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Military Aviation Piston Era 1936-45

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The Dornier Do 217: A Combat and Photographic Record in Luftwaffe Service 1941-45

Product code:  37586AVI
The Dornier Do 217 represented the refinement of German twin-engined bomber design, a progression from the earlier Do 17. From 1941, the Do 217 became the mainstay of the Luftwaffe's bomber arm in the West, equipping four Gruppen for operations over Britain. It carried out day and night attacks on British shipping, coastal targets, towns and industrial centres, both in formation and in lone attacks known to the German crews as 'Pirate' operations. These missions, though achieving some success, w...

Vickers Wellington

Product code:  58683AVI
This book covers the design, development, production and operational service of the Vickers Wellington from before the Second World War through to the 1950s. The aircraft and crews served with great distinction from the start to the end of the Second World War despite heavy losses. The aircraft was operated by Bomber Command until replaced by the bigger four engine heavy bombers, and played a major part in the Mediterranean Theatre. Its versatility was show with maritime operations against the U...

Great Naval Battles of the Pacific War: The Official Admiralty Accounts Midway, Coral Sea, Java Sea, Guadalcanal and Leyte Gulf

Product code:  11686AVI
The key naval battles against Imperial Japan in the Pacific during the Second World War have been described many times by numerous diligent and skilful historians. Such histories are, of course, the products of many years, even decades, of accumulated knowledge, but also of a received consensus of how the war played out to its, seemingly, inevitable conclusion. That of course is not how it was perceived at the time. These accounts can never be superseded and never replaced. Written by naval offi...

Victory 1940 - The Battle of Britain as Never Seen Before

Product code:  70089AVI
In 1940, the skies over Britain were full of dogfighting aircraft as RAF pilots fought to repel the might of the German Luftwaffe. The history of the battle has been recounted many times, but this book offers a new approach, through razor-sharp contemporary imagery of restored Battle of Britain warbirds, combined with extensive archive material that is previously unpublished. The unique illustrations, many of which are drawn from John Dibbs Battle of Britain restored image archive and other pers...

Fly Boy Heroes: The Stories of the Medal of Honor Recipients of the Air War against Japan

Product code:  71313AVI
Fly Boy Heroes is the story of the Pacific theatre of World War II through the men who received the Medal of Honor in the air war against Japan. They served in U.S Army air squadrons, on U.S. Navy carriers, in U.S. Marine Corps air units. Who were these now largely forgotten men? Where did they come from? What inspired them to rise above and beyond. If anything, made them different, virtually all had one thing in common, they always wanted to fly. They came from a generation that revered the ac...

Camera On 30: Henschel HS 126

Product code:  49449AVI
In this Camera On we look at the wartime usage of the Henschel Hs 126 aircraft. The Henschel Hs 126 was a German two-seater reconnaissance and observation aircraft during World War II. The pilot was seated in a protected cockpit under the parasol wing and the gunner in an open rear cockpit. The Hs 126 was highly regarded for its good short takeoff and low-speed characteristics which were needed at the time. This book contains over 140 photographs taken by ordinary German soldiers and aircrews o...

Spotlight On: Grumman F4F Wildcat

Product code:  49357AVI
This book is the latest in a new reference series for aircraft modellers called Spotlight On and presents detailed illustrations of the famous American carrier-based fighter aircraft that began service in 1940 with the US Navy. The Wildcat was the only effective fighter available to the US Navy and Marine Corps in the Pacific Theatre during the early part of the Second World War. The book contains 40 specially commissioned colour profile views of the colours, camouflage and markings of different...

Hitler's Air War in Spain - The Rise of the Luftwaffe

Product code:  84727AVI
Almost since the advent of warfare, civilians have suffered collateral damage, but the concept of Total War - a war without limits - only surfaced in the early part of the twentieth century. The idea of huge numbers of aircraft raining death upon defenceless cities was seen by many as not only barbaric but, in practical terms, quite unrealistic given the logistical challenges that would have to be overcome in order to put them into practice. Any complacency over the threat, however, was rudely s...

Dutch Profile Consolidated PBY-5/A

Product code:  92368AVI
Dutch/English language – this book looks at the history and use of this aircraft. With detailed camouflage and marking profiles.

Dutch Profile Fokker T.V Luchtkruiser Part 2

Product code:  92153AVI2
Dutch/English language – this book looks at the history and use of this aircraft. With detailed camouflage and marking profiles.

Dutch Profile PV-2 Harpoon

Product code:  92382AVI
Dutch/English language – this book looks at the history and use of this aircraft. With detailed camouflage and marking profiles.

Short Sunderland: The Flying Porcupines in the Second World War

Product code:  14540AVI
In 1933, the Air Ministry issued a specification for a general-purpose four-engine flying boat capable of operating from the outposts of the Empire. The result was the remarkable Sunderland, built by Short Brothers. This book covers the development of the Short Sunderland and its operations during and after the Second World War. The Sunderland's ability to engage six or more enemy fighters simultaneously earned it the Luftwaffe's nickname of the Flying Porcupine'. The aircraft's maid of all work...