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Military Aviation Piston Era 1936-45

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The Men Who Killed the Luftwaffe: The US Army Air Forces Against Germany in World War II

Product code:  37166AVI2
When World War II began, the United States' air forces numbered only 45,000 men and a few thousand aircraft - hardly enough to defend the country, let alone defeat the German Luftwaffe, the world's most formidable air force. Yet by war's end, the Luftwaffe had been crushed, and the U.S. Army Air Forces had delivered the decisive blows. The Men Who Killed the Luftwaffe tells the story of the striking transformation - one of the marvels of modern warfare - that enabled the U.S. to crush the air fo...

Warplane Plus No.01 A-17 The Complete History of the Northrop Attack Planes and its Export Derivatives

Product code:  62710AVI
The Northrop A-17, was a development of the Northrop Gamma 2F was a two-seat, single-engine, monoplane, attack bomber built in 1935 by the Northrop Corporation for the U.S. Army Air Corps. A-17s used by air forces of the British Commonwealth designated the aircraft as the “Nomad.” Although none of the US operated aircraft were involved in combat, a large number of machines served in a vital role as trainer for commonwealth pilots during World War Two. The export variant Douglas 8A did fire its g...

Polish Wings 27: French Flying Boats 1918-39

Product code:  58501AVI
This new book in the popular Polish Wings series tells the story of French flying boats in the service of the Polish Navy Air Force from the end of the First World War to the outbreak of the Second World War. During this period, the Polish naval air force used a number of French flying boats, mainly Schreck FBA 17 (a 1920s training flying boat), Liore et Olivier LeO H-13 and its variant H-135 (a 1920s biplane twin-engined flying boat reconnaissance-bomber) and Latham 43 (a flying boat bomber). A...

Spitfires Over Berlin: Desperation and Devastation During WW2 Final Months

Product code:  58047AVI
Spitfires Over Berlin tells the story of the desperate battles that took place over the western front from January 1 to May 8 1945.

Nachtjagd Combat Archive 1944 Part 1 1 Jan to 15 March

Product code:  92608AVI
In simple terms, the NCA is a comprehensive record of over 6000 Luftwaffe Night Fighter Claims and over 2100 Flak claims which have been painstakingly matched to RAF Bomber Command losses resulting in over 95% of them now being identified. This means that for the first time ever, the fate of the vast majority of RAF Bomber Command losses can be clearly understood with exact locations, times and identities of the pilots or Flak units responsible for bringing them down. This wealth of information ...

Legends of Warfare: Avro Lancaster: RAF Bomber Command's Heavy Bomber in World War II

Product code:  58456AVI
The Avro Lancaster was the Royal Air Force's main four-engine bomber in World War II. Its superb design, overall performance, and load-carrying capacity proved key factors in successfully prosecuting the nocturnal bombing offensive against Hitler's industrial and military base. With its ability to carry up to 16,000 pounds in explosives and incendiaries, specialist Lancasters could also deliver the 12,000-pound "Tallboy" and 22,000-pound "Grand Slam" bombs that took out key targets.

Legends of Warfare: SBD Dauntless Douglas's US Navy and Marine Corps Dive-Bomber in World War II

Product code:  58463AVI
The Douglas Dauntless was the US Navy's frontline dive-bomber in the early days of WWII. Even after the larger and more powerful Helldiver joined the fleet in the later stages of the war, the Dauntless remained in the fray, flying from the decks of escort carriers, which were too small to permit the operation of the later aircraft, as well as continuing to serve from the decks of fleet carriers. The Dauntless took part in many of the most notable battles of the war in the Pacific, including Cora...

The Bell P39 Airacobra and P63 Kingcobra Fighters Soviet Service During World War II

Product code:  56803AVI
Under the Lend-Lease agreement with the US during WWII, the Soviet Union received large quantities of war materiel, including many aircraft; the Bell P-39 Airacobra takes a special place among them. The P-39 was dismissed as hardly suitable for combat both by the US and England, who turned it over in large numbers to the USSR. Soviet pilots had different views, though, and achieved excellent results while flying the type; over twenty Soviet aces flew the P-39. As air combat over the Russian fro...

Canadian Silver Stars the CL-30 T-Bird in Canadian and Overseas Service

Product code:  87973AVI
Author Pat Martin from Canada wrote a fantastic book about the CL-30 Silver Star, the Canadair license built version of the T-33A Shooting Star, in Canadian and international (Bolivia, Turkey, France, Portugal and Greece) services. Lots of great images, especially from the early years of CL-30 service and a plethora of background information make this book a must have for the enthusiast interested in the Canadian Air Force.

F4U Corsair 1940-64 du Prototype au F4U-7

Product code:  84752AVI
With more than 12 000 built in six main versions and used by some air forces until the 1970s, the emblematic aircraft of above all the Pacific war, and a television star, the Chance Vought F4U Corsair was undoubtedly one of the most famous aircraft in aviation history. After difficult beginnings, the Corsair – immediately recognisable by its cranked wings imposed by the large diameter propeller – was one of the factors of the USN’s air arm’s successes during the World War Two, earning itself the...

Mitchell Masterpieces Volume 2

Product code:  62376AVI
Both during and after the Second World War, many countries have had B-25s in their armed forces’ inventories. This Volume 2 describes the history of the North American B-25 Mitchell in service of the armed forces outside the U.S.A. It is a never before published overview of the various units and paint schemes of the B-25s which have flown in many different countries all over the world. During the war, especially the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union were the major users of the B-25. During and...

Warpaint Aviation 1 - Fall of Iron: Light and Medium Bomber Aircraft of WWII

Product code:  WPA01AVI
Detailed history of this aircraft which includes history and development, camouflage schemes, line drawings, in detail and a list of available kits.