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Military Aviation Jet Era 1946 to Present Day

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Warpaint 74 Hawker P.1127 Hawker Siddeley Kestrel & Harrier Mks 1-4

Product code:  WP074AVI
Usual Warpaint coverage which includes production, specifications, kits, decals and accessories plus black and white photos and colour profiles

USAF Prototype Jet Fighters Photo Scrapbook

Product code:  71376AVI
The U.S. Air Force began developing jet fighters as World War II came to a close. The Cold War that soon developed saw a significant increase in fighter production programs as America tried to counter the perceived Soviet threat. World War II's best piston-powered fighters could barely top speeds in excess of 450 mph. But the post-war jets developed by the U.S. Air Force were soon breaking the sound barrier, flying to Mach 3, and Mach-4–capable aircraft were on the drawing board. U.S. Air Force ...

The World Encyclopedia of Naval Aircraft

Product code:  16706AVI
An illustrated history of shipborne fighters, bombers, helicopters and flying boats which includes specification covering each aircraft's country of origin, first flight, power, armament, size, weight and performance.

Vulcan Test Pilot

Product code:  02300AVI
In 2007 a restored Avro Vulcan Mark 2 - XH558 - took to the skies to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Falklands conflict. This is the memoirs of one of its test pilots who flew 105 of the 136 built and logged 850 flights at over 1,327 hours. The book describes in layman's terms what it was like to tame the first prototypes and to master the characteristics necessitated by the Vulcan's shape

Lockheed F-117 Night Hawks A Stealth Fighter Roll Call

Product code:  32425AVI
Pictorial history of the F-117 Night Hawk Stealth Fighter containing over 400 colour photographs which is a Roll-Call of the F-117 with individual history and photos of each F-117. The book also includes a short program history; operating locations and air force bases, production sites associated with the F-117; F-117 Units, F-117 aircraft, and Information and photos of the A-7 and T-38 aircraft used to support the F-117 program.

Scimitar Supermarine's Last Fighter

Product code:  14109AVI
History, development and service career of the Scimitar which includes technical description and armament, Scimitar colours, technical data, Scimitar squadrons and Scimitar production

Box Top Air Power The Aviation Art of Model Airplane Boxes

Product code:  29647AV2
This book showcases some of the most recognised examples of aviation art which have appeared on model airplane kit boxes. The book contains more than 170 of the most memorable examples displayed in full colour. They chronicle aviation history from the Wright Brothers Kitty Hawk Flier to the Apollo Lunar Module, including many of the best-known aircraft in aviation history. Artists included are Tom Morgan, John Steel, Jack Leynnwood, Lorenzo Ghiglieri, Jim Cox, John Amendola, Ray Gaedke, Jo Kotu...

Warpaint 67 Folland/Hawker Siddeley Gnat

Product code:  WP067AVI
Usual Warpaint format covering the history and development of the Folland Gnat. Contains colour profiles by Richard Caruana and mostly colour photos.

US Naval Air Superiority Development of Shipborne Airfighters 1943-1962

Product code:  71109AVI
The author gives a unique insight into an important period in the advancement of jet propulsion for the US Navy, the book includes engine cut-aways, aircraft comparison diagrams and details the safety improvements made to aircraft carriers to enable higher speed and high gross weight jet operations

Italian Special Colours

Product code:  51139AVI
Lavishly illustrated colour photo album containing the works of Luigino Caliaro portraying special colour aicraft of the Italian Air Force

Eyes for the Phoenix Allied Aerial Photo-Reconnaissance Operations in South-East Asia 1942-1945

Product code:  89944AVI
As important as aerial photo-reconnaissance over Europe and the Mediterranean was s the job of the photographic squadrons in the Far East; to discover Japanese movements and intentions within a vast area, 2,000 miles across, within which virtually no other intelligence could otherwise be obtained. Flying through appalling weather conditions over some of the most inhospitable terrain in the world, against an implacable enemy, often in aircraft unsuited to the task and frequently unarmed, the crew...

Pilote Attitude

Product code:  23252AVI
Lavishly illustrated colour photo album contrasting shots from the world of Formula 1 and Fighter jets. Photography by Remy Michelin and Alex Paringaux. English text captions.