combat and casualty report is illustrated with a photo of the pilot wherever possible.

Flak-Bait: The Only American Aircraft to Survive 200 Bombing Missions During the Second World War

Product code:  63436AVI
Battling flak and enemy fighters over the skies of Europe during World War II, the US Army Air Force Martin B-26 Marauder bomber named Flak-Bait completed a remarkable 201 combat missions, a feat that made it the highest mission scorer of any Allied medium or heavy bomber. For many years the author has held a special interest in the B-26, and especially those of the 387th Bomb Group. It was during his first visit to the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC, over 20 years ago, where Flak...